Re: Koetist: The Student Developed Voice Acting DS Game

By Spencer . March 27, 2009 . 2:22pm

rekotistcamNintendo has a new set of student developed DS games from their 2008 game seminar. Re: Koetist, a voice acting game with a talking camcorder as your guide, is one of them.


Re: Koetist has players read text off slides and the microphone records what you say. A bar on the bottom of the screen lets you know how much recording time is left. You usually get a couple of seconds per line. The amusing bit about Re: Koetist is the lines you record don’t always correspond to the slide which leads to hilarious results. When you start the game you record “henshin” (transform) which is used on the slide for a transforming fox. The same sound byte is later used for a business man that “transforms” into a girl’s school uniform.


rekotistsal rekotistsal2


Most of the stories in Re: Koetist are silly. Cookman is about a transforming hero battling in a giant octopus that gets vaporized into takoyaki. Oh, look there’s that henshin sound byte again. It’s used when Cookman transforms.


rekotist1 rekotist2 rekotist3 rekotist4


Other stories include a romantic scene, a fantasy battle, and a power plant on the verge of meltdown. You can voice the script as it is written, but Re: Koetist is just as fun if you play it like Madlibs and improvise. Either way you end up with ridiculous results to laugh about.


rekotistrom rekotistac


Other than voice acting there isn’t anything else to Re: Koetist. You can’t lose… I guess if you can’t read the line fast enough you can screw up the scene, but you’ll never see a Game Over. The point of Re: Koetist isn’t winning or losing anyway it’s a game designed to make you giggle.


Food for thought:


1.) The number of sound bytes Re: Koetist can save was more than I expected. Every single recorded line is stored in the DS’ memory and reused in the final story about a power plant meltdown. Remember, as a downloadable Nintendo DS game Re: Koetist is stored in temporary flash memory.


2.) Nintendo could sell Re: Koetist into a downloadable DSiWare game. On second thought they should make a DSiWare version of Re: Koetist with user created slides and stories made with the Moving Memo Pad application.

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  • Joanna

    Sounds like lots of fun, too bad the chances of this ever seeing the light of day outside of Japan are zero. :'(

    • I don’t even think most people in Japan will play it since it’s only available as a download play game off the Nintendo Channel and from DS stations.

    • MadMirko

      If only I had a dollar for every time people said that and were wrong. If you are wrong here, I’ll let you keep your dollar, though. :)

      I like the thought of this going to DSiWare. Maybe even use the camera to record facial expression for characters.

      • Well, it’s not like the game is widely available or advertised. Re: Koetist is not even a retail game and it’s only around for two weeks before it vanishes into the a vault at Nintendo so… I don’t think a lot of people even have a chance to play it.

        This is the same deal with all of the other student developed DS games, but if it got a real release DSiWare or otherwise things might be different.

        • MadMirko

          FWIW, not being a retail game increases localization chances for niche titles. It’s less of a financial risk that way.

          Otherwise, I agree. It’s “just” a student game, and its main purpose was to teach some would be game designers what it is like to do a commercial game.

          My original point was that people on the internet are overly quick to dismiss a game on the grounds of “it will never make it over here”. Nowadays even niche titles of niche genres get a Western release (see the Dark Spire), especially on the DS, and even in cartridge form.

          Considering what the Wii VC (with its digital distribution) brings over here for the first time, I see a happy future for DSi downloadable titles.

  • Mazen

    Weird name but good art I have to try this.

    • The name is a compound word of “koe” for voice and artist.

  • There is kanji on some slides, but you can say whatever you want so it might not affect the game as much as you would think.

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