End of Eternity Debuts With Explosive Action

By Spencer . April 14, 2009 . 11:56am

If you only watched this trailer you may not realize End of Eternity is a RPG.


The first trailer screams “extreme action” with guns blazing and a bullet tracking camera bit. When was the last time something like that was used to promote a role playing game?




Also, did you notice how the trailer opens with “Published by Sega”? Sega seems proud of their Tri-Ace partnership.

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  • T8x’apan

    mmm final fantasy XIII versus use a similar trailer, but i don’t know if the versus is a full rpg or a action rpg

  • Aluxes

    so motoi sakuraba also makes this game’s music huh?

    • Constraint

      It’ll come.

  • Ohhh so much want. If by some cruel twist of fate this does not come out in English I shall explode and there shall be fire and blood. BLOODUH!

  • I don’t know how excited about this game yet.
    I am, but I’m skeptical.
    I am happy it’s on 360 though. I need more RPG love for my 360.

  • Hopefully the characters are less annoying than Infinite Undiscovery. Can’t say I could care about any of them through gameplay, they felt sort of empty.

  • “If you only watched this trailer you may not realize End of Eternity is a RPG.”

    Sure I would, there’s the Token Wispy-Haired Youth Protagonist and Mysterious Raven-Haired Probable Love Interest. It screams RPG! :D

  • Simon

    hopefully this comes out soon after the jap release, dunt want to kill the anticipation by having to wait another 8 to 12months.. but then SEGA.. please announce Yakuza 3 first

  • Greg

    All HAIL THE MODERN GUN,NO MORE OVER SIZED SWORDS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aoshi00

    That long hair guy really screams the Conqueror from the Last Remnant, even the hand in the face thing. I hope Tri-Ace would do a good job on this, they missed the mark on Infinite Undiscovery, and while Star Ocean 4 is good it could’ve used some improvement (can’t target a specific enemy..) I love the modern look and the tower in a ruined world setting.

    Speaking of RPGs on 360, I don’t mind the multi-discs at all, but I heard in the later stage of SO4 you need to swap btwn the 3 discs when revisiting different planets, that would really blow. This game looks like it would be on at least 3 discs too. If so, I would hate to think how they package it by stacking the 3 discs on top of one another (my first SO4 disc came scratched). The first time I saw it w/ Blue Dragon, I thought it’s the stupidest thing ever if they just want to save a piece of plastic. The Jpn version don’t do that..

  • Sir Fratley

    The girls and the guy looks so similar to the designs of the main characters of Infinite Undiscovery, well is Tri Ace, but the trailer looks so awesome, and i like so much the Tri Ace works, i definitely bought it to PS3 if comes to America.

  • Its really that you said that this is an RPG. otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed immediately just like you said. The scenes of the City for some reason reminded me of FFXIII though I don’t know why.

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