Marvel vs. Capcom 2 "Back By Popular Demand"

By Spencer . April 27, 2009 . 6:18pm

It’s official. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is crossing over to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a $15 downloadable game. New features not in the Dreamcast code include online multiplayer with code from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, HD upscaling, and widescreen support. My favorite part is there won’t be any unlocks so that saves me from leaving my PS3 all night just to rack up points.


PlayStation 3 owners can download a demo of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 this Thursday. An Xbox 360 demo has not been announced. Here’s the trailer for the XBLA / PlayStation Store revision (thanks Dave!!), but you probably have seen this game before!


  • Aoshi00

    15 bucks’s not so bad, hunting down a DC copy on ebay would cost an arm and a leg. I wasn’t very good at this at the arcades though.

    I’m still dreaming a Rurouni Kenshin fighter that would look and play like this. The title practically begs for it w/ all the cool characters and their fancy special moves.

  • Roto13

    I only have an SDTV so I’ll probably be fine with my Dreamcast version for a while longer.

    Besides. Backbone Entertainment.

  • -_-

    Bah. Where is Capcom vs. SNK 2?

  • nightcap

    too bad there aren’t any arcade sticks to use with it. I mean, I hope i’m wrong but there still isn’t a good way to play the old fighters on a ps3 (ps3 sticks dont work and all the adaptors are way to laggy.)

    • KCdash

      There are a few adapters that are tested and work very well. Here’s a thread showing a list of recommended adapters.

      My brother luckily got a pelican adapter a while ago and it works great from what I’ve seen and tried.

      Anyways no unlocking and using the dc version is awesome but I don’t know about online since SF II HDR was pretty laggy a few times, well hope they improve the net code.

      • Nightcap

        Cool, thanks. I had tried a few adapters but they were all terrible, but it looks like theres still hope.

  • jarrodand

    Cool. I’m excited, even if Backbone immediately puts me on edge.

    Man, Sega really needs to release a 360 Saturn pad…

  • Wishy

    Considering a used PS2 copies sell for $60~70 at EB Games, this is a godsend lol. It even has online! Gonna have a ton of fun with this game, once again, with my cousins. :P

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