33 days until Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

By Jenni . April 28, 2009 . 4:10pm

image The Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for DS is fast approaching, and more information is leaking out as the release date draws closer. Siliconera is going to offer in depth coverage of the game once it’s released. For now, here’s a look over what we know so far about the game and how exciting it is, or isn’t.


What looks/sounds good:

  • The box art. It features what looks like a watercolor painting of Xion, Roxas, Axel, Riku and Mickey.
  • Touch screen controls aren’t being tossed in just for the sake of being there. Nothing’s worse than developers tossing in touch screen controls that don’t work just because they can. Luckily, the DS is going to primarily use the face buttons so it plays more like the previous Kingdom Hearts games.
  • The character graphics. Most of the screenshots that have been shown so far look really good.
  • The music. If what’s playing in the background of the Japanese Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days site is any indication, it’ll sound great.
  • The ability to customize Roxas’ keyblade with gears to change it’s form. It offers a plausible way to change and update his weapon, since I doubt Organization XIII members get the chance to go shopping.
  • The ability to see Axel as a hero. He seemed likable and a bit tragic in the other Kingdom Hearts games he appeared in. It’ll be good to see him in a different light.
  • The camera controls. The touch screen can be used to control the camera. The only thing is, I’m worried about fingerprints on the DS touch screen.
  • The title. What once sounded mysterious is gradually beginning to make sense. The 358 refers to the days Roxas was a member of Organization XIII. The meaning of the “over two” part still isn’t clear. Perhaps it refers to both Roxas and Xion, since they are considered special members of Organization XIII.


What looks/sounds questionable:

  • The special edition DSi being released to coincide with the game. The black DSi with a checkerboard design featuring heart, Mickey Mouse, Organization XIII and crown designs isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time DSi or The World Ends With You DS. A DS or DSi skin could have been released and done the same thing.
  • The existence of Xion. I hope Square Enix finds a good way to introduce and use her in the story, and that she doesn’t end up being a throw-away character introduced just to make a Roxas-Axel-Xion trio to match up with the Sora-Riku-Kairi and Terra-Ven-Aqua trios.
  • The camera. There have been rumbling and rumors that the camera views aren’t always optimal.
  • The lack of Final Fantasy characters. So far, we’ve only heard rumors of and seen images of Disney characters from Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II appearing in the game. Let’s hope we see some familiar faces in Twilight Town and the Coliseum.


What looks/sounds awesome:

  • The multiplayer that lets people team up to complete missions as the various members of Organization XIII. The characters seemed so cool as villains in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, so it’ll be great to finally have the chance to play as these characters. The chatting option on the touch screen also could be quite helpful.
  • The movie sequences. The characters all look very cool and mysterious. Let’s hope they play out well in the actual game.


So readers, what about Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has got you excited? What’s left you feeling disappointed?

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  • Wishy

    I’m taking a liking to the special DSi, honestly. :)

    I haven’t really been following this game as much, but I think it’ll be good.

  • Mr. Mee

    Hmmm…I guess I’m excited that Kingdom Hearts will be just one more reason that my DS will last me forever along with all of the other DS rpgs that are coming out and have come out. At this point, I could sell my PSP, 360, and Wii and probably not miss them with all of the RPG love the DS is receiving, not even joking. It seems like it won’t be before long that the DS surpasses the PS2 in number of good RPGs on the system or perhaps it already has.

    • That’s definitely true. The DS has become a home for a ton of fantastic RPGs.

  • over two is because sora and roxas are the same person so his days on xiii must be divided by half

    • That could be.

      Sora and Roxas were two separate people for 365 days – one year. In Kingdom Hearts II, we saw 7 days of Roxas’ life in Twilight town. So that means he had 358 days with Organization XIII.

      Or the over two could refer to looking at Riku’s investigation of the Organization that was going on while Roxas was a part of it.

  • Francis N

    I was under the impression that 358/2 Days was the number of days Sora was asleep. I thought this from the very beginning seeing as how Kingdom Hearts 2 says Sora was asleep for about a year. The /2 being “and a half'” since it seems that Sora woke up during the afternoon, so that’s one-haldf of a day.

    • Yup, that’s true. The 358 is the number of days Roxas existed with Org XIII.

      That makes sense about the /2 part as well.

  • QBasic

    Hmm. You know, while we’re at it, I might as well share the new trailer:

    Interesting new things to find, among many:
    -Donald and Goofy as playable characters
    -Xion as a playable
    -Some weird…Sora thing going on at the bottom screen…

    • Good to see Donald, Goofy and Xion.

      I dig the version of Passion that’s used in that trailer.

  • Shuyin

    I hope it’s not the case anymore, but i remember reports from previous shows like TGS (where a playable demo was available) and most of them said the camera controls suck.

    • I’d heard that too, but I wasn’t sure if it was or wasn’t still an issue. I’m hoping it was an early build issue.

  • Ryu Kazama

    They’re releasing a skin as well, which to be honest, looks much better than the limtied DSi. I think it’s based on the cover art design as well, which is nice as it is.

    • I didn’t know a skin was being released as well! I’d go for that. :D

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