Xseed Publishing An "Enhanced Remake" Of A PsOne RPG

By Spencer . May 4, 2009 . 10:01am


Some tantalizing news from Xseed. In an interview with RPGamer Ken Berry, Director of Business Development, says “We also have an enhanced remake of a classic PSone RPG in North America that we’ll be announcing soon.” What game could this be?


The first possibility that popped into mind was Growlanser (pictured). Since an “enhanced remake” is coming to the PSP. However, Growlanser is an Atlus developed game and there is an entity known as Atlus USA. On the other hand Grownlaser Generations was the final title from Working Designs and Growlanser VI: Precarious World never got a domestic release.


Hmm… what other companies and franchises is Xseed connected to? Scratch that. What do you want this to be?

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  • Zhemos

    Breath of Fire 3? Tales of Destiny? I wanna say growlanser as well, but thats Atlus.

  • King’s Story perhaps?

    Edit: King’s “Field” sorry.

  • Kaoro

    It’s obviously the FFVII remake people always bitch about :P.

    I think I remember reading that Demon’s Souls was a remake (or maybe a sequel?) of a previous From Software title. Maybe that’s it? It seems to be pretty popular among importers. Just throwin’ out ideas…

    Eh Wikipedia said it’s a “spiritual successor” to King’s Field, not remake. Oh well you never know.

  • Kid Marin

    Maybe Zill O’ll Infinite Plus (PSP) ?

    Zill O’ll Infinite (PS2) is a remake/remix of Zill O’ll (PS1).

  • I read this earlier today, and Growlanser was the last possibility on my mind until you mentioned it. Mayyyyybe. But since GL1 never came out here, I doubt they would refer to it as “classic”. To me, a classic is something people already experienced. On a related topic, Atlus USA recently commented that they’ll be saving future game announcements for E3 (that is if you don’t expose their leaks first!!!).

    All of the “classic” (again with my definition of the term) PS1 RPGs I can think of (and that deserve a remake)… their original publishers are still around. Personally I’m under the impression that this could be something that has yet to be announced (much less already out) in Japan. I know NISA are planning something similar (will soon announce a title for US that isn’t announced in Japan yet). E3 should be interesting…

    Wild guess? Wild Arms 2!

  • I’d like King’s Field. And I’d like it to head to Europe too. I have a thing for From Software :3

    Oh, and I’d crap myself if it was Jade Cocoon. That games needs the attention it deserves!

  • Beyond the Beyond.

    An utter crapshoot guess.

  • lostinblue

    do we know for sure it is a psp game?

    anyway my guess is… Harvest Moon Back to Nature?

    That or Wild Arms 1/2 PSP

  • Genjo

    i am 90% sure its Growlanser beacuse if you look carefuly the mini map in the corner is the same one map i seen palying one of the Growlanser game lol so it HAS it be Growlanser XD

  • EvilAkito

    If it’s a game that’s already out (and not a yet-to-be-announced port), I would say Growlanser sounds like the most likely choice. I can’t really think of too many other games that fit the description (PSP or otherwise).

  • Nabe

    I’m certain it’s Growlanser PSP.

    It had better be.

  • jarrodand

    Growlanser PSP seems somewhat likely, but I could also see Summon Knight 1-2 DS. Truthfully though, I’d more expect Atlus USA to bring over all those.

  • ForceDevice

    Eh… I sent an email to XSEED asking if we could ever hope to see them localizing any Growlanser game, preferably IV or VI (the remake hadn’t even been announced back then), to which they replied that it’s too hard for them to acquire the rights to any Atlus game. So, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up for Growlanser.

    Zill O’ll Infinite would be awesome, though. As would be a Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition remake.

  • conchobhar

    As unlikely as it is, it would be kind of neat to see that Suikoden I & II port.

  • Zhemos

    Now that I think about it. I believe it’s gonna be a Tales of game. Eternia or Rebirth.

  • Chris

    Rebirth is PS2, not PS1. (But that’s the one I wish it were too).

    Here’s a left field idea. Suikoden II? I’m not familiar with whether Konami is overprotective of their franchises.

    If PS2 games are on the table and not just PS1, I’d throw out names like Venus & Braves, Langrisser, etc.

  • ray

    Thousand Arms? BOF III would be nice too.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    BOF3 and ToE have long had EU releases on the PSP but I’d hardly call them enhanced. In fact, they pretty much used the US port, right down to Meredy’s annoying VA.

    But let me add a vote for WA2 — I’ve long thought few games more underappreciated than that one.

  • dollssoulkirie

    Hmm…. *thinks* Lunar? Legend of Dragoon? Koudelka? Or Vandal Hearts?

  • Leon

    Only one thing comes to mind when i read this:
    Tales Of Destiny:Director’s Cut.

    • ForceDevice

      Only one thing comes to mind when I read your post:

      I mean, I don’t want to sound offensive or anything, but Namco Bandai would rather kill themselves than let anyone localize any of the japan-exclusive Tales games released so far. They’re that stupid.

  • Emotions

    Could it be the Summon Night DS ports? since those were PSOne RPG’s too

    • Hero of Legend

      Huh, that’s a great guess! :D

      I personally, hope it’s somehow an unknown Wii game.

      Sad, that it’s so unlikely and it’s probably a localization of a known game. :(

      There aren’t any Wii games fits this description.

      Hell I’d take a Kizuna announcement at least.

  • Icon

    It’s not going to be a game owned by Atlus, Capcom, Namco, Square-Enix, Sony or Koei. Just a guess.

    I don’t see it being the first Wild Arms, since that was already re-done. If Wild Arms 2 was never remade (I haven’t been following the series for a while) then I think that could be the game.

  • sarahvait

    Maybe the first Grandia?

  • Fireglz

    Give me Wild arms 2 or Suikoden 2 and I would die happy.

  • Q


  • Pandora

    hmmmm….i would love a tales game….but….thats probably impossible. since Namco bandai claims every rights to every tales game =____= and never releases them….what im thinking is that it’s probably Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star the psp remake of the Ps1’s CLASSIC game! lunar silver star story! love that game!

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