Lunar: The Silver Star Port Coming To PSP

By Spencer . May 12, 2009 . 11:23pm


The Sega CD classic, Lunar: The Silver Star, is heading to the PSP this fall as Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star. Gungho Works, who developed Ragnarok Online DS, is handling the game.


I’m hesitant to call this a “remake” since the new features are minimal. For now we’ll bill this as an enhanced port like Chrono Trigger on the DS and Persona on the PSP. Lunar fans can expect an improved interface, refined graphics, and new scenarios not found in the Saturn/PsOne revision.


No US publisher has been announced, but Xseed said they were bringing an enhanced PsOne RPG to E3. Vic Ireland, President of Gaijinworks, also said he was “working on some RPGs“. Ireland’s last company Working Designs was responsible for localizing Lunar: The Silver Star for Sega CD and Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.

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  • cj_iwakura

    Vic already posted at GAF that he’s ‘not involved’, but he’s certainly interested. I hope if GW doesn’t get it, some worthy company does.

    And those screens are definitely remake territory. Nothing in Silver Star Story Complete looked that sharp.

    • You’re right that the sprites are better. Should we classify a game as a remake based on its graphical fidelity?

      I’m not trying to be facetious, but I don’t want to say something like Persona PSP is a full remake when it is not.

  • ChaoofNee

    Not worth a damn to me without the inaccurate, hilarious Working Designs translation. It really is the only redeeming qualty. Without it, I found GBA Lunar to be unbearable.

    • Mazen

      Working Designs should make a gag comic so they make a short cut for you instead of going through long games you hate so much.

  • Mazen

    Why they remake this game so many times we want a new one as good as the first two. also Gungho Works own GameArts now so big chance the original people are involved with this.

    • jarrodand

      JAM’s credited in the copyrights on the scan btw, most likely it’s them again again. They did Lunar SSS/C, Lunar 2 EB/C, Lunar Legend and Lunar DS btw.

      The original Lunar team left GA long ago…

  • fallen

    This game has already been remade so many times! Is this really how my favorite last-decade series are going to evolve?

  • Trotmeister

    GBA remake and new Lunar game on DS were both quite horrible. Why do these people feel the constant need to tarnish the sweet memories I got of the original games? Somebody make ’em stop. >_<

  • GhaleonQ

    Negativity will not be tolerated! What other path to the last 2 installments could there be? Get excited! *does a victory lap around room*

  • If it is a straight port plus extras (as reported) then I am super excited!!! This is the one classic RPG from the past I’ve never gotten to experience.

    • Trotmeister

      Look at the scan a bit closer, dude. It’s a complete overhaul.

  • Capn Spank

    If a US port is made all I have to say is “SOLD!”

  • I’ll gladly buy this again, so long as it retains the hilariousness Working Designs, erm, worked into it, as ChaoofNee said.

    Maybe if this gains enough support, we’ll actually see a proper Lunar 3 instead of another Dragon Song abomination!

  • Chow

    Mah wallet! T_T

  • Happy Gamer




    this was my first mega CD game and I loved it so much back then. it always fits my top 10 “good memories” game list. it was my first RPG with cinematic experience. I don’t think i got emotional with any game but this one. (no i didn’t cry when aerith died sorry :( ) may not be the best RPG in the world but holds a very special place in my heart.

    Eternal Blue def tops this but silver star is still great.

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