Agarest Senki Zero Spawns Trailer

By Spencer . May 13, 2009 . 7:17am

Compile Heart is turning Agarest Senki into a series with a prequel, Agarest Senki Zero. Like the first game, this PS3 game is one part strategy RPG and one part dating sim. You take on the role of dashing Jack Heit, a promising soldier who travels with a harem. Your goal is to lead the light forces to the victory and get lucky with one companion to create the next hero.


Agarest Senki is loosely connected to Sakura Wars. Both games share Red Entertainment as a common developer. Sakura Wars is finally coming to North America this year and it looks like Agarest: Generations of War found its way into Europe. Someone inside the offices of Red Entertainment must be throwing a party.


  • Awesome. Did they put a release date on the European version yet, or is it still fairly vague? I’m considering importing, despite being underwhelmed by the Japanese demo. My hope is the dialogue remains entertaining enough to shuffle through the SRPG motions.

    • No release date. I don’t think it’s been officially announced either. I would wait on importing though…. if a European release exists someone is going to pick this up. Maybe Ignition?

      • A solid recommendation. I’m counting on you guys to break that news first! =D

  • Also… very cool the portraits aren’t static. They move and stuff! For some reason, I find that a very, very nice touch.

  • Badfish

    Interesting. I’m going to keep this game on the import radar!!!

  • CleruTesh

    So what’re the chances this comes to the US?

    • If you asked me two months ago I would say slim to none, but since the first game got picked up chances are decent that an English version will be made, at least in Europe.

      • SamuraiX20

        I wish someone can start announcing if Agarest: Generations of War will be hitting to the US. I wouldn’t want to buy the European version then find out it’s coming to America to have to buy it again :X

        Then again, I bet the US version will censored about 90% of the game. Yeah, I’m not being serious about that bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Otaku Guy

    Meh, I will only buy this if it has the original Japanese audio track included, together with english subtitles like Disgaea 3 had. English voices on Anime characters…. Geez, one of my worst nightmares! It just sounds so wrong -_-”

    If not, I’ll just import it from Japan, even if I just understand around 15% of it… Also, they better not mess with the opening like they did on Valkyria Chronicles!!! Removed the wonderfull song, how crude of them…

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