Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Bursting Overseas

By Spencer . May 21, 2009 . 7:23am

dbzzEvery Dragon Ball game gets an international release these days. The recently announced Dragon Ball: Raging Blast won’t be an exception to the rule.


Namco Bandai’s 2009 fiscal report lists a new Dragon Ball Z game slated to come out in Japan and Europe in the second half of the year. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast has DBZ characters and it’s a PS3 / Xbox 360 game. Sounds like a good match!


What about North America, you say? Count on Dragon Ball: Raging Blast coming here too. If a European release is slated you can this game is being localized. However, Namco Bandai won’t be involved with the domestic release. Atari still holds the rights to publishing Dragon Ball games in North America. Namco Bandai Games Europe purchased Atari Europe earlier this year which makes Namco Bandai the publisher of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast in PAL territories.


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  • Hero of Legend

    Hope the Wii game makes it over. I’m sure it weill, since they didn’t even mention the game for Japan in the report, so they just “forgot” or chose not to include it yet.

    That or both games will be out in NA next year?

  • Henry

    Oh man this is really great news I hope they also port this game into Wii & PC because they said they will not be making anymore ps2 games.

    Please ATARI & NAMCO BANDAI! Let this game be on the Wii and PC!

    • Lightning

      This Game (DBZ: RB) WILL NOT BE RELEASED ON THE WII. Only the Playstation 3, & Xbox 360.

    • goku11

      they wont bastard

      • Son Goku

        you shut the fuck up goku11

      • Jet

        it is only released on ps3 and 360 u spastic fuck. Wii gets some dragon ball rpg utilising its motion sensor controller

        • JP

          You should just shut the fuck up and just shut your mouths.

          • KC

            yeah u fuck shit holes!

          • Trunks

            how about you suck my dick!

  • Josh

    i cant wait a good xbox 360 game thats dbz :)

  • David

    I haven’t seen those screenshots before!

  • goku11

    i hope that gt goten,gt gohan,gt trunks,gt vegeta and all the other gt z fighters are in it

    • Jet

      gt vegeta was on infinite world with all the same moves so i doubt they’ll be on it

    • jerold

      no they won’t theyll only be everybody from saiyan to boo saga which is a good round of characters(70)

  • Desmond

    They should have DBGT characters too. It’s not just about DBZ now. After all, it is in the tenkaichi series.

  • KC

    WHAT!! so the game isn’t coming to the U.S.!!

  • Ricardo89

    i hope there wil be more characters in fact the need to put in all characters to give it a full adrenline rush if they are not in the game like the dbgt characters i wont even buy it i hope they will think about that

    • http://www.yahoo.com/ LSS BROLY

      It should, because a dbz game is kinda silly with less then 20 characters in it don’t u think?

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ LSS BROLY

    I Really hope that it’s a bt4 game and have over 120+ characters not including transformations.and more power moves to use in game play.and it would really be fun to have better in game transformations like bt3 did.or a create mode?.But what they need to improve on is the story mode,more fighting scens like b1 but upgraded and make it were you can start from db,dbz and end in gt.and more gt characters.like goku’s golden Oorzru or all seven shadow dragons.Now that’s a dbz bt4 game.

  • http://dragonballz.com/ steven garib

    this game looks like the best i ever saw in all series

    • DBZfan




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