Atlus Evolves Trauma Center Into Hospital

By Spencer . May 27, 2009 . 1:33pm

imageAtlus has another medical drama game in development, but it isn’t exactly Trauma Center. Hospital lets aspiring Wii-med students play doctor and cosmetic surgeon.


Famitsu explains the game has six different doctors including the mysterious looking doctor with glowing red hands seen in the scan. CR-S01 was a criminal released under a deal that he helps the team. You also get to play as a paramedic, forensic analysis specialist, and plastic surgeon. Screenshots show players putting skulls back together, maneuvering an endoscopic camera with the Wii remote, and yanking an iron beam out of a liver. Hospital looks intense and the manga style cutscenes look like another great addition. Sort of reminds me of Black Jack.


No release date for Hospital has been announced at this time. However, it’s a good time to mention every single Atlus developed medical drama game arrived in North America first. Perhaps, Atlus USA is saving Hospital as one of their E3 games. I wouldn’t be surprised if it appeared with the Trauma Center brand attached to it too.

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  • More of these type of games are welcome. It’s nice that Atlus is supporting the Wii.

  • sorry for the 2X post but in the 1up article, Naomi Kimishima from TC appears and apparently has a huge role. I wonder what else is in store here.

    EDIT: I hate editing. >_< Never shows up right away.

    • Ah, Dr. Weaver. Yeah she’s the forensic doctor. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  • I bought both of the DS games and I thought they were fantastic. This is going to be on my radar now. Though I’m curious as to why they’re making this as opposed to a “real” new Trauma Center game.

    • Bioterrorism and war were specific themes to the Trauma Center series and maybe Atlus felt like there wasn’t anywhere to go with them, but the gameplay elements like the motion controlled surgery were good so they wanted to keep those.

      Despite the name change Hospital looks like a clear successor to the Trauma Center series. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if this was called a Trauma Center game here. In Japan the Caduceus name doesn’t have the same level of acclaim as Trauma Center does overseas.

  • Aoshi00

    Trauma Center w/ dramatic anime cutscenes, totally interested. That guy looks like Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

  • lostinblue

    Ugh, Atlus, I want RPG’s instead of a yearly ER wannabe installment.

    How about delivering some on my Wii? okthnxbye

    Might still get this, but I’m not pleased by the fact this is what I’m getting.

    • Kopp

      How about a compromise? They could make a licensed Team Medical Dragon RPG.

      • lostinblue

        I’d bite if that was a proper shin megami tensei game you know? (and not a dragon quest swords hallway smt)

        Hmmm… SMT3 started in a hospital and all.

        Anyway, I think Atlus so far has been lackluster on the wii and apparently has no plans whatsoever to address that (just plans to cash-in on hospital games, considering what Trauma Center Wii sold), this isn’t it, not for me; not proper support, and not the kind of game they should have as their Wii development flag.

        • Aoshi00

          Arc Rise Fantasia should be good right? That looks very promising. W/ Sega’s great games for the Wii recently, I really can’t complain.

          • lostinblue

            Well, I was talking regarding the Atlus line-up in particular, not RPG’s in general.

            RPG’s are looking good for this year, no doubt: Rune Factory Frontier rocks, little king story has been recieving good feedback, muramasa will be good, fragile is now officially coming, and yeah, arc rise fantasia looks ace, and considering I’m a Tales of-fantard of sorts, and they’re ex-team symphonia. I’m really hoping to see a trailer for it at E3, and a confirmation that they’re on schedule for a 2009 release.

            But after this “wave” of them (after arcrise comes out on 4th july) there’s not much announced, other than Tales of Graces and Dragon Quest X. And the other “last” rpg of this wave… Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga puzzles me, wether I should be interested or not. (looks lackluster?)

            Anyway… none of those are being brought over by Atlus, and I’m one of those guys who thinks RPG’s are never enough/the more the merrier. I really think they’ve dropped the ball and feel they have no plans to announce whatsoever at this point. (In my RPG-tard book I’d even say Nippon Ichi is doing more, with a 2003 port of phantom brave and a 2004 port of Sakura Wars 5, instead of new games) it’s kinda like what they did with DS until they finally announced Devil Survivor, except before that they brought over lots of RPG’s that they didn’t develop and had the good sense to pull Etrian Odyssey in-house (and this said I don’t think Etrian Odyssey would be suited for a home console).

            On the Wii though, I’m seeing the third hospital game (whereas DS after all these years has 2) and absolutely nothing else (well… there’s baroque); I don’t think they’re delivering at all.

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