Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Screens Are Surprisingly Bright

By Spencer . June 4, 2009 . 6:50am

Konami officially announced Lords of Shadow is now Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima is assisting its development. Madrid based Mercury Steam is still working on the project. A new console Castlevania game was first mentioned at Tokyo Game Show last year.


While Lords of Shadow bears the Castlevania brand name it doesn’t feel anything like a traditional Castlevania title. Players will explore well lit environments and there isn’t a trace of Dracula.


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  • Happy Gamer

    wow this looks very diff from the alucard video we saw earlier. i dunno if i should be excited or not. not disappointed but confused lol. interesting how kojima will help direct it. Good gameplay alone i liked castlevania but if there is an amazing narrative behind it from Kojima’s influence i wouldn’t mind that!

    Just curious what happened to alucard CG lol. is this the same project or is that an entirely diff project?

    i’m actually pretty curious about this project along with many other e3 titles this year.

    • Dais

      Everything indicates it’s an entirely different project. The PS3/360 game with Alucard was announced from the beginning as a Castlevania title, while MercurySteam has been developing Lords of Shadow for Konami for about a year but was only recently announced to be a Castlevania game (and being assisted by Kojima Productions).

      As for whether the Alucard game is still coming, who knows. Konami is probably thinking pretty hard about how many eggs it wants in it’s basket right now.

  • pressstart

    This game looks way too God of Warrish, especially the momentary pause when you land a hit. I’m not really digging that. Pretty though.

    • Happy Gamer

      yeah looks neat but it has zero feeling of a castlevania game. but as Dais stated I strongly think this is a different game.

  • Justin Bailey

    I have not been so excited for a Castlevania game since Symphony of the night. Sure it’s unconventional for Castlevania but maybe that’s exactly what the series needs. Konami has always done well enough to add a touch of humor to the series. I can’t even imagine what will happen now that they’re paired up with Kojima Productions.

  • MadMirko

    Bleh. That looks more Van Helsing than Castlevania, and gameplay seems like every other “epic” 3rd person brawler. Reserving judgement until it’s finished, but I have no hope whatsoever that I finally might enjoy a 3d Castlevania (or “Castlevania”).

    I can understand the strategy to apply a well-known brand name to a game to improve its chances in the market, but if you happen to be a fan of the brand its kinda bitter.

  • I love Castlevania but I don’t mind the change of gameplay or atmosphere. What I do want is for the game to still deserve that Castlevania name, meaning that it has to be more than simply shoehorned into the long Castlevania history.

    And although there’s no mention of Dracula or his castle, I think it’s pretty likely they’ll appear. A “pure hearted-warrior” being able to control the evil beasts? Somebody “becoming” the Lord of Shadows? People inheriting the role of Dracula is a pretty common Castlevania plot.

    This game definitely piqued my interest, at least.

  • Rorg

    Wow… that trailer actually has me really excited to see how the game turns out. The change in graphic style from the sort of anime look its had for the past, what, 10 years or so (even the 3-D ones still had a sort-of anime look to them to me) is surprising, in a good way to me. I look forward to seeing what the final result is…
    And however much I may have liked the anime voice actors in the past games, the clips in that trailer were really well done…

  • Chow

    This is pretty exciting. XD

  • Aoshi00

    It may look GOW-esque and as a result a bit generic, but if it’s what it takes to finally make a good 3-D Castlevania, I guess it’s such a bad thing right.. Many people said Heavenly Sword was GoW with a woman, but I thought its narrative made it very distinct, I’m pretty confident if Kojima takes part in this project.

    I would miss Kojima Ayami’s gothic char design of course, but I suppose her elegant art style is hard to be fully realized in 3D, like Amano or Obata Takeshi’s arts (that’s why Dissidia is based on Nomura design).

    And you get Sir Patrick Stewart too, so it’s quite an ensemble.

  • thebanditking

    this is Castlevania about as much as DMC is, I didnt hear or see anything even relating to Castlevania. In fact this looks exactly the same as it did a year ago just now it has the Castlevania logo slapped on it. No Belmonts, no Dracula, no Items or Item Crashes. Most importantly no Igarashi, how the heck do you make a Castlevania without the man who gave us Symphony of the Night? Also the music for the trailer sucks something fierce, where is the beautiful and haunting music of Michiru Yamane? This may end up being the best 3D game called Castlevania but its no real Castlevania, not to me. Personally I hope this game like its spiritual predecessor (Castlevania on Dreamcast) just gets canceled.

  • Gaston

    After seeing the trailer, I have the feeling this character will transform into Dracula in the end!!!

  • Chris

    can you say God of War rip off?

  • Jerseykid

    i think the gameplay looks awsome and i like the storyline too. one thing that bothers me is that “there isn’t a trace of Dracula!!!!!!!!!!!” Dracula has been the main focal point around every Castlevania game!!! he is wat makes the game intresting and fun and exzillerating. if he is not in lords of shadow, it just wont be the same. Dracula needs to live on until the final game u guys make where you destroy him for good. When that time is, i have no idea but you cant just leave Dracula out of the equation. Since i was little i hav always been a die hard Dracula and vampire fan and to this day i still like anything that has to do with them. wether its games or movies or shows, i still enjoy Dracula and vampire stuff. hope u read this and understand where im coming from because im sure that im not the only one who feels this way and if i am, than i dont care. i strongly belive in my oppinions and i strongly believe in this one. Dont just kill him off, LET DRACULA LIVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cm8000

    Hopefully Dracula and his castle show up in this game. It just isnt Castlevania without Dracula!

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