• Rciwws

    The boxart is so nostalgic…beautiful as well.

  • ReluctantlyHuman

    I know I SHOULDN’T import it, but godsdamnit if I am not in the middle of a Pokemon obsession. I have the original version of Gold sitting in my stack of GBA games that some kid left at the Toy’s R Us I worked at years ago, but I could never get past the graphical downgrade (Ruby was my first serious GB game) or the fact that I’d be unable to transfer my Pokemon to the Generation III games. Plus, it’s Pokemon, perhaps one of the easiest games to play untranslated, ever (I actually have the case to the Japanese POkemon Diamond sitting right next to me).

  • KC

    If I wanted to play, without the long wait, could I order from japan and have my DS make it english?

    • GSDS

      Cant do that. DS’s can only make the Ds a different language, not the games.

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