So, This Is What Multiplayer Dragon Quest IX Looks Like

By Spencer . June 29, 2009 . 7:20pm

Dragon Quest IX has a multiplayer mode, it’s only local multiplayer, but hey it’s the first numeric Dragon Quest game you can play with friends.


In multiplayer mode each player controls their own avatar. Four characters run on the field and hunt slimes. When you get into battle the combat system is standard Dragon Quest. Each player punches in commands and battles play out.


Stray too far from the party and you might find yourself fighting a King Slime solo. Allies can join battles in progress just in case a tricky Dracky sneaks up on you while you’re pulling monsters.



Square Enix hasn’t announced Dragon Quest IX for North America yet, but if it comes here would you want to wait longer for online multiplayer over Nintendo Wi-Fi and a Phantasy Star 0 pictochat system?

  • They haven’t announced it for North America yet?? Man I thought this was a done deal already, and that they were gonna do their best to do a speedy localization. Wow I’m sure I read about this here, too.

  • fallen

    Looks fun, but what is with the seemingly-pointless seconds of running around after each command phase? It wore on my patience even in the trailer, for chrissakes… Then again, wearing on your patience is part of the charm of Dragon Quest, I guess.

  • MadMirko

    Wait for online multiplayer? Yeah, right. XD

    EDIT: While browsing around GAF, I found a post by Aeana that translates an interview with Horii and touches on the multiplayer aspect:

    I think the most interesting part, for me, was where Ichimura notes that originally, it wasn’t possible to advance the story during multiplayer games. It was a highly requested feature, though, so they put it in. I think that allays the last of my fears about the game really focusing on multiplayer too much, though.
    During multiplayer, each individual player can do whatever they want. There’s an anecdote in the interview where Horii said there was a group fighting the last boss, and one of the players was still in town. “Hold up, I’m buying medical herbs” “You don’t need medical herbs for the last boss!!”

  • I wouldn’t put it past Square-Enix to release two versions of the game in Japan. The first features a local multi-player. Then after the US and EUR releases (which feature on-line multi-player via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection), Japan gets the title re-released with this feature added plus being able to market the game as the “International Edition” at the same time, heh.

    But honestly, I don’t see any on-line feature being added for this particular Dragon Quest game. Next one for whatever console/handheld, yes.

  • ManaChwan

    I certainly wouldn’t mind waiting if they actually decided to.
    And I hope they do.

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