Why Is The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match On XBLA In Japanese?

By Spencer . July 1, 2009 . 10:32pm


Did you play The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match on Xbox Live Arcade? It’s only partially translated into English.


That screenshot is from the US version of the game. The decision not to “translate” victory quotes and some menu descriptions baffles me since an English version of The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match exists. It just came out on PS2! OK, even if Ignition, the company that published the KOF ’98: Ultimate Match internationally, owned the rights to that translation SNK could have used text from King of Fighters ’98.


The simple answer to the question is the Xbox Live Arcade version is a port of the Japanese arcade game and I understand these aren’t game breaking bugs, but SNK could have treated the XBLA version better.



  • JeremyR

    From reading news posts and such about localization, the actual translation is only part of the issue in one. They also have to fit the new text in there. Since Japanese is much more compact, it’s not always possible to do it without extra programming.

    • Yeah, that’s true, but since they already have a PS2 port in English completed couldn’t they adapt that?

      • Anonymous

        Not if the English PS2 version was based on the Japanese PS2 version but the English XBLA version is based on the Japanese Arcade version. Since the code is different both times, they have to start the hacking and insertion work from scratch.

        Probably they just couldn’t finish in time and are going to fix it later.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Wow. I spent a good deal of money on the Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3, Garou:MOW and BlazBlue, so I didn’t have the money for this… Looks like that was a good thing.

    • mikanko

      It’s still one of the most popular iterations of KoF, and it has online play. Do people really want lamely translated one liners of win quotes in a fighting game enough to pass on it? My 360 is JP, so I just assumed it was due to that (Megaman 9 is in full Japanese as Rockman 9 depending on your systems region, not where you dl it from), but I didn’t regret spending the points.

      On a negative side, the game seems to have far worse sound sampling than I remember, and I feel like I’m playing a rom rip on NeoRage. Also the wallpaper on SNK’s XBL games is pretty awful, and I really wish you could turn them off.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Yeah, I know what you mean, the translations in SNK’s fighting games are especially lame. I laugh a bit at a number of the lines used in Garou, honestly. I suppose it’s not really an issue, but… I dunno, I may not download it still. What with Garou, BB and KoF12 coming in a couple of weeks, I don’t want to get too burned out on fighting games.

  • UFO

    This is just plain lazy and shows that SNK don’t give an expletive about their fans. Sure some of us can read jp but 99.9% of the people in the US can’t.

  • Bubba

    You should read the Garou game description on XBLA marketplace. It’s so engrishy it ain’t even funny.

  • stay classy shane bettenhausen

  • jinkusu

    they never say the same thing in the english translations anyway. you wanna know what they said? something insulting and demeaning to the defeated opponent. use your imagination if you can’t read it! =]

    for the rest of us… ろくなもんじゃねえ!

    • mikanko

      Actually, I kinda defended it since I really can’t care for the language option one way or another, but some of the menus are still in Japanese. Worse is it’s just a bad port, with bad sound, that the PS2 ver. is better of in every way. The biggest flaw is the god awful netcode they used for both this and Garou. I was super excited to be playing KoF98UM and Garou on XBL instead of SF4 for once, but meh… when it’s this laggy why bother.

      Going the emulator route and using GGPO is a higher quality route than a liscensed product, and it’s pretty sad. What makes it worse is KoF98UM and 2k2UM are both great updates and more polished than the original games, and can’t be found via emulator, and by the looks of it won’t have quality online ports. Guess SNK fans are stuck with BlazBlue and SF4 for their online play options =/

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