Global A Wants You To Draw People’s Wishes

By Jenni . July 21, 2009 . 1:39pm

image Remember Drawn to Life? Looks like it may have inspired Global A, which is working on a new DS game called Bikkuri! Dokkiri! Mahou no Pen. Or, in English, Be Surprised! Be Shocked! Magic Pen.


The star of Bikkuri! Dokkiri! Majou no Pen is a little witch named Saatan who wields a magic pen, which looks remarkably like the DS stylus. She has the ability to create over 120 items. You simply trace and color the item on the touch screen, and it will appear a designated location in the game. Some items that have appeared in released screenshots include a house and a tree.


bikkuri-dokkuri-mahou-no-pen-1You aren’t just creating items for yourself though. You’re doing it to help people! The citizens in the game world all have requests — items that they want or need. If you take the time to assist them and draw stuff, they’ll like you more and presumably good things will happen.


Since it’s rated CERO A (all ages) and the screenshots don’t seem laden with kanji, I’m guessing kids are the target audience. It looks adorable and has an interesting premise though. So far, there’s no definite release date. Atlus has a good working relationship with Global A. Maybe they’ll take notice of Bikkuri! Dokkiri! Mahou no Pen and bring it over.

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  • Ereek

    I don’t think ATLUS will bring it over due to the rather bad sales of The World Revolves Around Me. Global A titles aren’t really amazing, but I find they have an undeniable charm to them that usually makes me enjoy them. I loved The World Revolves Around Me, no matter how tedius it was at times. Also, reused 3D models, much? They were recycled directly from Monster Lair.

    I’m interested in Natsume’s English release of Adventures to Go!, maybe they’ll bring over this one?

    • Mazen

      How did you know The World Revolves Around Me didn’t sell well in the US/EU?

      • Ereek

        An ATLUS employee commented on it in their forums.

        Also, typically ATLUS does a reprint shortly after the original print if the game does at least moderately well. This game never received one.

        • Mazen

          Ah I see but I really I think Atlus didnt try advertising it in anyway, they didnt even try viral advertising it in any forum I noticed not even little buzz about it when it was released.

    • I genuinely enjoyed The World Revolves Around Me as well. And, since I didn’t play Monster Lair, the enemy character models were new to me. XD

  • Well Drawn to Life wasn’t among the first to do this. There were two PS2 games, Magic Pengel and Graffiti Kingdom that had similar gameplay hooks of drawing. I dunno what inspired them but just making sure you know of other games like it is all.

    This looks interesting. Is it like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon?

    • Pichi

      It was a good reference for Drawn to Life since it and this game is on the DS. Which I’m surprised something like this didn’t come up in Japan sooner.

      Hope there is a lot of creative freedom than some of the objects in DTL.

    • It’s looking more like it’ll be a Harvest Moon style game.

      I heard about Magic Pengel and Graffiti Kingdom, but never had the chance to play them. Are they good?

  • Saatan? I’m glad I read that slowly or else I’d be thinking “children’s drawing game… Satan… eh?”

    I’m reminded of Agetec’s “Magic Pengel” for the PS2. That game was awesome and the ending was significantly darker than its age demographic probably expected. Basically… it was fun drawing phallic monsters to whomp enemies, or drawing a pretty true-to-form Air Man (mega man 3) complete with whirling propellers that had a wind attack mapped to them… or something. Good stuff.

    • Yeah, Magic Pengel! That was a great game from Agetec and Taito. I wish that series continued on the DS it would be so much easier to draw monsters with the stylus.

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