Persona PSP Gets Simultaneous Digital And Retail Release

By Spencer . August 5, 2009 . 3:33pm


Atlus is making history by releasing Shin Megami Tensei: Persona as retail and downloadable title on the same day. Sony has been doing this in Japan, but Atlus will be the first third party publisher to follow the trend in North America. They’re even beating out Irem and their dual release of R-Type Tactics 2: Operation Bitter Chocolate.


The downside is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona costs the same price, $39.99 in store or on the PlayStation Store, and the digital release doesn’t come with the two disc soundtrack. Bummer. On a positive note, the digital version should have better load times and this gives upcoming PSPgo owners a chance to play Shin Megami Tensei: Persona when Sony’s new handheld comes out on October 1st.


The file, which is approximately 800MB and deluxe UMD bundle come out on September 22.

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  • QBasic

    Bummer about the soundtrack. I prolly would’ve shaved off…at least five bucks off the downloadable version.

  • JeremyR

    Mark danced crazy!

  • How bad is loading?
    Still get retail though, but I agree it should be slightly cheaper considering the lack of bundle.
    Still it’s nice to consider the Go buyers.

    • Loading shouldn’t be bad, but it should be faster on a Memory Stick than on disc. I’ll find out for sure soon…

  • Shouldn’t those who buy the retail version also get access to the digital download?

    • This is exactly what I want to know. There has to be SOME way to make that work. I want the game, but I also want less loading and less bulk in my pocket if I carry more than one title at a time.

      Really. Let’s brainstorm – there’s gotta be some solution. Like with the “digital copy” you get with some Blu-rays (Dark Knight). C’moooooon. I didn’t buy a 16GB pro-duo for nothing.

    • A free digital download would be a perfect middle ground solution for the PSPgo and people who want physical media, but it looks like Sony’s plan is to sell the digital copy separately as seen by what they’ve been doing in Japan with first party games.

      The digital copies there are cheaper though.

    • Strike_Man

      I would love to see companies push this angle more, sort of how the Rock Band track packs come with a download code (with only one use to avoid sharing), allowing you to download the songs to your hard drive.

      Without any sort of a discount, I can’t see why I would want to pick up the digital version over the physical one, and that’s BEFORE I even factor in the Atlus swag (ie, soundtracks et al.).

      I’m still not 100% positive that I’ll be picking this title up, but if I do, I can assure you it won’t be through the PlayStation Network.

  • malek86

    Here’s the best way: get the retail version for the OST, and when Sony fianlly unveils their method for “transferring UMD games to a stick”, have a go at it. I don’t think it will be exclusive to Go owners, no?

    Still, wouldn’t hurt to know how long the load times are.

    • I hadn’t even considered the thought that Sony would let current PSP owners rip UMDs instead of silently pointing publishers at PSN and shrugging off any complaints.

      I love your optimism, not trollin’. I wish I could borrow it.

    • I don’t think it will be exclusive to PSPgo owners, but Sony hasn’t shown any signs of that happening. Fingers and toes crossed…

  • EvilAkito

    I’ll be getting the retail version, but it’s good to see that the download option is there considering that some video games love to disappear off the face of the Earth several months after release, unless you’re lucky enough to find a used copy at Gamestop that is most likely missing the slip-cover.

  • ElTopo

    I have a problem with this PSP GOs downloadable content only path. The idea of paying full price for a downloadable game which smirks traditional costs of discs, packaging, shipping, and the middleman is a joke. Second if you buy the retail copy of the game, you should be granted unlimited access to the digital copy of the game. Period.

    If they want to move to a digital medium thats fine, but in this era of faulty hardware, putting my faith and entire library of software on a device that could be left bricked and me SoL if not an idea I’m very fond of. Yes they give you access to the game again like WiiWare. But in 10 years are those servers still going to be up, offering me downloads of Persona to play on my second hand PSP Go that I bought to replace my old broken one? Good luck with that. Considering last generation online servers are already coming down after 5-6 year stints, this stuff just isn’t going to last.

    • Atlus is the first third party publisher trying a dual digital/retail launch so perhaps their pricing is skewed, but digital copies are always cheaper than retail ones in Japan. However, thanks to a robust used game market you can usually get a used copy in pristine condition much cheaper a few weeks later.

      • ElTopo

        Is it better then ours?
        GAMESTOP! Week 4 of any release. 30$ New…24.99$ Used!
        60$ New…55.99 USED!
        2 Years Later
        49.99 NEW…44.99 USED! YEAH! (LoZ: TP)

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Well I think they don’t include unlimited digital download because maybe someone would find a way to make more than one copy. Not too sure, things like that are always hard to figure out.

    If you want faster loading you could consider hacking? A friend of mine does it and his games load way faster than my UMD games. But yeah, I believe in supporting the developer! That’s how sequels, etc are made.

    Regardless, the retail version seems like the way to go. Like ElTopo said, paying full price for a downloable game is a terrible idea. They will soon realize gamers that pay for downloable content/games are usually hardcore players, and we are not stupid.

    I’m actually all for downloadable games only on the PSP! But if they are same price as retail, I’m completely against it. I have a DS, and it takes a GOOD PSP game to get me off of it.

  • BraveWind

    I like to own a physical merchandise, so…”PSP” can “Go” to hell in my buy list.

    • This.

      • BraveWind


        • I agree with you. “This”, short for “I agree with this”. I want my media on something I can own. I’m very against this downloadable/digital move the industry is making. Same for music. I will not buy mp3’s. If I’m going to buy music it will be on a CD.

          • BraveWind

            That’s right =D
            I’m also a collector, even the series of this game has a really bad game, I won’t mind having and finishing it.
            I love collecting and I shall make my dream come true of collecting so many things.

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