Shoji Meguro Is Apparently The Producer Of Persona 5

By Spencer . August 6, 2009 . 2:00am

p5 First a pachinko site mentioned it. Now Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is talking about Persona 5 even though Atlus hasn’t announced the title yet.


The possible leak comes from a creator interview found on Sony’s mobile PlayStation page. The interview is actually about Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, the PSP version, but the top page lists Meguro as the producer of Persona 5.


I suppose this could be an innocent typo. Even if it is Persona is the most popular MegaTen branch, which means a sequel is a no brainer. Persona 5 is a sure bet just like Final Fantasy XV. Whether Meguro is the producer or not is another story.

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  • lostinblue

    So it’s really coming? oh well, not a confirmation just yet.

    Meguro being the director would put him in league with Akira Yamaoka as the only composers to ever direct a game and have some projection while doing so (to my knowledge)

    • Daszeuzo

      Al Lowe composed some music for Sierra, although not a large amount.

      Daisuke Ishiwatari had a major part in the production of the Guilty Gear series, and I think that included directing on early games…

      And of course there’s Kenji Eno…

      Robyn Miller of the Miller brothers…

      Kikuta was the lead designer in many areas for Koudelka..

      ah, it’s really not worth it to keep looking up names. But it’s not unprecedented.

      • lostinblue

        Yup I also thought of Kenji Eno write writting above, but I regard him today as a game director primarily and not a game composer so I let it slide, plus he’s a really alternative developer.

        as for the others I had no idea, cheers for the info.

      • Moriken

        Ishiwatari was the character designer, pretty much everything except the menial tasks for the first Guilty Gear…at least according to the staff roll :)

    • Mac

      Meguro was already the director of the PSP Persona game. This time he’s looking to be the producer.

      • jj984jj

        I really doubt he’s the producer, it wouldn’t make any sense. Unless Katsura Hashino left Atlus… I don’t even want to go down that line of thought.

    • malek86

      If i remember well, Hiroshi Iuchi, the composer (together with Sakimoto) for Radiant Silvergun, went on to become director, composer and a bunch of other roles in Ikaruga.

  • ElTopo

    I thought the developers were just saying there were getting a little burned out on Persona and wanted to take a break…and now we are getting iffy leaks from a couple sources that Persona 5 is in the making. I loved the PS2 games, have every SMT game on the PS2, but I’m really hoping that with the jump to PS3 we see a major overhaul of the overall look and graphics of the games.

    • Hraesvelgr

      As long as they do something different from the PS2 Persona games, it’s fine with me. Frankly, I’m getting a bit tired of optional character development and a calendar system that causes the game to drag on.

      • And I’m not tired of that stuff at all. Hope they bring it all back and make it even deeper than before!

      • ElTopo

        I enjoyed P3/P4 and it didn’t bother me quite as much, in fact I enjoyed the system just because it was so different from everything else on the market. But I agree that a third run around with the same system, it better be drastically changed or scrapped. I mean it better getter some serious enhancements now that they are working with a more powerful system, more depth please. Or something. I don’t know I’m looking forward to this one really being a big step forward as Atlus JPN’s entry title into the PS3. Graphics, gameplay, sound, everything needs to step up.

  • Geoff

    Well, if they do announce it at TGS or whatever, there is still probably going to be a good year between when it was announced to when it is released, which would put it at about 2 1/2 years between P4 and 5. Seems pretty reasonable.

  • jarrodand

    lol. It’s like everyone *but* Atlus wants to talk about Persona 5.

    360 port plz!

    • Geosaferi

      god forbid. i’d actually like to be able to import it and not have to pray that its not region blocked.

  • Ereek

    Meguro is a very good composer, but I’m not sure if I want him as a producer. Also, SCE speaking about P5, would that mean it’s a PS3 title?

    • Josh

      The pachinko site earlier mentioned that it would be for PS3, so yes.

  • I don’t mind if the game focus on high school characters as long as it brings back the feeling of the PSX games.
    And music-wise, I really hope Meguro leaves this j-pop trend behind and gives us some of his good works – in fact, I still can hear it throughout his latest works, if I ignore the vocals and other things. Not that they don’t match the game’s atmosphere, but I would rather have something that I would recognize his “feeling” in.

    • ElTopo

      I didn’t *hate* the PS2 soundtracks…but damn if after listening to the same song for 150 hours, that gargled hip hop was getting tired fast. It was interesting and entertaining but yeah….at the same time I would have liked a lot more variety. I ended up liking the P4’s a little better, and I get that the idea is probably to sway from the traditional JRPG. Just less garbled nonsensical hiphop/rapping and I’m probably good, replace that track. Ha.

      • Ereek

        I take it you’re only counting the PS2 Persona soundtracks? Because Meguro’s work on other ATLUS SMT doesn’t have the vocals.

        • Exactly. Apart of that, I think the work he did with Nocturne and the other PS2 games were really something!

          • Ereek

            While I did enjoy the battle and boss themes in Nocturne, I think I’m more partial to Meguro’s work in Raidou vs King Abaddon of his PS2 works. I think he is quite talented and it is refreshing that he goes through different genres when composing. We see definite jazz, pop, classical, rock, and R&B influences throughout all of his soundtracks.

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