Nintendo DSis, Wii Remotes Coming In New Colors

By Spencer . August 31, 2009 . 10:45pm

image Starting in September, Nintendo will release old hardware in new colors. Pink and white Nintendo DSis will be available on September 13 for $169.99.


Later this year, right around the holiday season, Nintendo will bundle a black Wii remote and MotionPlus dongle. Black nunchucks will be in stores too, just in case you want to color coordinate. Prices for these accessories have not been announced.


So far no plans have been announced for the black Wii, which was bundled in Japan with Monster Hunter Tri, in North America.


image image

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  • BraveWind

    Black Wii…@[email protected]….That would have been perfect in the middle of my all black devices shelf under the TV….Sounders and the Surround System thing and the receiver and ps2 and 3 and suddenly! A White Wii XD
    yeah well It would have been better for appeal o3o

  • pressstart

    9/13? So I can still get the 1000 points with the DSi? Darn it, I should have waited.

  • thebanditking

    whatever Nintendo’s post N64 era color choices are lame (not that I like the N64 mind you but it came in some great colors). Even the GBA came in Purple, White, and clear blue at launch. I don’t know why but ever since the Gamecube Nintendo has been holding all the best colors till way later in the life cycle which really stinks for guys like me who believe handhelds should come in the loudest colors available (I love my Vibrant Blue PSP). The GBC also had a great color selection. Oh well Im just ranting, I already have a DS Lite and there really is no reason for me to buy a DSi any way. Especially in white or pink, wake me up when we get the metallic blue one.

    • The transparent GBC was my favorite.
      I wish more systems came in that style.
      When I read this I was also thinking about how Nintendo used to really pump out the colors till the Gamecube. Not only they pulled back, but they’re also more conservative (back, white), but at the very least I wish they would make the colors more available to all the regions instead of making them exclusive.
      I really wanted that Enamel Navy DS Lite…

  • Aoshi00

    Beats those overpriced dyed remote straps they tried to sell people, that was the stupidest or greediest idea ever, $10 pink or green “straps” for differentiation?

    I’ve always been more traditional w/ my color of choice for consoles, so I don’t mind black or white. What was annoying to me was the “Revolution” originally should come in 5 colors as their commercial loudly advertised. I had to wait all these years to import the sleek black Wii, as it would be pretty silly to have two white Wiis sitting side by side.

    Now that I have the white DSi w/ the blue badger emblem, I can’t imagine it just being plain white.

    BTW, what surprised me was the “opaque” black remote jacket, I thought it would be transparent like the regular one, it kind of took away the coolness of the black remote.

  • *gasp* I want that pink DSi…

    Too bad it’s such a dark pink, I love the coral pink DS color much more…

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