Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars Roster Leaked

By Spencer . September 10, 2009 . 3:09am

image Capcom opened a website for the Japanese version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars which confirms worldwide online play and leaks the remaining new characters.


Tekkaman Blade is officially confirmed for Ultimate All-Stars. A Shoryuken forum member dug around the site’s source code and discovered broken image links that point to new characters.


From the Tatsunoko side we have:

Yatterman No. 2 from Yatterman (she’s on the left)



Joe Asakura from Gatchaman



And from Capcom’s crew we have:

Frank West from Dead Rising



Zero from Mega Man Zero / Mega Man X



The last clue is an ambiguous file called “oncharactor_btn_zero.jpg”. It could mean Zero in his Mega Man Zero look or classic Zero from Mega Man X. There’s something left Capcom to announce after all!

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  • ShadowScipio

    Hmm…Maybe the “btn” stands for Battle Network? So it would be the Battle Network games’ Zero?

    • wrong, its the button (btn). Each character in the source code has it’s own button you can click on to view the profile of that character. If it was battle network, you’ll be saying that all the character are from battle network lol.

      • fallen

        also, battle network in japan is rockman.exe or something, i believe

    • sd28

      i would have preferred x but im still happy

      • pressstart

        I’m inclined to believe it’s not the Zero or ZX Zero, since he already showed up in SvC. I totally forgot that Battle Network had a Zero since I never followed Battle Network at all. So my guess is that or the X one. I would have preferred the Zero or ZX one though. The ZX one could have multiple forms! But any Zero is still win.

  • Frank West instead of Strider? Are they out of their minds?

    • Not including Strider may not be great news but including Frank West is by no means them being out of their minds. He is quite the man. Besides, MvC2 has Strider. If Mr. West made the cut, perhaps characters like Gene might appear in a fighting game (or this one?). Is it bad that I’m finally considering this game with the online play et cetera? Hah.

      • But Frank seems so…out of place. I mean, here you have a roster filled with crazy anime-esque characters with swords and insane special moves. And they choose to put in Frank West? O_o

        Don’t mind me, I’m a little annoyed. Strider was practically a damn shoo-in. ><

        • either him or dante

        • I understand the gripe. Haha, Strider is real cool but I’ve seen him enough. Though I’d say on the Capcom side, I wouldn’t consider it as much “anime style madness” as Tatsunoko. PTX-40A, Soki, and Yami come to mind. I would just say everyone in this game is a bad ass/fan service. Frank West… is a bad ass. Very surprised, still, that they chose him. Sorry for your sake, Ishaan!

          It’d be nice if they could incorporate more and more characters without eventually (inevitably?) breaking the mechanics of the game with someone.

          • AllenSmithee

            Gene, dammit.

            That’da suited more.

            Or waddabout one of ’em Ryus from BOF.

        • ECM

          It makes even less sense when you consider this is a Wii game and Dead Rising kinda just flopped on the platform.

          • cowcow

            The reason Joe the Condor, Yatterman 2, and Tekkaman Blade were picked is I believe they were probably already prerendered in past development as they were on a list of characters that were originally cut from the roster and also because since they are part of existing characters in the roster from shows that Capcom already paid for the licensing; it costs them less money than it would to start from scratch and add someone new (like Gordian the Warrior, Speed Racer, Soul Taker or Speedy from Samurai Pizza Cats).
            The reason I feel they picked Frank West is simple: as cross promotion for the upcoming Dead Rising 2 game.
            (I was hoping for Masamune Dante from Sengoku Basara though since Basara 3 for the Wii is coming out).
            Dante or Nero from Devil May Cry…I think the creator’s wishes is that they are not used too much in crossovers.
            I think him putting Dante in Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne was enough for him.
            That just leaves Zero, which I can only hypothesize as a sort of counter ‘balance’ to them adding Tekkaman Blade since they have two Tekkamans now, they figured lets have two Megamans on the Capcom side.
            Especially since Gatchaman & Yatterman now have 3 characters to Street Fighter’s three characters.

        • zero mite fight similar to strider but anyway…. why wont they let dante be in a versus game =/

    • malek86

      I don’t see why not. He’s covered wars, you know.

      But I’m curious to see how they’re gonna render him in cartoon format.

  • malek86

    Aw, I wanted them to put Gene in there somehow.

  • thebanditking

    Looks like I found my next Wii game, though what controller can I use? My white GC pad wont save me this time (d pads too small) the Classic Controller stinks, and I dont like holding the Wiimote sideways. Either I am going to have to import a classic controller Pro or they are going to have to make an arcade stick. Problem is both those options are expensive and will delay me from getting the game. I must admit Frank is an odd choice, but if hes got his movies from Dead Rising he could be a really good turtle/grapple character.

    • Aoshi00

      You should’ve imported the classic pro from PA, but the 20% off deal just ended yesterday, could’ve saved a couple of bucks there and got it under $30. The grip and new shoulder btn layout feel really great. Come to think of it, I haven’t tried Tatsunoko yet ever since I got the classic pro.

      Tekkaman Blade + online kind of makes double dipping worth it.

  • TyeTheCzar


  • ryne11

    Damn right. Zero

  • Kris

    Wait, doesn’t this run contrary to what we already know? Isn’t Tekkaman Blade supposed to be in this list?

    • Nope. There was a different Tekkaman in the list, from the original (not-Blade) Tekkaman series.

  • ElTopo

    Where’s Phoenix Wright Capcom? Cmon dont give me that BS about region to region balancing issues, compress some text already! Man Frank West is a crap character, dropping the ball Capcom, so many better characters to choose from.

  • Update: All the new entries have vanished from the source of the TvC site.

  • tppop

    They need to find a way to get Phoenix Wright in one of these games. It would bring it to a new level of epic. >_>

    That aside, I’m really looking forward to this game, although I wish I knew a bit more about the Tatsunoko side. It’s makes me damn happy I grabbed the Wii when I found that deal on it. Here’s a link to it for anyone interested. http://www.gamesncs.com/rd_p?p=191613&t=9528&a=3679CapVsWii&gift=3679

  • evilhero

    Wait, how does that make it a complete list?

    Capcom said it would be an equal amount of Tatsunoko and Capcom characters announced.

    As it stands, its 3 Tatsunoko, 2 Capcom.

    • cowcow

      Capcom said in the end, the total list for Tatsunoko roster would be equal to Capcom roster. Not that they will introduce an equal amount of new characters. They are doing this because they are removing the fat genie Daimao due to European licensing issues. So by adding 3 Tatsunoko characters and two Capcom characters, it evens the roster once again and increases the total roster count.

      • evilhero

        Oh thats right, I forgot they took out a character.

  • vall03

    Amaterasu… *sniff* oh well, guess Im sticking with my old planned teams. Now I wish that sequel would happen!

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