Yakuza 3 Elbowing Its Way To The West

By Spencer . September 20, 2009 . 12:41am

image According to 1up, someone is working on localizing Yakuza 3 (aka Ryu ga Gotoku 3) for North America and Europe. (Thanks for the tip Carolyn!)


Sega might be translating fistfight one-liners and karaoke bar banter right now. Maybe not. 1up brings up the possibility of another publisher picking up Yakuza 3. Sega localized and released Yakuza and Yakuza 2 internationally.


However, a handful of Sega franchises, usually niche ones, like Shining Soul and Sakura Wars were given to Atlus and NIS America, respectively. Sega announced Yakuza 2 at Tokyo Game Show 2007. Perhaps, we’ll see a similar announcement this week.

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  • Kris

    My God…
    I’m so… so… so HAPPY!
    It’ll be nice to have the complete series, since I’ve already imported and played the hell out of Kenzan.

    • neo_firenze

      I’m pretty thrilled too! However, this will only make the “complete series” of the modern setting Ryu ga Gotoku/Yakuza games until Ryu ga Gotoku 4 is released soon in Japan (should be Sega’s big game of TGS this year), and the cycle of worrying about western localizations begins anew. Let’s hope 3 sells well enough to avoid some of the drama for the next go-around.

      I’ll be breaking down and importing the “Best” version of Kenzan! any day now… Perhaps if Yakuza 3 does really well in the US a localization might be considered, but I’m kinda pessimistic about that happening. Starting not to care though, I just need the game! I’ll happily double-dip if I turn out to be wrong and we ever do get Kenzan! in the US though ;)

  • philbordo

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  • AllenSmithee

    Oh jeez, I forgot to use my hotmail, so it is under my mom’s name, for the referrer.


    Still, this was big enough news, even if it was an uncomfirmed claim, that I thought it should be shared.

    Personally, I’ve still gotta play through the first two, since I’ve only really dipped my feet, but this is great-tastic.

  • urbanscholar

    Its cool its coming over and etc. but to be bluntly honest, one has to imagine what kind of PR and ads are they going to use to make sure this sells. What they did before with 2 specifically is definitely not going to cut it.

  • Gundam_exia

    they need to announce this and kenzan!

  • Would I need to play previous Yakuza games to play this one? I never really cared to even import these games for some reason.

  • I think I recognize that haircut. Did we ever find out which hostess finally made it into the game from that selection they had going? Or were all 16 supposed to be in?

    • geosaferi


      • Ooh, good choices.

      • Aoshi00

        Are you serious? Out out of tons of girls, and even of those 16, they couldn’t pick the good looking ones :(? Only no. 3 is okay… Funny the one at the bottom got the consolation prize, not to be rude or anything, she’s the ugliest looking of the bunch, acts weird too. Bring me good looking Kyabajou…

        • shion16

          yeah 1 and 16!!

          • thaKingRocka

            prime numbers for me, thanks.

            edit: my math is fail. i didn’t realize that 1 was not a prime number or at least that it’s a point of contention. that being said, 5 remains my favorite by a long-shot..

        • Are you kidding? I thought the one with the consolation prize looked fabulous! I wonder what basis were used for nominations. It couldn’t have been just looks…

          • Aoshi00

            I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. I just don’t think any of them are that pretty, considering they must have had a lot of candidates auditioning. Maybe some other talents, like deals “under the table”, lol..

            At any rate, I’m glad Yakuza 3 would come over, but sad no Shenmue 3. Seriously, if Yakuza sells, Shenmue 3 sure as heck would too.

          • cowcow

            You don’t think Tina Yuzuki (RIO) isn’t pretty? That’s just weird. She’s a porn star too btw. Half Portugese half Japanese. Though maybe they should have went with Maria Ozawa? ^_^

            Anyways Woot! This is great news! Though will it be voice dubbed? Because from what I hear, Sony has a strict policy on having all of their localizations being dubbed. If it’s a 3rd party, chances are the dubs could be bad. But hey better than not having the game. Either way I hope for dual audio options and subs since the Blu Ray can handle it..

          • Aoshi00

            For Jpn/Asian girls in their 20’s, I thought these really aren’t that pretty at all. Ozawa Maria is okay, but then I’m not too crazy about mix, just something off about her looks (guess I don’t like that slutty porn image of her). But I could think of many prettier Jpn actresses/singers, like Ishihara Satomi, Toda Erika, or Anne Suzuki (tomboy-ish look), etc. I know those are celebrities, but I’ve seen many Jpn/Asian girls/women who are much much prettier than these, even when I browse at the Kinokuniya bookstore. I know they might not have been picked purely based on looks, but personally they don’t catch my eyes at all.

  • thaKingRocka

    i hope they do it like 2. i don’t want them to waste time or money on a dub. just get it over here.

  • eliel

    thats freaking waesome

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