Dreamcast, PS2 Games Re-Released Over PSN?

By Spencer . September 22, 2009 . 9:33am

image Notes from Sega’s quarterly meeting with SCEA also brought up the possibility of Dreamcast games coming to PlayStation Network and perhaps other consoles.


The minutes state “if we [Sega] provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively.” The exclusivity bit may mean Dreamcast titles could come to other digital platforms like Xbox Live.


Another bullet point titled “PS2 emulator for PS3 (confidential)” describes SCEA’s plan to sell all PS2 titles over PSN. This sounds similar to their PlayStation Classics plan where PsOne games are sold digitally even though the PS3 can play PS1 discs.


Since PS2 games are readily available, I’m not too crazy about the idea of downloadable PS2 games unless we get access to imports via the rumored import store. But, there are a ton of excellent Dreamcast games that like Power Stone, Segagaga, and Shenmue 1 / 2 that I would like to see. Interestingly, Sega re-registered trademarks for a slew of Dreamcast games in North America including Jet Grind Radio, Cosmic Smash, and Chu Chu Rocket.

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  • I’m stoked for the PS2 emulation if that means it will also be available for disc-based games. My current PS3 isn’t backwards-compatible and I’d like to play my PS2 games without having another console hooked up to my TV. Also hoping the upscaling/filtering is updated so SD games look good on my HD television. As it is, I have my PS2 and other SD consoles hooked up to a tiny CRT.

  • malek86

    I sure hope it’s true, but I’m not quite convinced.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I’d rather play DC games on my Wii… It just fits better IMO! Although PS2 games on the PSN sounds great.

    I just wish they would step it up and release more then one classic an update. Is it really that hard to port it? I can understand if it’s a PS2 port, but a PS1/DC port should be real easy.

    • malek86

      Very difficult. The Wii’s size limit is 512Mb (because channels are still copied to the main memory, even if you run them from SD), while Dreamcast discs were up to 1Gb in size.

      • Just release them on Wii discs!

        I mean HOD 2&3 Returns was really successful, over 1 million, same with Ghost Squad IIRC.

        $30, and people will bite. Just include Classic and maybe even GC controller support just in case.

        Not too sure about Samba and Bass Fishing’s numbers though.

        We need Headstrong to get back to makiing JGR for Wii like they originally intended to do.

        • malek86

          Not to be picky, but both HOD2&3 and Ghost Squad were Xbox games, not DC games.

          On an unrelated note, I still don’t know why they wouldn’t port HOD EX to the Wii.

          • True, though I didn’t know Ghost Squad was on Xbox, I’ll have to look that up. :P

            What should be done, besides JGR Wii by Headstrong, is a Motion + Samba sequel. Samba de Amigo: Ver. 2010, yeah that sounds good! :D

            And add Dolby Pro Logic II this time, kind of helps a music game doesn’t it? :P

          • thaKingRocka

            hod 2 was not a chihiro game. hod3 and gs were. HOD EX is on the lindbergh board. it’d have to take quite a hit to put it on the wii. that game belongs on ps3 or 360.

          • malek86

            HOD2&3 was probably just a port of the Xbox version of HOD3 (which included HOD2 as a bonus).

            Also, they did say that if HOD2&3 sold well, they’d think about putting HOD4 on the Wii, so it means they are at least capable of downgrading their Lindbergh games. And HOD EX, being a party game of sort, would be more suited to the Wiimote, probably.

        • I was a huge Samba fan back in the day and rather than break out my Import Dreamcast w/ Maraca’s etc, I bout the Wii version. What a mistake. Did anyone else feel the motion sensors registering for that game were utterly terrible? I’d like to get Ghost Squad and HotD II&III, though.

          Hmm… “The Motion of the Dead”… haha, wrist movements above zombie heads. Now that’d just be funny to watch someone play.

          I think the import sections are the interesting part. I don’t re-buy games too often unless they spruce it up for HD.

          • I felt Samba for Wii was okay. I cannot really play it on hard yet so I wouldn’t know how much it holds up but it was a decent 10$ I spent on it new.
            I want to play the Dreamcast original. >_<

        • JeremyR

          I think you’re missing the point.

          Stuff like this is basically just found money for Sega. They do almost nothing, they make money.

          If they were to release it on disc for the Wii, they’d have to spend time and money making the discs. While it’s not a big percent in the grand scheme of thing, it is money out of pocket.

          Then, they’d almost certainly have to spend money hiring a team to port the games to the Wii, since it’s unlikely the Wii is powerful enough to emulate the DC (since basically are the same generation, in terms of hardware, DC at the start, Wii at the end). That’s a lot more money out of pocket. Look how long it took to port various DC games to the PSP, a year each. That’s probably $300,000 or so, hiring a small developer to do it.

        • lostinblue

          I prefer retail as well, but I don’t think that’s what’s at stake here.

          If Sega wanted to re-release Shenmue 1 and 2 successfully while building up for a newer game then yes, a Wiimake would make sense. If they just want to make some quickbuck then this is the way to go.

          Wii can also do it, I guess. The specs for emulating DC are not that big, and while storage is a problem, they’d just have to look at their size-limit thing. SD cards are cheap and who knows if we’ll see a Wii with a bigger storage space in the future.

  • I was a bit more interested in the PSN Import Store, honestly.

    Combine that with titles from the PS2 and other platforms and you have yourself quite the badass idea…consider if they merged that with certain games you wished they would’ve sent overseas the first time around and that could be fairly interesting.

    I doubt it happens in that way and it’s probably only PS3 as it is right now but it would be fairly nice to have something like Dodonpachi Dai-jou-ou on my PS3 right about now and subsequently available from PSN…

  • Cool about the Dreamcast games. I may still get the system instead but if there’s games with huge price differences or imports like Segagaga I’ll get it on the PS3.

    I’d like to buy Import PS2 games too. However if there’s any domestic releases that have huge price differences I will buy it on there for sure.

  • QBasic

    I’m not sure if people are gonna be terribly savvy with repurchasing all their PS2 games.

    Although, the Import Store sounds interesting! If that’s true, then the KH fanbots will FINALLY shut up about Final Mix games.

  • jarrodand

    Honestly, I think most DC releases would benefit more from getting revised dedicated releases on the download services, like VOOT XBLA, Soulcalibur XBLA or MVC2 HD Remix. At least for online games, as programming around DC’s outdated network infrastructure would definitely hold them back. Maybe for 1 player/offline games like Sonic Adventure, Jet Grid Radio or Space Channel 5, it makes more sense though.

  • doubleO7

    If this is true I hope DC games will be playable on PSP like the PS1 Classics

    • jarrodand

      Considering PSP’s barely more powerful than a Dreamcast, I don’t see how this is even remotely conceivable. The game would need to be reprogrammed ground up rather than emulated, at which point the value investment comes under question.

      • lostinblue

        to my knowledge, the DC actually bests it in some points, PSP seems to have a bigger hit at doing transparencies, and possibly a smaller polygon throughput.

        yes, totally impossible to do at playable speeds without porting stuff.

  • geosaferi

    Oh god please let this happen. I somehow missed the DC era, I’m excited to get a chance to visit it. Plus, game sharing PS2 games with friends sounds jawesome.

  • thaKingRocka

    i think there should be federal funding to allow people to play dreamcast games on every platform. i love you, dc. xoxo

  • You guys had to use Shenmue to get my attention. I miss that game dammit.

    • cowcow

      I know…

      Though I agree with the other guy Shenmue on the Wii seems like a better fit (throwing darts with the wiimote and other minigames etc) but either way I can’t complain!

  • syunsen

    That would be great !

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