Rumored Japanese PSN Import Section Seems Likely

By Spencer . September 22, 2009 . 7:30am


A leaked document found on Sega’s FTP by Objectif-Sega described a “special Japanese import section” for games like Yakuza. Titles would be sold digitally for $9.99 to $39.99 for a full game. The notes, which are allegedly from a meeting with Sony Computer Entertainment America, also explain SCEA could help with marketing if given a period of exclusivity and Sega “might need to localize menus at least with subtitles.” A report from this past weekend stated Yakuza 3 was being localized.


Subtitled PS3 games are coming coming to PSN this year. Aksys plan to release Battle Fantasia and Record of Agarest War, two retail titles in Japan, as digital downloads over PlayStation Network. Both games will have Japanese voice acting and English text for menus and story sequences. Capcom also released an import PSP game, Fate/Unlimited Codes, a few weeks ago.


An import section on PSN could open the door for niche titles that wouldn’t be released in North America otherwise. Are there any games with a low chance of being localized that you would want to see up here?

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  • QBasic


  • djudge

    Either of the Melty Blood console titles would be awesome.

  • Kevin_Levin

    JRPGs with the likes of; Tales of Vesperia :). Japanese VAs with english subtitles. That’d be sweet.

  • nyoron

    [email protected] SP
    Sakura Wars 1+2
    Tales of Rebirth

    Tales of Vesperia

  • thebanditking

    Sorry but I have no interest in a big game like Yakuza 3 being network only, I want it on a disc. The game already has a 5GB install so what would the entire game come to, at least 8GBs I am thinking (at thats being conservative for a PS3 game). I know its taking a risk bringing these titles over but I prefer to own my games not do an extended lease on them. Digital downloads are not something I support, its fine for smaller titles and DLC but not entire games of Yakuza’s status, Agarest War’s graphics justify its distribution method, but I would not want to see things like Tales of Vesperia released this way, that would suck.

    • nyoron

      I completely agree with your sentiment of wanting to own a physical disc… but in the end I would still rather have it this way than not at all :/

    • Aoshi00

      I agree, I definitely don’t like full games being digital d/ls either. Like the 360 On Demand feature is nice, but how much space do you have in the current biggest 120gb HDD to hold those games, each around 7-8Gb. It will force us to upgrade Hard drive constantly. Not to mention the initial d/l would take forever.

    • Artavasdus

      I totally agree with banditking’s refusal to submit to the dd-spree of publishers like Aksys (which I appreciate in other fields, see the voluptuous BlazBlue limited editions or some risky localizations like Laevatein).

      That said, I don’t think that Agarest’s (or any other low budget game’s) poor graphics in itself justify its release as a dlc, not when the game has contents for over 60 hours and a huge dubbed script. The fact that a game is low budget doesn’t mean that it has to be deprived of a retail version if it had one in Japan, and seeing how many niche jrpg fans like to have phisical copies in their collections I hope that everyone support Ghostlight’s Agarest Pal release and its Limited edition. I would pick disk+artbook+poster+cards over some downloaded data any time.

      The same goes for Battle Fantasia, which was released in Europe and Japan as a retail title and arrived in the USA for X360 as a physical release: why should the Ps3 USA release be a dlc when all the other releases were retail?

      Regarding Yakuza 3 and ToV, I hope that any rumor regarding a western dd-only release is baseless, and I would have an hard time supporting them if they were released this way.
      Of course I am not opposed to mixed physicaldlc releases or dlc version of now-unavailable games printed in limited numbers, but having retail games turned to dd is a big no-no for me.

  • jarrodand

    The leaked doc also implied adding PS2 and Dreamcast games to the Classics download section. More exciting imo, it also hinted at Yakuza 3 not necessarily being a PS3 exclusive…

    • thebanditking

      Could be but keep in mind that Yakuza 4 is going to be fully shown this week and with MS mandating achievement support since day one I dont think Sega would take the time to implement Trophy/achievement support for an older titles whos team is busy with a sequel. Im not sure what this document is implying because for Sonic racing it says “Open to DLC, not Ratchet and Clank but maybe characters from Rare or Fable universes” which makes zero sense because why would a discussion with SCEA involve DLC for MS owned games? Either way this sucks, and so does digital distribution. I will not support the release of full disc based games as a digital only option, so personally I hope if they do this for Yakuza it flops.

    • malek86

      That whole document reeks of weird. Rerelease of PS2 and DC games? PSN for imports? Doesn’t that sound a bit too good to be true? Also there is a bit that states how Sonic for PS3 might have Rare and Fable characters. Uhm. Are we sure it’s not some kind of joke?

  • This is great. It took a while, but this is the direction I was hoping they would pursue. $39.99 is a great deal, too.

  • geosaferi

    I want the ps1 shumps imported, no need for translation.

  • thaKingRocka

    40 is steep for these things, but i love where this is going.

  • HB3

    Can we please see the original Growlanser picked up in some form or another for domestic release by someone— ANYONE??? I know Atlus is hard at work localizing crap like ‘101 In 1 Party Megamix,’ but c’mon…
    And since you brought up the sore subject of games with little chance of crossing the pond, how about the Langrisser Ps2 releases?
    Yeah, I realize the amount of translation involved with these series, but doesn’t Agarest Senki (like most Red games) contain a bunch of in-game text also???
    P.S.: Last question was rhetorical, so no smart/dumb -ass attempts to quip back…

  • cowcow

    The weird thing with the Japanese PS3 titles is there’s not even that big of a library like the PS2 import list was. Most of the PS3 library consists of game we have too. Yakuza and Kenzan being the two most important really so I’m glad Yakuza 3 is coming here and I hope for the rest…

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