Sony Japan Embraces Their Western Franchises At TGS

By Spencer . September 25, 2009 . 2:33pm


Sony will publish God of War III in Japan. So what? God of War is a first party game, you say. True, but Sony has never published a God of War game in Japan. Capcom handled Kratos from the first game to Chains of Olympus.


During the PlayStation 2 period, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan passed on publishing their more violent Western developed games. God of War was entrusted to Capcom, which also handled the CERO Z rated Grand Theft Auto titles. Sega (really, Sega) picked up The Getaway: Black Monday and Killzone. Other first party titles like Twisted Metal: Black were never released.


When the PlayStation 3 launched SCEJ changed their strategy and directly handled Resistance: Fall of Man. They also published Killzone 2. Now, at Tokyo Game Show ‘09 the majority of their first party PS3 games are from the West.


image PlayStation 3
Gran Turismo 5 (SCEJ)
The Last Guardian (SCEJ)
Uncharted 2
God of War III
Heavy Rain
Infamous (currently unreleased in Japan)
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time


PlayStation Network
Fat Princess
Gravity Crush
Hustle Kings


Meanwhile, Sony Computer Entertainment America handles games developed in Japan similar to what SCEJ did during the PS2 era. Atlus, a third party publisher, will release Demon Souls in October. NIS America brought Blade Dancer and Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman to the West. Agetec and Xseed had a hand in Wild ARMs. Few Ape Escape games get localized and we haven’t seen a single SCEJ funded Bleach game yet.launch.

  • thaKingRocka

    we love you, too, japan. :)

  • Aoshi00

    It’s just that Western games are good now (or I simply didn’t give them a chance before). Doesn’t even seem like the saying “You-ge” (foreign games) is that relevant anymore, yet Western gamers categorized “JRPG” all the more.. so it’s like a 180 degree change attitude for both sides..

    • thaKingRocka

      the pc has been delivering great western games since days of underoos.

      • Aoshi00

        I’ve never played games on PC since my machine is always behind the times (I have a dinosaur PC now but a good notebook), plus I was never into FPS or MMO/WRPG like Duke Nukem or Diablo, so I’m not familiar w/ those at all.

        I think the main factor is western games were not “appealing” to me at all, whether it’s art style or game genre (mostly shooters on PC), until this generation. Now I find many Western games oozing w/ overall high quality, w/ good art design, narrative, gameplay, and production value, that gives player an immersive experience. Or it could simply be that my taste has changed. But it’s interesting to note many Jpn gamers are more open to Western games this gen too, also w/ people like Kojima or Inafune lamenting Jpn games are not as good (technically) and need to play catch up. So perhaps Western developed games are becoming more universal as CG achieve near photo-realism. I was never a big God of War fan, I played a little of the first one. But I could see myself playing GoW III because it just looks so good.

        • thaKingRocka

          this is disjointed, but here goes.

          the big thing for me, growing up, was pc adventure games. i loved the sierra and lucasarts series. i learned to type playing king’s quest and police quest with my grandfather. FPSs and WRPGs didn’t show up until quite a bit later, and as cool as they could be, they weren’t really my thing. king’s quest, police quest, space quest, hero’s quest, leisure suit larry, maniac mansion, loom, day of the tentacle, full throttle, grim fandango. good times.

          god of war doesn’t do much for me. like most 3rd person melee combat games, it feels lackluster compared to ninja gaiden. i even liked rygar (ps2) better than GoW, and it felt derivative of that when i first played it. gow has far superior production value, but it still didn’t feel like it was doing anything new or better when i first played it. 2 didn’t impress me much either. this has nothing to do with east and west though. there are plenty of this genre’s entries coming out of japan, and they all pale in comparison to NG.

          platformers made the shift from east to west back on ps1. when i played the first spyro, a game i got for my nephew, thinking it would be kiddy, i was blown away by the level of quality. insomniac remain kings of the 3rd person 3d platformer if you ask me. i also really liked rayman 1 and 2. sadly, i haven’t really cared much for any of the 3d mario games.

          as for MMOs, they are the devil. i wouldn’t touch them with someone else’s keyboard and/or credit card.

  • noxstella

    That’s because SCEJ is lazy and retarded. They can’t be arsed to develop an RPG for the PS3.

    SCEJ should die.

  • JeremyR

    Sony just really seems to be a poorly focused company. The divisions rarely seem to actually work together.

    That’s just a short list of the stuff SCEA passed on. Probably at least a dozen titles. Some got picked up by 3rd parties, some haven’t.

    And then you also have SoE (their online company). They published a few really popular PSP games in the first couple years of its life, then they ceased development of any more (or so it seems). And while they apparently plan on brining Free Realms to the PS3, doesn’t seem like they are in any hurry.

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