Rocket Knight Revived

By Spencer . October 5, 2009 . 2:03pm


Back in the day, every company had an anthropomorphic platformer mascot character. Konami’s was Sparkster, an opossum dressed like a knight and equipped with a rocket pack. Sparkster starred in a few, mostly loved, 16-bit Rocket Knight Adventures games before Konami put him in the vault.


Sparkster, following in the footsteps of other forgotten mascots, is coming back in a downloadable 2.5D platformer game. Climax, the studio behind Sudeki and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, is developing a new Rocket Knight game for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam.


Rocket Knight, as revealed on 1up, sticks to the basics side scrolling with shoot ‘em stages just like the first game. Great to see Sparkster back, but he, like other mascots caught in the wave of 2.5D revivals, looks better as a sprite.



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  • I knew the Bonk remake would rear its ugly head in your Rocket Knight article, the moment I heard about it earlier today!!!

  • Ereek

    I squee’d in a very uncharacteristic manner when I saw this earlier today. Excellent news!

  • Kris

    Yeah, the 3D’s a bit fugly, hopefully they’ll shape that up by launch…
    Regardless, more Sparkster is always a good thing!

  • Jaxel

    HELL YES! Rocket Knight Sparkster FTW!

  • Brojasu

    I hope it’s good, not so crazy about 2.5D but I’ll give it a try

  • lostinblue

    was rummored to be a PSP/Wii retail game a few months back and from the images and stuff… I still want it as so.

    (main reason: I dislike virtual distribution and won’t buy this unless it’s on a shelf)

    • thebanditking

      I hear you on that, I overlook it for smaller titles like this but I dispise digital distribution. What you may gain from a lower price is almost worthless when you consider that you give up actually owning anything, I hope people begin to realize this sooner rather then later. This is not MP3’s here people, think of it like ROMs on your PC, when you HDD crashes (and it WILL) all your stuff is gone. The big differences here is that these are 8GB + games all tied to a system, that when it becomes obsolete so does your ownership of those titles. Every computer and portable device can playback MP3s but future consoles will not allow you to play older systems games. Not to mention when the servers for the older system go down you will not even be able to redownload them, when your system breaks. Perhaps I am too attached to my older games but knowing that I can play all my games going as far back as my Sega Master system is money well spent where digital distribution is money down the drain.

      • lostinblue

        Precisely, I feel I’m buying thin air or something, there’s no receipt, no guarantee that I actually own the games for future generations ans so on.

        I’m not against it (on the contrary, I understand it’s the only entry door for a bunch of small developers), but I really can’t cope with it; I think what Telltale did with Monkey Island (offering a physical collectors edition) or what Sony often does with their high profile titles such as Warhawk is really the way to go.

        The also feel the main reason I do not commit piracy is not just to support developers (it also is, of course) but because I like to own the game, physically, and when the game is distributed exclusively via virtual distribution it doesn’t allow me to do just that. I still won’t pirate it, and have been instead opting to not buy them… But thing is, in some of those cases I’d really pick up the games if they were on sale in a physical SKU.

      • I agree with both you and lostinblue. It’s almost like a necessary evil. I love the fact that other people feel the same way. It’s nice to give some games/companies a foot in the door but maybe they shouldn’t be FORCED into digital distribution. If more gamers would start supporting the niche titles it may help but I guess it’s just “not good business” in the long run because of the lack of big bucks made. I think people who collect the games as a hobby are more against digital distribution. Most of the people who enjoy DD are the ones who also could care less about having the case for a game or whether or not it has writing all over it. I’m the same way with CD’s… I could care less if I had the actual CD or not (unless it was Video Game OST :p) Because music CD’s just aren’t my hobby. To each their own, but at least give us the choice between! I didn’t buy Patapon 2 for this exact reason. $5 more for the case that has no UMD, excuse me?

        Edit: Also, wouldn’t people who don’t care about the physical games after they are done with it want a physical version so they can sell it on ebay or trade it in for credit towards another? Can’t do that with digital media. I mean, from a business aspect, no wonder they are trying to convince everyone it’s the way of the future. As a consumer you get screwed in several ways and the businessmen don’t lose out on more sales from your turn around. Again, double edged sword to allow smaller companies to thrive a bit where they wouldn’t even get a chance otherwise. How about the indie game “I made a game with zombies in it” or whatever it’s called for 80pts ($1’ish). Then Konami releases the same game with a 3D skin, “Zombie Apocalypse” for 800pts ($10’ish). Double take…Seriously, DL the demo’s for each game.

  • Why do they slaughter their old titles?

    Sure the gameplay might be solid and that is what is important sure, but with a outside like that I just go ?_? Where did it go wrong?

  • ECM

    Sigh, more updates to classic franchises that *aren’t* by the original devs–color me very skeptical of this and Bonk, etc.

  • Serge73

    Please, let Ristar be the next one!! Man I loved that game…

  • Well it looks okay (though too much blur in the backgrounds), better than the Bonk revival IMO. I’m hoping it is fun and plays like the old game, I’ll forgive the presentation..

  • Aoshi00

    I’m generally okay w/ platforming oldies being given a 2.5D facelift. Recent 3D upgrade that I didn’t like at all was TMNT Re-shelled, both control and graphics are worse than original… Next is Dynamite Headdy.

  • maxchain

    What are you talking about? I could never forget Sparkster! <3

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