Samurai Shodown: Edge Destiny Stays Bloody In The States

By Spencer . October 6, 2009 . 11:47am


Seems like SNK Playmore is working on two versions of Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny a fatality free teen rated release for Japan and a carnage cut for North America.


The ESRB spilled the details on Ignition Entertainment’s version of Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny and it includes brutal finishing moves as seen in the E3 build.


The finishing moves represent the most intense part of the game: torsos can be sliced in half and sent flying across the pavement; severed heads will spew blood as they roll off screen; and chopped-off arms leave stumps from which blood does gush out. These depictions of blood and gore are relatively infrequent relative to the overall slash-attack/"move-set" gameplay; however, they do account for the Mature rating. During the course of the game, players can also follow custom storylines for the 24 characters: Some of the related text contains sexual references (e.g., "They were in the mood . . . lovemaking in one room" and "After I enjoyed her sleeping face, I left the remaining money at her bedside, and I went out of the room.").

While Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny is rated M in North America, it’s a CERO B game (think of it somewhere between E10+ and T) in Japan. Decapitations automatically make the game a heavily restricted CERO Z title so there’s no way Samurai Spirits: Flash will have the same amount of “ketchup” as the international version.


Now I’m curious why SNK added all the gore for the Western release. Do they really think chopped-off arms and gushing blood will make the game more popular? Of course, this isn’t the first time Samurai Showdown game with gore, but it’s interesting that gushing blood is reserved for the West.

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  • ‘Now I’m curious why SNK added all the gore for the Western release. Do they really think chopped-off arms and gushing blood will make the game more popular?’





    Seriously, though, that's encouragement for 'head shots'.

    … I'm bad at this.

  • I’ve always been curious about this too, Spencer. Berserk [TERRIBLE US Title: Sword of the Berserk – Gut’s Rage]for the Dreamcast in Japan had 1/3 the blood that the US version had. No More Heroes had the blood issue also, didn’t it? What gives? It’s seemed sporadic, yet apparent, over the years.

  • daizyujin

    What I am trying to get a grasp on is the fact that in the 80s and 90s it seemed that Japanese games were more violent than they are now. Now it feels like the role is reversed. I realize that US games have become more violent overall, but is that all that is happening here or has Japan really started to get more uptight?

    I seem to recall that SNK games were usually censored in the US yet not in Japan depending on what region system you plugged the cart into.

    • neo_firenze

      @daizyujin: you’re exactly right about SNK. A lot of Neo Geo games had blood (and “bounciness”, particularly for Mai Shiranui in the KOF games) in Japan, but when plugged into a US system they lost blood and bounce. Both the Samurai series and KOF games had instances of this.

      As for Edge of Destiny… I kinda hope there’s an option to turn the gore on or off. It seems a little too over the top for my liking.

    • Aoshi00

      Exactly, old anime had people bleeding in “red” whereas now it’s dark brown close to black.. just really lame. Example is DBZ, and the new games try to not show any blood at all, like when Goku was blown by Piccolo a big hole in his stomach during the Raditz fight. I’m not the most violent guy, but when you see a vacuum and black smoke coming out of the body, it takes away some believability and impact, like Disney cartoons for kids.

      I’m glad they choose to not censor it here. As much as I like the improved Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, the purple dust kind of makes you miss the blood fountain and rolling heads/flying limbs. Still, those are just random goons but this is Nakoruru being cut in half :(…

      I’m “hoping” this game is fun….

    • Great point and it’s still sort of true with classic SNK games. Metal Slug 3 on XBLA has zombie blood censored unless you change your console’s language to Japanese.

      • Darn, I have my locale set to Japan, but language is in english. I was hoping the locale was actually what dictated these things this time around. Perhaps, it’s time for another change on my J360!

  • Spekio

    I don’t understand why they can’t just release both a Cero Z and Cero B version. They already have two builds of the game, one with gore and one without. Would it really hurt them to let people choose? Or maybe even make the mature version only available through pre-orders. I would love to see games take that route instead of just censoring the content.

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