Game Freak Hiring A 3D Modeler… But Don’t Get Too Excited

By Ishaan . October 7, 2009 . 2:59pm


I thought I’d try to reel this one in before it spread to the far corners of the Internet. A recruitment page on the Game Freak website indicates that they’re looking to hire a 3D modeler. Now, before you get all excited about the thought of them working on a console Pokémon RPG, you might want to keep a couple things in mind:


1. Traditionally, console Pokémon games have always been handled by Genius Sorority. We’ve mentioned this before, but Genius Sorority is a company that was formed by key members of Heartbeat, a now-defunct company that developed the early Dragon Quests for Enix. The only other company to work on console Pokémon is Ambrella, who develop the WiiWare games.


2. Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum all use polygons for the environments, so technically, they are "3D Pokémon RPGs." Considering this recruitment drive seems to be for a single 3D modeler, my money’s on another DS game as the art could realistically be handled by a small team.


Now that that’s out of the way, I can play devil’s advocate.


Chances are high that HeartGold and SoulSilver will be the last mainline Pokémon games on the DS Lite. Nintendo will want to start pushing DSi harder next year, and what better way to do it than with their best-selling portable series?


The shift to a newer platform could bring some interesting changes with it as well, so perhaps something will come of this 3D models business after all.

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  • weathervane

    Drill Dozer DS/Wii. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    • Or any such sequel. Completely under-rated game in my opinion.

      • weathervane

        Though, come to think of it, I’m not sure how well the game would transition into 3D. I still hope for it because, well, more Drill Dozer is more Drill Dozer.

        Or not, because it would never be released in America anyway.

  • Kris

    Wow, I didn’t remember how ugly Pokemon Coliseum was… If a new console Pokemon arises, I hope it looks better!

    • weathervane

      I still remember it having a lot of charm, though. I was never technically wowed by it, but I was one of the few who thought it was a pretty fun game overall (that is, after the white hot rage subsided over the fact that it wasn’t Pokemon Stadium 3. WHERE THE HELL IS GYM LEADER CASTLE?, my younger self screamed at the television.)

      I should really track down a copy of Gale of Darkness.

  • cocytusx

    “Chances are high that HeartGold and SoulSilver will be the last mainline Pokémon games on the DS Lite. Nintendo will want to start pushing DSi harder next year, and what better way to do it than with their best-selling portable series?”

    What better way to lose sales than to push a game on a version of a handheld that not even 50% of the pokemon fanbase own? I can see DSi only options but not an entire game exclusive to it, that’d be a ridiculously bad move.

    • I see your point, but Pokémon is a game that is very capable of selling hardware.

      • cocytusx

        At the risk of angering the established fanbase? That’s a pretty big gamble, I don’t see a lot of people switching to a 200 dollars system just for one game when it could’ve been done on a system they already have.

        • pressstart

          Yes, let’s not advantage of the extra horsepower of the DSi and always be constrained to the limitations of the DS Lite!!! If people kept thinking that way, then they wouldn’t be complaining about porting Wii games to HD consoles.

          • cocytusx

            Why do you think World of Warcraft has such low specs? It’s to allow everyone to play the game, whether they have a powerful PC or not. And seriously, is it worth excluding more than half of the existing DS fanbase for a little extra power? I don’t think any pokemon fan is a graphics whore.

    • jarrodand

      That sort of reasoning didn’t seem to keep GSC off Game Boy Color… I tend to think it’ll be DSi enhanced rather than DSi exclusive, but it’s going to be marketed as a DSi game all the same.

      • cocytusx

        GSC weren’t Gameboy Color only though, they only were supported by the handheld. They’ll prolly do the same this time.

        • Joanna

          well except Crystal, which was GBC exclusive…but that was the third game. I could see them pulling a similar move, releasing the first two editions as DS & DSi compatible, while the third one would be strictly DSi.
          But then again, Crystal was released pretty late into the GBC life, so maybe the comparison does not carry over. Either way I agree with you, chances are the next generation won’t be DSi exclusive, at best DSi enhanced.

  • Dasuzero

    I think Game Freak needs to be stopped from making any more Pokemon games period. Even if they don’t make a new Drill Dozer (or whatever, I’d love something done with Bushi Seiryuuden), they could at least be let loose to work on something *new*.

  • Still dont understand why 10 years on there still hasn’t been a ‘proper’ pokemon game for a non-handheld console

    • cocytusx

      Because the core games are designed with trading and battling mechanics in mind, it’s all about meeting other players and interacting with them, something you can’t do very well with consoles, including the Wii.

      • Well, initially, they were very insistent on face-to-face interaction between trainers. As we’ve seen with the DS games, they realize there’s a time when you need to move on and evolve…so maybe we’ll finally get a game that’s more like the mainline ones on consoles.

        I just don’t understand why the MMO hasn’t happened yet. Maybe if they get their online infrastructure in shape for WiiHD…

        • weathervane

          I’m just not that excited about a Pokemon MMO as everyone else. Sure, the thought of it is awesome on principle, but the reality is that it would just be ruined for the average player by hacked pokemon and hardcore Smogon acolytes.

          • Joanna

            kind of have to agree. hacking would ruin it and I’m more of an offline player so maybe that is part of the reason I don’t really find a pokemon MMO appealing. Actually I’m more of a handheld player, so even a console pokemon game doesn’t really appeal to me, I probably would get one, but I would be more excited about the next handheld installment.

        • ElTopo

          You know with these rumors about a new DS coming out (hopefully a far more powerful system), why not speculate this could very well be a fully 3D game for the DS2? What better game to launch a new system with then the Pokemon franchise?

          They really can’t do much more with the pokemon franchise unless they really innovate, so perhaps they really are? Converting the game to some kind of full 3D battle system on a much more powerful system would definitely mix things up a bit. Huge speculation though.

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