Sakaguchi Putting Finishing Touches On New Mistwalker Project

By Spencer . October 19, 2009 . 6:06pm

imageEven though Cry On was cancelled, Mistwalker founder Hironobu Sakaguchi is keeping busy. Namco Bandai just released a second Blue Dragon game for the DS in Japan. Apparently, he has another project in development beyond Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyoju too.


In a blog post, discovered by RPGsite, Sakaguchi says, “I am working hard on a new project. Now we are being rushed into the ‘finishing’ stage.” Details about the game have not been announced and since the post is dated after Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyoju we should be able to rule that out.


Back in December (that is, December 2008), Sakaguchi discussed the death of Cry On and said he was “starting a completely new, large scale project” different from his tear jerking rock giant meets young girl story. The platform, release date, and content of the game still haven’t been revealed.


But, if Mistwalker’s new project is in the “finishing stage” we should see it soon. Perhaps, it’s a downloadable game? Few games sold in stores go from unannounced to retail release without anything in between.

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  • Around the same time IGN hinted that Nintendo was going to have a mystery game that came out of nowhere, I hope it is this since they worked with Nintendo before and and they do announce games out of the blue as well. I’m blindly going to guess it’s that. However if it’s download only they could publish it themselves right? So I agree that it makes sense.

    • Wasn’t there some crazy Charles Martinet twitter rumour about a new Mario floating around earlier this week? The chances of the Nintendo game being that are far higher. Or was that fake?

      • I’m leaning towards true if that’s really the voice of Mario’s twitter. However the way they mentioned it “came out of nowhere” makes me suggest it isn’t Mario but perhaps maybe a more neglected series even.

  • Dasuzero

    Archaic Sealed Heat? You might as well have put a big eye-rolling emoticon next to the headline.

    • Kris

      Wasn’t that coming out in the US, supposedly?
      Anyway, I’ve never played a Mistwalker game, due to not owning a 360, but I’m curious about their next project because of the fantastic things I’ve heard about Lost Odyssey.

      • I wouldn’t hold out hope for ASH at this point, guys…

        • Kris

          Yeah, I figured a 2+ year localization of an under-selling portable game meant that it was dead.

          • Aoshi00

            For me Lost Odyssey was really one of the best next gen RPGs. If you like Shadow hearts and old FFs you will definitely like it. They don’t make old school turn based games like this anymore, thanks Sakaguchi-san! Really unfortunate about ASH due to bad word of mouth.. I really think the game is not that bad. I wasn’t even aware of the negative reception since I didn’t read any reviews at all before I even finish the game. I bought it for like $42 and then it dropped to $15 very soon..

  • Aoshi00

    Still waiting for Blue Dragon 2 instead of these DS spinoffs.. Still rooting for the Gooch since I loved Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and ASH (yes, I’m one of the few who does, loved the story, music, and just everything about it, I would damn well put 30 hours in it again if it ever comes out in English). I haven’t played Away though, the copy is sitting in my drawer. I think I’m the only guy who dreams of a full blown console sequel for ASH, I thought it had such a great world setting, though it will never happen because it bombed in terms of sales..

    Whatever he’s coming up w/, I’m excited to hear more about it. The Gooch’s RPGs were the reason I got my 360 console in the first place and it has opened up a whole new level of gaming for me in terms of various genres.

    That Aisha pic was such a tease… going to listen to more of the ASH soundtrack now.

    • Moriken

      I found the battle engine of A.S.H. to be really lacking, though. But Aisha was arguagly hawt :D
      The rest was, okay, I guess. At least it was not completely by the books.

      • Aoshi00

        Minaba Hideo (FF9) should do more character design instead of just art direction, his illustrations are definitely way cool, I like him better than Nomura or even Yoshida Akihiko (Tactics/XII). Aisha’s voice actor was so cute, too bad they really skimped on the spoken dialogue since the animation and CG took up most of the cartridge space. I really loved the strategic placement and the sharing of action points by the whole party, and the actual turn based combat, and sacrificing your ash troops (sometimes I feel bad since I raised them so hard). I guess the only thing I wanted more was boss fights since they were only a handful of them and they were quite exciting.

        Maybe the sprites did look a bit primitive (many say it’s like SNES sprites), but I thought the presentation was very good. Also I love some elements of the story that resembled Chrono Trigger. I found the soundtrack done by Sakimoto Hitoshi/Iwata Masaharu captivating too, works better than the more subtle FFXII score. It’s funny though all my favorite tracks happened to have been composed by Iwata when I looked up the CD.

        P.S. guess I could see why some might not like it too much as the battes/mission could be tediously long, when new enemy reinforcement suddenly pops up and surrounds you. Still, it’s no way as bad as Operation Darkness, and the control was definitely easier compared to the crazy camera in OD.

    • gar3

      “Whatever he’s coming up w/, I’m excited to hear more about it. The Gooch’s RPGs were the reason I got my 360 console in the first place and it has opened up a whole new level of gaming for me in terms of various genres.”

      Same here, Aoshi00. I realize Mistwalker stuff doesn’t sell to “the kids” but if it weren’t for Blue Dragon and the, at the time, upcoming release of Lost Odyssey I wouldn’t even have thought about buying a 360 back in 2007. Microsoft should probably take note of that. I’m sure we weren’t the only people tempted to give the 360 a chance due to Mistwalker. I also realize Mistwalker’s stuff doesn’t exactly make a lot of money (read: lose) but please, please, please Microsoft, think of it more along the lines as part of your advertising budget and keep funding some of these projects, heh.

  • Aoshi00

    If I remember correctly I think there was a rather favorable review done on ASH by none other than an old siliconera staff, not sure if “Rolando” is still here or moved on to a better place. It was actually the main reason I picked up the import (well, I would’ve picked up the new Mistwalker game on day 1 anyway), so I did read a good review before picking it up, and trusted the good taste of siliconera.

    • Good lord Aoshi, you can’t stop gushing about ASH. First in the e-mail, now here. You liked it that much?! XD

      There is a fan-translation project in the works if you care btw.

      • Hahaha. I’ll be honest, I really want an English release of A.S.H. so I can play it and enjoy it to the fullest understanding. However, Aoshi is totally pushing me to crack open my Japanese one and fumble through the games story with my dictionary and elementary understanding. xP He’s got me drinking the “A.S.H. KoolAid!”

        I was obsessed with the import of Blue Dragon (don’t know if the US voices were actually good-but I loved the JPN voice acting). I am getting around to Lost Odyssey. I have always had high hopes for Mistwalker’s console games. Hell, a year or two ago, I remember hearing of talks between Sakaguchi and Matsuno. Is there some sort of make-a-wish foundation that can make this happen for sure? =P (someone who wouldn’t rush Matsuno to push a game out would be nice!) I’d also like to point out Aoshi makes a ton of good points in this thread. Haha

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. I’m not sure if I have that kind of influence on people telling them to try this and that, but ASH is a unique experience since its control is stylus only, best way to play it, put it on a desk like “Wizard of Oz” (hate the name Riz-zoawd…) at least when your arms get tired. It was a fun part strategy part turn based RPG for me and I usually don’t touch that stuff due to time restraint.

          Sakaguchi + Matsuno (w/ nobody on his back to drive him to a hospital), that would be awesome indeed.

      • Aoshi00

        Cuz somebody paid me to say it, lol, nah really loved the game. I would like to contribute some but unfortunately I don’t think I would have the time nor energy, I’m always amazed by people who churn out FAQs or fansub. If they ever need a quota to put out an US release, I would do my part and reserve a copy right away, and they need to fix the Eng spellings for the chars’ names :)

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