Front Mission Evolved’s Frantic Gunfights

By Spencer . November 2, 2009 . 5:51pm

You don’t have time to test actions, check damage, cancel, and test again in Front Mission Evolved. Double Helix’s game is all Mechwarrior and no strategy RPG. And here’s what those real time Wanzer battles look like in Front Mission Evolved.



Or, on second thought, maybe you have enough time. This orange Wanzer is sitting pretty as an unscathed spectator watching other Wanzers do the work.


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  • nyobzoo

    looks like a slower and less fun Armor Core ripoff.

    • kupomogli

      Haven’t you ever played a Mechwarrior title? This is based off those and they’re not meant to be ultra fast.

      If you ask me this looks alot better than any of the Mechwarrior titles and it does look like a good game. If you look at the enemies you see them doing side dashes as well. Hopefully there are some larger areas to battle on as well.

      Armored Core is much better though, I’ll admit. I’ve been a fan of the series since AC Master of Arena(first game I’ve played in the series, third game in the first AC series.) Hopefully this brings more hype towards the Armored Core games once everyone finds out how much better the AC series is than a Squaresoft game in the same style.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Likewise, anyone who has played a previous Front Mission game would know that wanzers are more of a “real mech” idea, and thus are generally not too overpowered and are relatively slow. It would be quite silly to change that now.

  • Trotmeister

    Quite a heartwretching sight. >=[

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    Oh, man…

    There are things with both vids that disturb me. The first one…

    I don’t remember any weapon in any of the FM games outside of the crazy beam rifle in FM3 that you d/led off the ArmoredKin site doing 1-hit headshot kills. That guy just straight up mowed through the entire battlefield and didn’t even need to switch weapons.

    The second vid, the guy’s just sitting there firing off volleys of missiles, and then he walks over and picks up a full ammo refill pack. That’s utter BS. That never happened in FM (watching your ammo was key, especially with missile launchers) and the only way to do it was MechWarrior was to power down, and find a mobile resupply unit.

    The thing that bothered me in both vids was the lack of an AI that could fight back. The action looks like it’s going to work out. The game itself is missing some pretty big pieces, and some fine tuning that could destroy the game.

  • Alexander9

    Too bad the past FM games didn’t do much better in sales, then maybe they wouldn’t have had to change the game’s genre. I like Mech Warrior kind of games, but I’d definitely prefer me some mecha srpg. Hopefully they’ll be another FM srpg someday….perhaps in the very distant, distant future. :(

  • EdgeKun

    Now admittedly I’m new to the Front Mission series. My first exposure was the DS port (remake?) of the original. Even with this in mind though, it really makes me sad to see that they’re trying to make just another MW / AC clone.

    Front Mission was fun as all hell for me, and I was really looking forward to a current-gen title in the series that made use of some gorgeous graphics / sound tech. =( To see that it’s nothing of the original series is quite the let down after all the interest the original announcements of Evolved caused me.

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