PSP Go Sells 28,275 First Day In Japan

By Ishaan . November 2, 2009 . 11:26am


Enterbrain are reporting that the PSP Go — which released a month after its U.S. / European launch in Japan — has sold 28,275 units in its first day on the market.


For comparison, here are some other portable hardware figures from Enterbrain:


DS Lite: 117,556 (first two days)
DSi: 170, 779 (first two days)
PSP-3000: 141, 270 (first four days)


While the tracking periods in all four cases aren’t of the same length, new releases tend to perform best on their first day. The data suggests the PSP Go isn’t making a particularly big splash in Japan at the moment.

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  • Ereek

    I have such mixed feelings. I’m in the crowd that feels games will continually become more influenced by Online and DD will only become more popular as time goes on. However, I still love owning my physical media and am archaic in that I won’t buy DLC and only have one download-only game (Flower – which, by the way, is excellent). In a way, I want to Go! to succeed, but I also don’t think many people are ready (yet) to give into DD no matter how popular it becomes – Especially since the PSP basically just cut 3/4 of its library in North America and probably more than that in Japan.

    I can’t wait for the Go! haters. We seem to have a lot of those here; they’re like vultures all over these articles.

    • MadMirko

      People owning one of the recent Apple devices seem to have no problem with DD, neither do the customers of Steam, Direct2Drive, etc.

      • JeremyR

        OTOH, Steam apparently has 20 million customers world wide. That’s pretty big, but basically 1/3 the PSP userbase

        Anyway, I think a big part of the problem is that Sony simply dropped the ball in content available on the PSN store. They should have waited until they had gotten a lot more 3rd party support and a lot more of those minis as well. Who would buy a device that doesn’t have much content available for it? And no guarantee that there will be future content for.

        • Ereek

          I agree. While Sony has made some effort to add more games to the store, still only about half of the PSP games I already own physical copies of are there, not to mention my imports. With some more Third Party support the release would have been much more successful. Sony rushed it. Another problem I see is simply that the NA PSN is so far behind the JP PSN. The JP PSN has a ton of PSX titles and far more PSP titles than North America. With some fleshing out of the titles, I think more people would use it.

          And to MadMirko, I was speaking of console-owners and handheld-owners. PC has been doing DD for years at this point, consoles have just started it heavily in the last few years. You can’t expect everything to change immediately. As I said, I feel DD will only become more and more popular, but for consoles it will take some more time.

          • ElTopo

            Buying a single song for 99 cents isn’t quite the same as buying a 20-60$ game online, not too mention with music you can burn it to CD’s, drop it onto a PMP take it with you. Games, your just stuck on that console, you can forget letting your friends borrow them, or borrowing them to try them out. Rental services like gamefly are gone. The entire idea of a collection is out the window, now you just have a number of files on a hard drive.

            The entire market is controlled by only one company, meaning prices can be expected to remain fixed at a constant new price, especially high profile titles, since competition for sales is basically gone. You can forget used sales or dropping into a brick and mortar store and finding an old game on the cheap. And forget about reselling your game collection or trading in old games for new ones. How do you sell your console now? Do you price it with games included? Can you find a buyer whose willing to pick up the costs? Or do you end up taking a huge loss in the sale?

            There’s so many problems with DD, and so many reasons why consumers should NOT buy into this scheme the big corporations would love you to jump into its not even funny. There are very few reasons to actually want DD, beyond how it works now.

      • malek86

        I have no problem with Steam either, it’s actually pretty good. But it’s free.My problem with the Go stems from the fact that I already have a number of games on UMD that I won’t be able to use anymore. That, and the price. If they had left the UMD slot, maybe I would have thought about getting one (once the price went down a bit, mind you).

        After all, the PSP 3000 can download games just as well. So there’s no real urgency.

      • Hmm… I’m not so sure most game players are familiar with Apple devices and PCs/consoles are more versatile with DD to me than a handheld system completely dedicated to it – at least with what the Go has shown.

        It seems like dealing with two entirely different animals on both the consumer and system front.

    • Aoshi00

      Like you I also have mixed feelings about this. Other than the high price point and not being able to play my UMD library, I’m thinking of its practical purpose, is the Go more or less comfortable to hold than a PSP? It seems kind of small like you have no place to put your fingers and your hands would cramp. Also I don’t want to pay more for a smaller screen. I have a hard time staring at portables as it is. There’s where the DS XL comes in, I actually want to get it for a “much” bigger screen, even though I shouldn’t jump on any of these considering the frequent updates of both portables now (alrdy got 3 DSs and PSP 1000/2000)…

      • ElTopo

        I’d just wait for it to go on clearance in a couple months, when no ones buying them.

    • EdgeKun

      Call me a Go! Hater if you want, but I personally have no complaint with digital distribution. XBLA and Steam are two of my favorite things that have come to gaming.

      Now that said, I -do- hate what Sony has done with the Go, mostly because they would have me re-buy all of my games over again. If there were even a way for me to trade in my UMDs for digital copies I’d probably jump on that. As said though, I’m not willing to buy a new version of my handheld when my somewhat large (15-20) game library would be rendered completely useless on it. =

  • malek86

    While I don’t like the Go one bit, I’ve got to say this to Sony – next time, try launching your new hardware on, like, Friday or something.

    • MadMirko

      The original PSP launched on a Sunday. Sold ~160000 units on that day, too.

      • malek86

        Well, it was a new console against a redesign.

        And besides, I bet even japanese nerds don’t want to lose the UMD games they already have. Overall, the PSP Go doesn’t look like it’s been a success anywhere in the world. But maybe, with time, history will tell otherwise.

  • I must say, if i wasnt studying and were producing my own money, i would buy it…. but no

  • Ereek

    Oh, by the way, are there any older sales numbers to use in comparison? Like maybe Gameboy Micro?

    • jarrodand

      GB micro sold 170,306 it’s first “week” according the Media Create.

      • malek86

        Eh, that was about a fourth of its total sales. Goes to show that first week shouldn’t count too much.

        • jarrodand

          well, to be fair Nintendo always maintained that the micro was a limited/promotional release in Japan. Probably would’ve done better had it not released a year after it’s successor hit market.

  • I heard some rumors about a PSP-4000 that’s basically like the Go, but with a UMD drive. Has anyone else heard about this? There’s no way, right?

    • Ereek

      At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve not heard that rumor, but with the DSi getting an upgrade less than a year after the first release, well, anything is possible in the handheld market.

      • ElTopo

        It’s not really an upgrade so much as another model with more appeal to the casual crowd, and more then likely the last model in the DS line. The next portable from Nintendo will probably be the rumored DS2, a totally new system.

        Really if they came out with a PSP4000 with the same specs, just a new shell I think I’d laugh. The PSP4000 better be a new model and serious update to the PSP line or they’re gonna find themselves in trouble when Nintendo drops a new portable on the market.

  • MetalLiquid

    I heard about the PSP-4000 rumor as well. It’s probably true, I think I remember Super Secret mentioning something about it. (He confirmed PSP Go, PS3 Slim, 250GB Slim before anyone else, and he has a 100% track record) Don’t rely on my word about that (I don’t want to mess with his rep if I’m wrong) but regardless, it probably is true. You won’t see it until 2010 if it comes (And lets face it, there will probably be a PSP Go N5000 AND PSP-4000 next year; look at the DSi and the XL, and to add to that, we’ve seen a new PSP every year since the 2000 series I believe, so get ready for possible yearly updates with new features that require you to buy the same system at a possibly higher price. It sucks, but it’s happening even now)

    • i hope not, they cant just releas a new handled right after they released a new style of the psp , that would make, lots of ppl mad

      • MetalLiquid

        A PSP-4000 (as the rumor states it) will be a PSP-3000 with UMD, bluetooth, and possible built in memory up to 16GB. The screen could be the same or a little better (at the very least you’ll have a fresher screen after a year+ of wearing out your PSP1000-3000’s screen), but it’s not the PSP2. Just PSP*1*3000+. Just making sure we’re on the same page.

      • Slashlen

        Based on these sales numbers, I don’t think it will be lots of people. :)

  • Tokyo Guy

    Hey. I live in Tokyo and might be able to offer a bit of an explanation: esentially there was absolutely NO marketing whatsoever. Hell, the game stores didn’t even put out the PSPGo display units until the day OF release. I was absolutely shocked at how pathetically managed this console’s marketing strategy was. By comparison, the Slim PS3 had tons of ads prior to release. Hell, even Bayonetta had a MASSIVE ad campain (I kid you not: JR Shibuya and Shinjuku Stations had GIANT billboard posters everywhere).

    Part of me wonders if there might be some anti-establishment type nonesense going on, akin to what we heard about in Europe (the UK was it?) where a major retail store wasn’t going to sell the PSPGo because of the software/UMD issue.
    There is NO WAY in hell Sony could be SO stupid as to market the Go this badly, yet if that is indeed the case then they deserve the failure.

    I might point out, BTW, that the PSPGo costs more than the PSP X000 series VALUE packs here. That is a bit steep really, especially for a smaller screen. And the PSP had sold quite well here in ths past year with Monster Hunter and the 3000-series. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new (and pointless) DSi LL will also launch to less-than-stellar sales.

    I will say that at some of the major electronics stores, the 10,000Yen Playstation Network Cards are sold out.

    And may I ask about the PSPGo’s screen? Why was there so much conflicting information as to its true nature? I bought it still under the impression it has a touch screen (a la the Mylo) and yet clearly it doesn’t. Did Sony ever come out and say it does NOT have a touch screen?

    Also, on a final note I did indeed purchase the Go when it released on Sunday. It feels like a piece of crap in light of the horribly designed/ugly “gamepad” portion. It’s basically a Mylo without the keyboard.

    • Hraesvelgr

      The PSP has been plagued with stupid decisions by Sony, so that probably has a lot to do with it. The PS3 was too, but they’re at least getting better about it.

    • ShinGundam

      I think PSP GO is slow build rather than a major release like PS1 and PS3

  • eliel

    i want a psp but, the GO is ahead of its time{no umd support :(} sucks that it didn’t sell to well like its predecessors, I might end up getting one during 2010 but its still to early for me to consider buying it(and its a shame theres SH!T loads of games /psp remakes [persona 3] i’d like to try out for psp)!…cough*do a contest 4 a psp cough*…

    • ElTopo

      Why not just buy a PSP 3000? Or wait for the next iteration? It doesn’t suck at all, its consumers using their cash to vote: PSP Go sucks a$$. Just because Sony chose to go all digital with it, doesn’t mean its ahead of its time.

      A lot of big people/blogs/industry leaders are calling for this all digital revolution, the funny thing is the only people it benefits are the big game corporations. The consumer gets shafted, as do a large amount of the industry that’s ballooned out from gaming.

      -Distribution is controlled by Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft, prices will remain largely fixed at new prices, price drops will never be as cheap finding a game used (for the most part)
      -Kiss collecting games goodbye
      -Rental services like Gamefly are gone, forget sharing games with friends, trying your friends games out before you buy them
      -Games lose all inherent value as theres no way to resell them unless you part with your console (selling your console is a whole separate problem, do you take the loss on the games or try and sell the entire system as a whole?)

      Its just a big scheme for companies to make more overhead off games while eliminating resellers (which some idiots in the industry honestly believe they are entitled to some of these profits). Consumers just don’t stand to benefit at all from this.

      • I believe that’s the key here; benefit for the consumer. The points you brought up should have been addressed by Sony long before launch, but since they didn’t it just shows how half-baked they approached this thing. I’m not saying DD is a bad idea at all, it has A LOT of potential especially for folks like us if handled carefully, but not now. Not when providers are capping bandwidth, d/l speed going all over the place in different regions, and other issues people have to deal with that actually *do* have internet access.

        Call me crazy, but I’d like to see Sony try this again in a few years when they get their thing together and really think this through ’cause I think all they did was have even supporters loose confidence. Be like water, Sony.

        • ElTopo

          You see Sony isn’t going to bring this up, they would love to push this idea through because they’re really the ones benefiting the most from it. You, the consumer, are getting shafted in every way possible and there’s simply no reason this is a better option.

          Can retail and DD coexist? If they continue marketing as is, i.e. relatively cheap, simpler games retailing for 1/6 to 1/10 the cost with full retail games selling for the same price as a digital download. (Which is crap, it eliminates all costs associated with production/distribution increasing overhead by a huge margin however they can’t lower prices on DD without pissing off retailers who are undercutting physical media)

      • Tokyo Guy

        You raise a valid point really- wait for the new PSP or just get a 3000. Personally I find it a bit ironic that Sony, who always touted the screen size of the PSP, decided to SHRINK it with the Go, and Nintendo is making its DSi LL screen larger. I think both of them have warped priorities really: Sony shouldn’t go down and Nintendo should have been at the DSi size from the start.

        Anyway, both companies are just whoring out their handhelds now, but at least Sony made a radical change with the PSPGo. Nintendo looks absolutely idiotic to release a new DSi one year later with nothing but a larger screen. Please.

        • Maybe they’re looking at the different console models and think that they can do the same thing with handhelds?
          Personally, all the different console systems shy me away, but they do sell to more-or-less different/specific gamers (basic to top of the line).
          The Go and LL I see as slightly branching into different crowds that were interested in the previous models and trying to get a grip of a larger audience that look into particular aspects and features of past models. It would be interesting to see it become a trend in the future.

      • eliel

        i ‘didn’t say the GO sucks i said it suck it didn’t sell to well is all, and im afraid by the time i save up for a PSP 3000 the next psp integration would come out and want impulse buy it (PSP 2 maybe)….im very cheap/poor…

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