Cryptic Clues About Miyamoto’s Next Games

By Spencer . November 5, 2009 . 5:02pm

image Aside from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and a new Zelda game what else is the luminary game designer working on?


Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, says Shigeru Miyamoto “left significant hints…” about his upcoming projects during their investors Q&A session. Oh, well then let’s take a look at what Miyamoto said.


I strictly refrain from commenting on our future development. As for Nintendo DSi LL we have announced yesterday, we have found that a fair amount of DS owners are playing IN their home. Thus one of our ideas is an "in-house DS game play". Another idea is what I have been calling as a public space application. Currently we are focusing on DS as a game console that can be used outside of the home. Actually because Dragon Quest IX made Passing-By Connection much more popular, there has been an increase in people carrying around their DS, and we are trying to develop something unique around that factor. And, recently I have cats. That’s all!


To summarize:

  • A game that emphasizes “in-house DS game play”. Perhaps, a DSi XL game where the system sits on a table.
  • A portable game with a passive connectivity feature a la Dragon Quest IX or The World Ends With You.
  • Nintencats?


Very interested to see what kind of game Nintendo can make with passive networking. I like what Square Enix did with it for Dragon Quest IX. Treasure map sharing and visiting characters are neat ideas, even if they don’t work as well outside of cities.

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  • Aoshi00

    >>we have found that a fair amount of DS owners are playing IN their home.

    lol, that’s me.

    That cat pic is hilarious Spence, you need to review that game or something. Almost as funny as the “I frew up” lolcat. I know it’s horrible, but it just looks so funny, and kind of like animal abuse.

    • I read that game had only sold about a 100 copies at launch.
      Be the 101, Spencer!

      • Aoshi00

        Siliconera’s niche, but not that niche, lol.. no reviews on Amazon Jpn… now we’ve really put Spence up to it. 100 copies huh, I have a feeling this would be on fire sale on P-A in the near future.

        • Ugh, you bastard. I can’t believe I clicked on that pic…

          Btw, will reply to chain mails tonight! Running out right now. I’ about halfway through Adam’s mail. XD

          • Aoshi00

            At least it’s not animal porn haha.. you never saw “I frew up”? It’s priceless.. kitty so sad, yet makes me laugh every time. One of the best and worst lolcats. Take your time man, don’t worry about it.

  • Ereek

    All right, Sukeban Shacho Rena! I love how you put it on a Miyamoto article, simply because, well, look at Rena’s fate.I also play my DS at home, mostly.

  • Yeah, I’d say I play my DS inside more than outside of my house actually, I value my DSi very much…

  • Personally, I play the DS while watching hockey.

  • kupomogli

    I play the DS mainly at home as well.

  • Guest
  • Passive networking was also in Metroid Prime: Hunters. Leaving the game on outside meant anyone who did the same would get added to your “rivals” (sort of friends list) list, and you could find them online.

  • Saturnus

    My brain cannot comprehend Miyamoto’s final words…

    • Joanna

      he seems to be implying he gave birth to kittens, a kitten birthing game! D:
      lol. bad joke. sorry.

  • Joanna

    yeah like everyone else, I mostly play at home, but I do take the DS out with me once in awhile. Although I live in the suburbs so I doubt the passive connectivity would be very much helpful/interesting for me. I had to turn on my brother’s DS and go on and off mingle mode constantly in TWEWY just so I could get all the pins to evolve. T_____T

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