Aksys Explains Why Record of Agarest War Was Delayed

By Spencer . November 13, 2009 . 11:13am

image We’re getting the expanded Xbox 360 version, Record of Agarest War: Reappearance, too. When Compile Heart ported the game to the Xbox 360 they added cutscenes, a new dungeon, and different underwear.


Aksys’ downloadable PlayStation 3 release will include all of the made for Xbox 360 content plus trophies.


Owners of either console can start soul breeding – a system where you shack up with a heroine and procreate the next protagonist in spring 2010.

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  • nyoron

    Why oh why did they not announce this like two weeks ago? Would have stopped a lot of importing.

    Oh well spring is a long way off, I’ll enjoy the game for now. Maybe once the price drops sometime down the line I’ll pick up the 360 version for the extra goodies.

  • As a soon-to-be PS3 owner, I’m pissed it’s a PSN-only release.

    • Well we can just buy a pre paid card, i dont live in the US so is the only way T_T

  • Wait, is the physical version coming out on 360, or do you mean we’re just getting the “Extended” 360 version as the PSN download?

    • Both consoles will get the content of the “extended” version, but only the 360 version will be a physical disc. PS3 version is still PSN-only.

      • Yeah, this is correct. I checked with Aksys to be sure too. Agarest will be a downloadable PSN game and a retail Xbox 360 game.

        The PSN release will have all of the downloadable content.

        Neither game will be dubbed.

        • There’s a sh*tstorm brewing over on Aksys forums on this particular conundrum. The whole ‘no disc, no buy’ was one thing but now it’s compounded by the fact that the 360 owners get a physical disc while the PS3 owners do not.

          In reading, there is a supposed argument that people in the US are NOT getting a physical disc for the PS3 because of SCEA’s rule of ‘English dub track must be included’ in physical discs rule. Supposedly, this can be circumvented entirely if you make it digital distribution only.

          Is there any way to confirm this?

          • Look at Battle Fantasia. No dub, and:


            1.) Spencer hints that us not getting a PS3 retail release is not entirely Aksys’s fault.
            2.) One commenter later on claims to have asked an Aksys rep at AX why no PS3 release, and was told that SCEA wouldn’t approve the game.
            3.) Can you think of a US retail PS3 release without an English dub? Honest question; I don’t know of one.

            So not 100% confirmation…but probably around 99.9%.

          • Hm. Well, that’s one hell of a bad stink for SCEA then. A good question is why would they mandate something like that – an English dub requisite for a game to be released. That kinda sounds like what Canada’s doing for almost all their games, wanting a French option. But if the Wii can get Muramasa no problem in the states…I don’t really get why Sony has to be a bad egg here unless there’s money involved (likely).

            Maybe if there was enough sales of a product in digital distribution like this, they’d change their tune? The only thing I’d worry about is how the quality’s going to be once we’re down on this going live…and I’d also wonder if they’re re-porting the game from the 360 version to the PS3 instead of taking from the initial PS3 version of the game to save face for size.

          • eh, I wouldn’t call it a sh*tstorm, more of a rukus of a couple people trying to start something – for what reason, I don’t know, but it does bring to light of a supposed SCEA policy I understand just as much.

  • Holy….SHIT.

    That’s a definite morale booster but…how big is this game going to be now? Will it take forever to download?

    • nyobzoo

      well considering the size of the 360 disc. It’s no more then 8gb that’s for sure. My guess is 5-6gb

      • But see that conflicts with the size of the disc, supposedly, that was released for the PS3 in Europe. Supposedly there’s about 15 or 16 gigs of audio data.

        So I’m ASSUMING there’s going to be a lot of compression going on here…

        • nyobzoo

          IC, I’m sure it’ll be fine seeing as they compressed it into a DVD-9. well it better be a pretty small or else I can’t get this game anyways.

    • Remember this is a sprite games, i give it 2 gigs max

      • Cross Edge, made similarly, was a bit bigger than this by Compile Heart.


    And i dont think it would take too much to download, we are talking a bout a game based in sprites, i CANT WAIT FOR THIS

  • lordgeo

    Yay, now I can buy the game too! Great to see Aksys going for the 360 version as well.

  • Hraesvelgr

    I might actually pick this up now, though early 2010 is way too packed…

  • Trotmeister

    This announcement came just in time, I was about to place an order for EU version.

  • Ereek

    I don’t think there’s enough new content to make me double dip, but good news for those who haven’t imported yet.

    • Or for the US overall…

      Once again Europe is screwed… Now I wonder why I bought the PAL version if we are going to get less stuff as usual.

      Nice going Ghostlight. Now I have to try and work around getting this a second time or just biting the sore apple and endure it all.

      • Actualy is not Ghostlight fault, those extras werent meant to be on the ps3 version, so we are lucky, even if we get it late…
        Theres a bunch of extras as ive seen, more scenes and even dungeons, and everything above xD

        • I know. But still it makes me irritated.

          But then again. I wonder if the X0 version will have a CE edition? With extras like this European version did. In that case it´s well worth getting it again. Even though I could download the CG pretty easy.

          Oh well. Just my mind being irritated over small stuff again.

  • Any news on this coming to Europe too or the release for 360 being region free? I still haven’t bought a PS3 :$

    • Ereek

      You’d have to go to Ghostlight for that, since they were the ones who released the European PS3 version. Aksys is only doing the North American version.

      • Oh, I’m very VERY aware. That’s why I was asking if there was any news on this coming to Europe too or the release for 360 being region free.. :/

        • Well they may do it if they sell well the ps3 version in Europe, thats my guess

  • Very nice!
    I think I will have to get the PS3 version since I’m set to get a JPN 360 (…still. Someday).

  • endaround

    Would this be the first retail 360 release that isn’t localized with voice?

    • nyoron

      Off the top of my head, Oneechanbara was Japanese voice only. Same with Battle Fantasia. Can’t think of an RPG though.

  • zhemos

    Well I wanted to play this on my PS3, but I’m totally buying it for the xbox360. I’d much rather have a physical copy. Thanks Aksys you rule. ^^

  • Artavasdus

    I am happy to have imported Ghostlight’s Pal release, I will prefere a classy limited edition to a digital release any day. That said, I am happy that Aksys is bringing the X360 port to the west and will surely buy it.

  • Marcus70

    I think it’s funny Aksys now wants to add a Xbox 360 version. Maybe they had to do that to offset the sales lost to people already importing the EU version. Also, I wonder about pricing, will the PS3 version be $10-20 cheaper than the xbox 360 version? Its too bad people waiting for the PS3 digital version must wait another 4-6 months, while the EU version is already out.I’m still glad I’ve imported EU version because prefer to have a disc over a digital copy w/trophies. I’ve read that the EU version already has some enhancements over the Japanese version (i.e. different barttle grids) so I wonder really how much extra stuff is there? It already has a lot of content. l might buy the xbox 360 version when it hits the bargain bin.

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