Namco Bandai Countdown Says “That RPG Will Return”

By Spencer . November 16, 2009 . 1:20am


Namco Bandai’s latest countdown just got interesting. Before loading the remaining days text flashes and says “that RPG will return.” (Thanks for the comment tip, BK0000!)


Which RPG? We still have to wait five days, maybe less if Famitsu scans leak it, to find out.


There are plenty of Tales games and .hack://Link already has an official site and release date so we can rule out those series. Other than those Namco Bandai doesn’t have that many active RPG franchises. Could this be a new Xenosaga or Baten Kaitos game?

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  • Ahaha, Spencer…you’re setting yourself up for disappointment with all those XenoSaga hints. Don’t do it!

    On a serious note though…I think this could turn out to be that Tales of Concerto game that everyone initially thought was a .hack project for the DS.

    • You’re probably right! I should curb my anticipation now.

      I thought about Tail Concerto, but is it “that RPG” everyone is waiting to return? (Now to wait for a flood of readers telling me how they are anticipating it!)

      • Now to watch it be turn out to be something no one cares about. :P

        • Kuza21

          Yeah. If it isn’t Xenogears then I don’t care. :P

      • maxchain

        Wasn’t it mentioned exactly once with a single piece of art ages ago? Now you’ve got me wondering what happened to that.

      • Mazen

        Yes I wish this to be a PS3 Tail Concerto 2 a million times more than it being a new Xenosaga or Baten Kaitos but they are still very good games.

      • MisterNiwa

        Its XenoSaga, Spencer, i know it will be XenoSaga! Believe!

        I want it to be XenoSaga… ,__,

        • Goddamn it, you two.

          • UnleashTheCasey

            Then join the party, Ishaan!

            It’s XenoSaga! I KNOW IT!

          • doubleO7

            I’d like another Xenosaga.

            But isnt Monolith owned by Nintendo now?

  • malek86

    I expect this to be leaked about two days sooner. I guess the whole countdown system is just flawed.

    • maxchain

      The smart money’s on Famitsu. You’d think game companies get their copies half a week after everyone else, as often as that happens.

      • Ereek

        I’m guessing there will be a Famitsu leak in a day or two, as well. I will curb my anticipation, because the last few Bamco announcements haven’t been thrilling to me.

        Spencer, you’re making it hard, though, with all these mentions of Xenosaga.

      • malek86

        It’s probably a matter of money. Famitsu obviously wants to be able to give the info first, because it attracts readers. Maybe there’s some sort of deal between publishers and Famitsu, in that the publishers generate hype with countdown clocks, and Famitsu gets more readers by spilling the beans early.

  • Sword of Legendia anyone? I believe it was confirmed months ago to still be in development.


  • holyPaladin

    You sure this return not remake old game like they did with Tales?
    Although I love their remake =p

  • My money’s on Baten Kaitos, as far as returning games go. I want to believe it’d be Xenosaga, but I don’t dare get my hopes up about that.

  • Tales of Returnia… lolz.

    i voted Xenosaga for DS/PS3

  • Pichi

    I hope its a Namco IP game. The URL suggest its only Bandai Games and might not have anything to do with Namco’s IP. Still believe in Xenosaga, but won’t get hyped up.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Didn’t someone say that Monolith owns the IP for Xenosaga? And would anyone really WANT a Xenosaga game if Monolith wasn’t working on it?

    • Ereek

      Seconding this. I wouldn’t, not really. Without Monolith working on it, there’s no TT. With no TT, it’s not Xenosaga.

      Edit: Though, if Monolith is working on the game, I’m all for it.

  • naruto rpg 2

  • Gonna go way, waaay off on a limb and say Guadia Quest, the old school RPG from Retro Game Challenge.

  • as much as it is unprobable i to wish for xenosaga T__T

  • zhemos

    It’s gonna be a new tower of druaga game for the DS

  • neo_firenze

    Trusty Bell 2? Nope, it wouldn’t make sense from a storyline standpoint… but since when has that ever stopped RPGs before? It’s not that crazy to think they could make a game that isn’t a direct storyline sequel – perhaps this time you play as Beethoven, or Friedrich Nietzsche or something XD

    But yeah, to set our expectations properly we probably SHOULD be expecting something like Druaga DS.

  • cowcow

    Since BandaiNamco owns Banpresto couldnt it be Endless Frontier: Super Robot Taisen Original Generations 2 for DS?

  • epy

    My brain says its Baten Kaitos, my heart wants Xenosaga. I would be glad with another BK though,

  • Xeahnort

    Xenosaga compilation remastered for PS3 on a single B-R. Do it Namco.

  • Saturnus

    Baten Kaitos would be WONDERFUL. Am I the only one genuinely excited about the possibility? Imagine a PS3 remake of BK1 and the prequel…

    oh my god.

    Seriously, do want. Even if it’s a new installment, I LOVED both BK games, and another wouldn’t be so bad.

    • Aoshi00

      Me too, but speaking of Baiten Kaitos (both I’ve gotten very far but never finished), I’m quite pissed at the region formatted Gamecube memory cards, since I can’t transfer the save files to my Jpn Wii. I really want to play it w/ component cable w/o hooking up my GC and using the freeloader disc… what demented people would region lock memory cards…

  • badmoogle

    It’s Xenosaga!

  • Vanilla

    Xenosaga pleaaaaaaase. We just can’t beg for it enough.

  • Guest

    Xenosaga is not gonna happen and after playing the craptastic original I dont want anymore.

    Whatever it is I hope its multiplat on PS360 or Wii exclusive since only Wii exclusives benefit from being exclusive.

  • Aoshi00

    Dying for Xenosaga too. Give us KOS-MOS that is not in a cross over.

  • Kris

    I’m up for anything that makes it to the US!

  • kupomogli

    I honestly don’t care about anything Namco Bandai releases anymore.

    First off. There hasn’t been a good Gundam game outside of Japan since Gundam vs Zeta Gundam. Unless of course you import, which I’ve had to do, so that doesn’t count. Instead, Bandai releases Gundam Crossfire in the US on the PS3 which is one of the worst Gundam games I’ve ever played, and then the Dynasty Warrior Gundam games/Gundam Musou which don’t suck as bad but do suck, yet they were probably released over here by Koei anyways.

    Second. Anywhere outside of Japan may receive every fourth Tales of game. Tales of Vs is probably the most I’ve been excited about a Tales game coming out since Tales of Eternia on the PSX. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the other Tales games, but since that time, I’ve become a bit less of a fan due to the fact that most releases Namco hasn’t even given a second thought and all my Tales hype has died down on nearly every game because my thoughts are. “Yeah, we’re not going to get it.” However, Dissidia was huge, and even though it’s an extremely flawed game, terrible story, etc, it’s major win is the amount of fan service. Supposedly Namco Bandai was going to release it over here with the game trademarked, but it’s been this long and we’ve heard no word about it. I hate importing text heavy games, but unfortunately this is one that’s going to have to be imported thanks to Namco. ^_^

    I mean honestly. Before they were one company, Namco and Bandai were both notorious for keeping most of their non mainstream games in Japan. Now that they’re one company it seems they release EVEN LESS!

    Tales of the World Radiant Mythology,Tales of Vesperia, and Tales of Symphonia From the New World all sold about the same as Japan did(slightly more for Vesperia.) Tales of Symphonia for GC only sold more in the US than in Japan. Namco Bandai has to do nothing more than localize the games and most likely double their sales. But no. Just release the titles Japan only, screw all other fans of the series out of great games and yourself out of more money.

    I think Namco Bandai should just pull their resources out of NA and PAL territories if they’re never going to localize a good game in these areas.

  • New Trusty Bell?

  • Genjo

    today on the third day it starting show different pictures of the game what the came can be but i can say this those pictures are not xenosaga related so it’s MUST be some other game that’s tied in with those pics there showing now.

  • Good catch. That’s definitely not .hack. Pichi pointed out above that it’s a Bandai Games url, but it doesn’t look like a Gundam game either. Maybe it’s a remake of a Wonderswan RPG like Digimon for DS? “That RPG will return” sounds like some sort of revival to me.

    • P.S: NOW will you guys stop talking about XenoSaga? Sheesh. :P

  • Pichi

    Supposedly, Jump magazine has leaked it. They say its a Digimon game called “Digimon Stories: Lost Evolution” and its for the DS.

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