A Look At MangaGamer’s Localization Schedule

By Ishaan . December 6, 2009 . 7:19am


MangaGamer have a lot of projects on their hands. Higurashi, two Da Capo projects, KiraKira Curtain Call. They’re going to be rolling these out over the next year, so here’s a look at release dates and tentative release windows for their upcoming licenses. I’ve provided links to informative pages for the lesser known games for anyone that hasn’t heard of them and is interested in knowing more. Just to be safe, don’t click these links at work.


Soul Link – November 30

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (1-4) – December 15

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (5-8) – February 2010

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia – End of January 2010

Koihime Musou – End of February 2010

KiraKira Curtain Call (spin-off of the awesome KiraKira) – End of March 2010

Da Capo Innocent Finale – June 2010

Da Capo II – July 2010 (undecided as of yet)


MangaGamer will also be publishing adult titles from NEXTON next year but they have yet to confirm which ones. Hopefully, Moon is one of them.

  • keriaku

    Hopefully Higurashi actually gets released on the 15th, haven’t heard anything so I’m unsure.

    • Something to keep in mind is that all of these dates are tentative. They’re what MG are aiming for, but they aren’t locked down yet.

      • 311

        Im guessing the release for Soul Link will be the PC version? The PS2 version will get a BIG no on account that Sony here in the States wont allow it. Too Bad

        • Yea, these are all on PC and uncensored. MangaGamer are going the digital route.

          • Reikon

            Depends on your definition of uncensored. They remove the mosaics on most games (except Suika if I remember correctly), but in Soul Link, they’re removing HCGs that they think are inappropriate. So they have actual content censorship, but they remove the Japanese nudity censorship.

          • Aha. I didn’t know they were editing out CGs that they felt uncomfortable with. Thanks for the heads up!

          • Reikon

            I forgot to source my comment. http://mangagamer.wordpress.com/2009/12/04/removed-cgs/ discusses the removed CGs. One problem I have is that Nanami isn’t even that loli. Ojou in Suika and Sakura in Da Capo seem much more loli to me.

            But on the bright side, the translator for Soul Link seems to be a native English speaker.

  • maxchain

    Koihime Musou, huh? The anime has piqued my curiosity in the source material!

  • Guest

    Koihime Musou Ive been waiting for this for a long time. God I cannot wait

  • tsukasa1288

    Despite this company’s horribly uncreative name, I approve of there choices of games to localize. Definitely plan to play Higurashi and Koihime.

  • doesnt moon already looks kinda old o.o?

  • To this point I only have two problems with Mangagamer.com

    1: Download editions only. Which means a file that is downloaded and I would really like these games as a disc.

    2: The pricing. It costs a lot to get these titles. I won´t complain though, it could be worse. But still, for a download only it´s a bit high.

    Need to start overlooking my funds so that I can try and find some games out of these that I can get. Would love to get Da Capo 2.

    • IIRC, I think these issues were addressed by them at their panel while they were at Anime Expo ’09. I believe a transcript of the event is linked at MangaGamer’s forum. For now, I’m okay with these issues. I heard they were “in the red” before last summer so I understand the cost issue (those demos must have helped).It would be nice to see them expand to a wider audience like Jast and others did/does with their VN games.

      • I took a quick look at their forums and was amazed at what I saw there. MG is going to start removing all characters that appear to be a loli in their comming games.

        But this is not the place to discuss things like that. But it´s sad.

        • Wow. Oh, no, this is definitely interesting. Sad to see so many straw-man arguments in one thread, but skimming the “Soul Link” one, this was based on the wishes of the original team? Is that right or at least was there an officail statement explaining why?After the hubbub after that one old PC game that a group just discovered last summer, and seeing some sites blocking out IPs that weren’t located in Japan, I’m not too surprised and can see the smart use of caution, but I wonder why all of sudden? Jast just slaps a “all characters are over 18!” sticker and call it a day (though, Yume Miru Kusuri is painfully obvious they went to the maximum reach with that!).Well, I go for the older types, anyway :P

          • The main reason is that a group wanted Japan to ban everything related to loli. They didn´t listen :p

            But for some odd reason this whole “ban loli”, “loli is pedophile” spread like a fire in dry grass and a lot of countries does not want anything to do with anything that shows a girl looking younger than she is.

            I´ll send you all over to http://oniichannoecchi.com (VERY NSFW) where the author digiwombat talks about this in some posts and podcasts and it´s well worth listening to them and reading his posts.

            And it´s more written out on that page than I can write down.

          • Thanks, I’ll check it out and pass it around.

            Lolis really have been living up to the “jailbait” title, lately! Remember that case with the man in, I believe, in Iowa that is possibly looking in about a 20 year prison sentence when the post office saw that he was receiving an “obscene” manga?
            The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and a couple big comic icons were even backing him up, but he still plead guilty!

            Anyway, it’s a complicated issue and it’s getting only more complicated with actions like this.

          • @matty

            The fun part is they aren´t even real… which people seem to forget.

            yes, I remember that case. It is spoken about on the page which I linked to in the previous comment.

            If I had my say, I´d guess and say that it was the start point. They found one person that they could get to plead guilty and thus it grew in strength. Had he pleaded not guilty we would have had a whole different view on everything.

            But it´s a bit hard to discuss here with limited amount of answers and such :(

            It is interesting to discuss though. Both facts and what could have been.

  • Very nice! Apparently, Curtain Call (you already finished the first one, Ishaan?) has been in the works for a while, as with Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia, but these updates are useful as opposed to seeing “12%” jabber.

    I haven’t heard much about Moon, but I keep running into it.
    Well, they have a full year ahead of them. Hopefully, if/when they come back with AX we’ll hear and see some more (and hopefully bring Shinji Katakura back). While that stomps on the rumor that there were going to pick up Saya no Uta, seeing them with NEXTON gives me hope that they’re looking into titles years and years back. Isaku would probably be the perfect title for them to release.
    First, we’ll see how the editing goes with these games first.

    • Saya no Uta has been picked up by JAST USA, I believe. And no, haven’t finished KiraKira yet. :(

      I’m waiting for the year to end so I can make some time for both that and Cross Channel. (CC taking priority a little since I have to write up a playtest for it)

  • meganeshounen

    Da Capo II and IF, huh.

    Makes me wonder if they might pick up the Shuffle spinoff sequels like Really?Really! and Tick!Tack!.

  • >.> How about some localization of some 3D games? Im all for these 2D Visual Novels but what about the other stuff?

  • Xien12

    They seem to pick the average, bad, terribad, and the cult-hit games. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I can name several that will probably never see the light of day in English.

  • TyeTheCzar

    Judging from the impressions of MG’s translation job, I’d say that I’ll skip their versions.

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