Square Enix Gives Europe Vagrant Story For Christmas

By Spencer . December 17, 2009 . 12:04pm


PAL territories can get Vagrant Story off PSN on December 22nd for €5.99 ($8.75). A release date for North America has not been announced.


Vagrant Story tells the story of Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker chasing Sydney Losstarot in the monster filled city of Leá Monde. The game is an action RPG with a unique “risk” meter. When Ashley attacks the risk meter goes up, which gives Ashley a higher chance to deal critical hits and makes him more vulnerable to damage.

Vagrant Story isn’t quite Final Fantasy XIII, but if you’re craving an engrossing RPG this should do the trick.

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  • umm actually we are getting the game next week. Destructoid has it.

    EDIT: woops my bad it was for EU.

  • Saturnus

    What is with that dude’s hair?

  • Hraesvelgr

    Whether Vagrant Story is of Final Fantasy (general) quality is highly debatable. Back in the days of the PSX, I enjoyed games like this, Front Mission 3 and the SaGa Frontier games over Square’s Final Fantasy releases. But then, I am sort of one of those “FF has sucked since after VI” types of people.

    • cowcow

      I hate those type of people

  • badmoogle

    It would have been great if SE would release through the EU/NA PSN some other PS classics that never made it to Europe like Chrono Cross,Xenogears and Parasite Eve.
    Yeah,i can dream.:(

    • cepp

      Man, that’d be awesome.

  • MisterNiwa

    YAY! Christmas cant get better!

    Final Fantasy XIII
    Pirates Of The Caribean x Little Big Planet
    Vagrant Story
    and other stuff i cant wait for to get to christmas. :D

  • So as someone who’s never played this, how does the game hold up in 2009?

    • epy

      If you’re one of the dudes that started gaming with the PS2 era and above, you’ll probably be too stuck on the graphics to enjoy it.Vagrant Story is one of my all time favorites, with an awesome story, characters and music. The battle system is complex, will confuse button mashers (like a certain dude in a certain podcast), and takes some time to get used to but once you get a hang of it, not only will you have a blast, but you’ll be decimating all the enemies you thought were impossible to beat before.All in all, I highly recommend it. Heck, it’s one of the rare times I agree with Famitsu awarding a perfect score to a game.

    • Aoshi00

      I’ve been gaming since NES.. and Vagrant Story just isn’t my cup of tea. Bought it during the PSX days and couldn’t get very far.. I figured I would give it a 2nd chance, thinking I might like it since I’m all grown up now, and bought it on Jpn PSN for 600 yen.. again regret spending that, just couldn’t get into it at all.. I dunno, the whole game takes palce in an underground dungeon, you go from room to room to room (very simplistic polgyons by now), and it stresses heavily on weapon customization, they would break if you continue using one and not repair it.. I like Matsuno’s music and fantasy setting, but this just isn’t my type of game, I suggest watching some gameplay footage from youtube if they’re available.

      Maybe I just don’t know how to play the game, those ghosts and bosses are so hard..

      • badmoogle

        Sounds a lot like an early version of Demon’s Souls but with more story.
        Definitely looking forward for this.:)

  • One of my top games of all time. Enjoy it, Europe. I know I’ll double-dip to have it available portably. Since Remote Play seems to hate any internet not my own.

  • why …. 6 euros it is a fair price , ill get it ^^ , since the copy i have is not mine XD, now i cat finaly return it ! plus playing on psp ftw!But still SE you could do better! like releasing all your PS1 games XD and im not only talking about FF !

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