Next Year, 5pb Will Release A Horror Game

By Spencer . December 31, 2009 . 10:50am

image5pb, the publisher behind Ketsui (eventually) and visual novels like Steins;Gate, are developing a horror adventure game called Corpse Party: Blood Covered… Repeated Fear.


And by “developed” we mean doijin remake port. Corpse Party, the original game, was made with RPG Maker and distributed for PCs. Corpse Party got a remake (pictured), a Blood Covered subtitle, and wider release in 2009 thanks to Team GrisGris.


5pb picked up the rights to Corpse Party and announced Corpse Party: Blood Covered… Repeated Fear. The teaser site doesn’t have much information on this version. We’re not even sure what console(s) Corpse Party: Blood Covered… Repeated Fear is being made for. 5pb usually releases Xbox 360 and PSP games, though.


Corpse Party follows a group of high school kids trapped in a haunted elementary school where grisly murders took place years ago. Blood Party was released in episodes which have multiple endings.

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  • Corpse Party? I love that name… for whatever strange reason.
    Anyway, the part that surprised me was “made with RPG Maker.” I can’t work with the program to save my life, but it’s cool that a retail game was originally made with it.

    • Hraesvelgr

      There are a good amount of pretty good RPG Maker games that dedicated fans have made. I don’t know if I’d pay money for them, but some of them are actually worth playing and bend the code a bit to create unique battle systems.

  • Ooh neat. I’d buy it for sure if it was in English. Preferably for XBLA!

  • Hraesvelgr

    I think I’d buy this just for the name alone. Brilliant in a humorous sort of way.

  • Aoshi00

    So it’s dojin, no wonder the art looks too amateurish for my taste at first glance.. looks like an indie game instead of XBLA title. Speaking of which, got to check out what last title for the countdown sale tonight, grabbed Castle Crusher for cheap last night.

  • Kris

    The name reminds me of Monster Party, I thought that game was terrifying when I was a kid.

  • I love plots like these! Actually, it reminds me of on PC game called Isaku, although seeing how this is an elementary school I’d hope the craziness is limited here…

    It also reminds me of that movie from the 80s where these kids are in this building and they have to escape by dawn or something. My dad said it was based on Dungeons & Dragons (the game, not the film starring Marlon Wayans, good golly…), but I don’t believe it was Mazes & Monsters, either. I mean, it can’t be – I don’t recall seeing Tom Hanks in this…
    The kids were being killed off one by one and I think it had something to do with a computer. There was also this really cute girl that looked like the one from Gremlins! Aaah… or maybe he said it reminded him of Heroes of the Lance.

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