iPhone Game From Mistwalker Coming Soon

By Spencer . January 3, 2010 . 2:13am

imageMistwalker’s blockbuster project is set to launch this year, which we hope isn’t simply Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow for North America.


In addition to the mysterious Mistwalker game that Sakaguchi is putting his heart and soul into, there’s an iPhone game. The Happy New Year greeting over at the Mistwalker blog mentions the iPhone project, but doesn’t reveal it. Should be coming out “soon” so start getting excited, maybe, for Blue Dragon Pocket or Lost Odyssey Touch.

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  • Pesmerga00

    Heh, I love Sakaguchi’s blog. He seems like a pretty cool guy. His writing style is pretty unique, almost poetic at times. Is the original blog in Japanese the same way? Perhaps the result of a translator program he uses? Maybe he is fluent in English and simply writes the translations as well? Sorry for the barrage of questions. I’ve just been wondering for a while. :)I hope his blockbuster is a console RPG (most likely will be) on either PS3 or Xbox360. Console Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon sequels would be great. Loved them both, but LO comes out on top for me (the dreams were amazing). I’m also one of the few who thoroughly enjoyed Blue Dragon. I was surprised at the amount of negativity that the game got. I think it accomplished what it set out to do quite well. I simply went in with the expectations of a simple old school RPG with a new coat of paint. I was pleasantly surprised. Loved the exploration, and music. My favorite area was the underground hospital, great atmosphere.Something I found interesting though, he just bought a PS3 last October. Said it was at the office. Perhaps a sign of a future PS3 game? Maybe I’m reading to much into it?
    I don’t have an Iphone, so that game is off my radar. I do see him making more however. If you have been following his blog he has been praising his new Mac quite frequently as of late.

    • Aoshi00

      I assume that’s his own writing in English since he’s been at Honolulu for so long and he does speak it. Totally agreed, I don’t want cheap handheld spinoffs anymore, console sequel to either Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey would be much appreciated. Both games were old school traditional turn based RPGs which is almost extinct now, and LO had such a touching story. I liked BD too, but somehow I was expecting a more epics story like Chrono Trigger when they were hyping the game w/ the cool trailers (Shu on a ship diving into millions of robots), so in that regard I was a bit disappointed.I’m about 20 hrs into FF XIII, the gameplay is totally awesome (I thought it was turn based, but it’s more like the non-stop real time X-2). I hate to say it, IMHO the story so far has been a little lackluster. The characters don’t seem as human as Lost Odyssey’s, like Kaim, Seth, Jansen, Ming, Cooke, and Mack, likable and endearing whom you grow to like right away, like the older FFs, straightforward and not pretentious. Not to mention the awesome villain Gongora. Maybe the story is just filled w/ so many convoluted new terms, even has a dictionary/encyclopedia/summary like Xenosaga, but I don’t want to “read” about the story and want to be be immersed in it.. I guess another way to say it is the world isn’t entirely fleshed out.. Their adventure or escapade didn’t suck me in like FFX. I’m not going to say more to avoid spoilers though.. Just proves that the Gooch is sorely missed in the FF series.

      • I admit, I’m not feeling it as much as the older Final Fantasy games either. The characters seem too… cookie cutter.

        Perhaps, the storyline appeals to a different demographic. Square Enix seems to be aiming FFXIII at teens so they opportunity for a storyline with broader, less marketable themes, wasn’t in their plans.

        • Aoshi00

          It’s a pity too since Nomura’s char design do look interesting. The story or chars just lack a certain something that makes you care about them too much, and the urgency of their adventure should make you care. I remember I was genuinely worried about Yuna and Tidus and wanted to find out what lied ahead of their fate.. I’m not sure if this even works as a teen drama, the emotion is there, but it seems to lack “heart”. I thought they never explored the characters in XII while there was a lot of potential, while their personalities here are just so thin, even though their motivation are supposed to be “personal”. To be fair, Kaim and Seth’s 1000-yr history weren’t very fleshed out in the main game either, but the novella really helped adding another layer to the story and kind of “cheated”. I think what’s the hardest for me to grasp is the concept of the world of Cocoon and Gran Pulse, they didn’t seem very concrete, at least not in the beginning. I definitely attribute this to the “lack of towns” where you can’t run around and explore and talk to the locals.. The story got a bit better later on w/ some plot twists, I hope I would change my opinion after I finish the games.The battles are crazy though, did you have a tough time w/ the boss (avoiding spoilers) before Fang getting her Bahamut? That took me over 10 tries and over 2 hrs…Again to avoid spoilers, one particular person’s voice really bugs me, Sazh’s XXX, what is the deal w/ that!?

          • I actually put FFXIII down to play Crystal Bearers when Square Enix sent that over. I’m just getting back into it now so I didn’t get up there yet. :(

            But, in general FFXIII has been harder than say other FFs since it seems like one optima dominates the battle over others.

          • Aoshi00

            I haven’t opened my Crystal Bearers yet! Is your copy’s cover kind of blurry and out of focus like a bootleg? I thought it looks strange, but it was shipped from Amazon..Yeah, you could die in a normal battle in FFXIII if you’re not careful, good thing they’re lenient w/ game overs you can retry right away, it would suck if they make you start from the last save point even though they’re pretty abundant. The boss fights do get challenging later on and you definitely need to set up the right optimas before battle and switch multiple times depending on the situation, at least it’s more intuitive than say Last Remnant for me. I’m on Chap 11 now, I think they’re 13 in total if I’m not mistaken, but I am still 30 hrs in and haven’t gone further yet. You’ll finish it before the US version comes out in March right :)? I’m not saying anymore to spoil anything, but XIII isn’t really what I expected in terms of combat and storytelling, for better or worse.

      • Pesmerga00

        Unfortunately, I have been hearing much the same things about FFXIII.

        The general consensus among people whose opinions I trust is that while it’s a good game; great even, it just seems to lack a certain “something”. Some mention the decrease in towns, or more accurately explorable safe towns. I have heard that there’s not much to do aside from the main quest besides Gran Pulse. Also less mini-games, few NPCs, and robotic AI. However I think the infamous “it’s just one big tunnel” is overblown and doesn’t bother me.

        While I haven’t played it yet, to me it seems that without the aforementioned, the world just seems less “alive”. You don’t get to see what random villager A does with his time. Find out that “hey the headmaster plays cards too”. Or that “gee that poor soldier back there actually has a family in this town.” Some people see this stuff as fluff, but to me it’s what helps me to become immersed in the world.

        I still can’t wait to play it , but I’ll just have to go in with more reasonable expectations.

        • Aoshi00

          I’m at almost 30 hrs and just got to Gran Pulse. I was actually worried about the lack of towns ever since I heard it, then I played it it’s true there’s hardly any and I really missed them. You’re right, it’s the little things that make a difference, like NPCs that populate the world and give you tidbits that flesh out the background in the game. I remember FFX started w/ Zanarkand, then at the Besaid beach and you get to see the locals being crazy about the blitzball culture in Spira, then you go to Kilika and Luca and it’s the same thing (like soccer in the real world), the world felt “alive”. FFXII also, but the open world was a tad too huge and MMO-ish for me, and it mostly had a couple of huge towns and scattered caravans. I totally loved X even though it was linear for the most part, but now that I’ve heard about “the path being straight”, it’s on my mind and I do agree w/ it once I played the game, you really don’t get to go anywhere else other than the main path, at least now until almost end game. So even though everything about the game looks jaw-dropping, you just can’t “feel” how grand it is.. It’s definitely a good game though, I can’t wait for the Eng. ver too to hear the Eng. voice acting.

  • Hraesvelgr

    I don’t even own an iPhone, so this is pretty disappointing. Unless it’s related to Blue Dragon, then I don’t care. Otherwise, give me a good, new 360/PS3 game instead, please!

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