More Pac-Man Kart Racing?

By Spencer . January 19, 2010 . 3:40pm

imageSeems that way. Namco Bandai filed trademarks for Pac-Man Kart Rally and Pac-Man Rally Kart in Japan. You know, just in case they flip the game’s subtitle at the last minute.


If Pac-Man Kart Rally materializes it will be the first all Pac-Man kart game for Japan. Namco Bandai hired Smart Bomb Interactive to make Pac-Man World Rally in 2006, but that game was only released in the West.


Namco Bandai has some in-house experience making mascot racing games too. They co-developed Mario Kart Arcade GP with Nintendo, which has cameo Namco characters like Blinky, Mametchi (a Tamagotchi), Ms. Pac-Man, and of course Pac-Man.



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  • Two Kart posts in a row… you’re on a roll! (or is that a skid?)

    • Code

      rar~It does feel like Siliconera is drifting from it’s usual topicss, doesn’t it?

      • Not what I was implying at all — just jumped at the chance for a terrible pun.

        • Code was making a pun, too, with “drifting”.
          Come on, denpa, you started it so you AUTO know that!

  • JeremyR

    I don’t think they do enough with Mr. Pac. He’s one of the most recognized mascots in gaming, yet he rarely appears in anything, really.

    • Have you ever played Pac-Land? One of my all-time favourites. Played that bad boy on my Turbo for countless hours!

    • There’s so much you can do before you just wear the little guy out till he turns ‘blue’.
      Pac-Man Championship Edition was beautiful and that was the right track for him to make a comeback.

      Looking at Pac Man World Rally…whoa! I had no idea The Prince from Katamari was in this game, let alone this game’s existent. If this new Pac Rally game comes out a little more polished I’ll give it a spin.
      By the way, wasn’t there another Pac-Man game in the works or was that canned, or maybe it was this?

      • JeremyR

        I dunno, they could take a page from Mario and Nintendo. He gets used a lot, no one seems to tire of him.

        Pac-Man Golf (this would fill a big void on the DS, for instance, since AFAIK, there’s no Mario Golf)

        Pac-Man Fever – a Rhythm game based on the classic song. Or something. There’s a famous saying about electronic music inspired by pac-man.

        Pac Theft Auto – See the Simpsons Hit and Run

        Pac Man Party – Mini games.

        Maybe some sort of fitness game (use Ms. Pac-Man)

        I don’t mean they should go really crazy, like Ubisoft and stuff ending with a Z. But it would be a great brand to use for more mainstream/casual stuff.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    … why? Just… simply, why? Pac-Man should not move out of his classic maze-levels. Just my opinion.

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