Release Windows For Koihime Musou and Cosplay Alien Confirmed

By Ishaan . January 22, 2010 . 12:35pm


Recently, MangaGamer confirmed release windows for two of their upcoming licenses in 2010. The first is Cosplay Alien, which sounds so ridiculous, I’m just going to copy and paste from the press release:


The main character and his friends are attending their class in a quiet academy like normal students when a UFO suddenly passes overhead. The whole academy begins to panic and a beautiful, female alien appears from the UFO. She claims she traversed vast reaches of space in order to tie the knot with Yuusaku. Meanwhile, Yuusaku is utterly confused. As she tries to press him into marriage, she uncovers his secret stash of porn and begins using knowledge of cosplay from that in order to seduce him.


The other heroine, his childhood friend, joins in the fuss over Yuusaku caused by the alien’s mother, friend, rival, and even space pirates. On top of all this, secret agents from another country begin targeting the Aliens’ advanced technology…


So uhh…yeah. Cosplay Alien. Releasing Feb 20 for 19.95 Euros. The second game is Koihime Musou, yet another videogame spin on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.


Like Sakura Wars, the game is divided into visual novel segments and battle segments, with the latter playing out like a strategy game. Koihime Musou is scheduled for April 2010, with no finalized date or price announced yet.


[Ishaan’s note: Keep in mind the press release only mentions support for the 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista. I’d recommend inquiring about support before you buy, if you use Windows 7.]

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  • Reikon

    So another potential excuse for not covering Jast games has been shattered, i.e. their recent releases are just about sex and not significant.

    So what now?

    • Never even heard of Jast before.

      • Reikon

        See, look at what you’re doing to your readers. They don’t know about the existence of the biggest English visual novel producer.

        How much more do you want to make it look like you’re being paid off by MG? Or at the very least extremely biased fanboys of them.

        • There are lots of games not covered at this site, and there are games covered here that a lot of other sites don’t cover.

          Get it?

          • Reikon

            No, you don’t get it. It’s not that they’re not covering a certain game, they’re not covering an entire company that holds the majority of its market.

            Again, like my previous example, it’d be like them not covering anything Nintendo related for their game coverage.

          • Okay. And?

      • They’re another VN publishing company. I only played about three of the game they released; The Saraga Family, Do You Like […] Bunnies 2?, and Yume Miru Kusuri. The former two are adult romps and the latter with a little more solid story. I have mixed feelings about YMK, the story was alright, but the character’s personalities felt so forced and one dimensional, if that makes any sense. Aeka came off to me as the definitive “moe-blob”, but most people seem to love that route. Kyoka/Antoinette (the bully) was the only character I liked, so go figure.

        I never had chance to play it, but I heard good things about Kana: Little Sister. It seems more story and character oriented.

    • I don’t recall us ever using that “excuse.” As you will recall, the last time you brought this up, I cited a lack of staff as the primary reason for not expanding out to include more publishers just yet.

      • Reikon

        Hence the word “potential.” Someone else used that excuse to defend the lack of coverage before, but I never implied you used it.

        It takes several minutes to make a post if you base it off a press release/website announcement. I don’t see how you’d need more staff.

        • I don’t know what your trip is. It seems like you’re the one doing PR work.Here’s an idea: when I didn’t see news covered and I wanted to share, I started up my own blog: very “professional”, but there’s a small readership that took interest. That’s how you get the word out.See how easy that was, homie?

          • Kris

            Haha! I thought that was you! I’m following your blog now.

          • Reikon

            I don’t know how you can be any more wrong. I’m trying to make Siliconera’s reporting more fair. I have no goodwill toward Jast. I have no interest in advertising for them. I criticize them all the time. Hell, I worked for MG at one point.

            Making your own blog has nothing to do with what I’m arguing about, not to mention I already have a website.

            I’m not even going to bother arguing with you anymore since I’m not getting any sensible arguments.

          • That’s too bad, man. Well, keep shouting at the rain.

          • As I’ve stated before, when time allows it, we will expand to include more publishers and games. It’s not a question of slapping together a post in five minutes. We want to do this right. Once we start covering a publisher, we want to give them continued coverage, which time won’t allow just the two of us to do right now.

          • Ishaan said it perfectly. It’s about quality, not quantity. Plus, visual novels are still a very, very niche genre outside of Japan, and gamers are only starting to see and develop an interest in the game. As visual novels start to gain more popularity and acceptance, there’ll likely be more coverage of the games and publishers.

            I’ve done some occasional coverage of visual novel games for Siliconera before, and, from what stories I’ve read from Ishaan, Spencer and my own experience, we’ve been covering titles that are more familiar and well known first, to perhaps peak readers interested in VNs that already have a following and are known for their quality. And, as Ishaan said, we’ll eventually and gradually expand.

          • Reikon

            Again, your time justification doesn’t hold up. There’s maybe one or two news items per month. That’s what, 30 minutes of work? One minute average per day.

            The argument of covering only well known games doesn’t hold up. There are VNs covered here that aren’t really well known outside of the regular community.

          • Ohhh :D i like etrian odessy’s art , the cd looks nice xD

  • So, are the battles sprit based? i cant seem to find any battle screenshots anywhere

    • Moriken

      Woah you are right…I can’t even find anything on the battle system on the official japanese homepage o_OAlthough I managed to procure one(!) screenshot by entering 恋姫†無双 戦闘into google picture search…well…try it out, if you like. It should be the first result or so. Battle systems of Koihime and Shin Koihime should be the same btw, but it’s the same picture problem for the successor.

      Edit: it should be obvious due to the nature of the game, but beware that such a search might give NSFW results ^^;

      • Lol thanks, dont worry :P, woho, the battles remind me of sengoku rance V =O, though to a larger scale O-o, looks interesting though, i like when this kind of games have a good battle system like sengoku rance

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