Record of Agarest War Naughty Edition Revealed, Includes Pillowcase And Squishy Mousepad

By Spencer . January 26, 2010 . 11:55am


Aksys announced a limited edition of Record of Agarest War appropriately named “the really naughty limited edition.”


This collectors item includes Record of Agarest War, a soundtrack CD, 26” x 20” pillowcase of Ellis, and a “sensual” Vira-Lor mouse pad packaged in a Naughty Collector’s box. All of this can be yours for $59.99, but it’s for Xbox 360 owners only. Record of Agarest War will only be available on PlayStation 3 as a downloadable game just like Battle Fantasia.


Another interesting bit of Record of Agarest War news is the ESRB rating. See the “T” for teen sticker? Can’t wait to see how the ESRB justified that.

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  • nyobzoo

    so why can this game be on Disc for 360 but not for PS3?

    • endaround

      Almost certainly due to Sony’s approval.

      • JeremyR

        I doubt that, the PS2 had “Playboy the Mansion”, which featured actual (well, cartoon) nudity. Heck, so does God of War, and apparently the upcoming GoW knockoff Dante’s Inferno.

    • Who knows? the more strong rumor ive heard about this, is because sony doesnt wants phisical game releases without english voices tracks, and with only japanese.
      But there may be some economic, trademark or whatever thing, we will never know

      • kupomogli

        *looks at his Yakuza 3 preorder.*You better be disc format or you’ll be cancelled. I think the real reason it’ll be download only is because the size of the PS3 hard drive pretty much anyone can buy it and play it. Not very many gamers have a large 360 hard drive. I think this move is on Aksys’ part and Aksys alone. Save money by not having packaging on the PS3 version and keep packaging on the 360 version solely to gain more sales due to limitations to the base system not having a large hard drive.

        • thebanditking

          Yakuza is a disc release, I already confirmed this with Sega.Also this has nothing to do with HDD space as MS freely added both optional installs of all games and full downloadable 360 games despite that most of their user base only has a lousy 12GB HDD (the 20GB after formatting). Sony’s approval process is very strict and hard on 2D games for their main console(s). This was true when PS2 was their main focus and thus is the same for PS3 now. I also think it depends on the publisher, Aksys is not Atlus or NIS America, nor are they Sega. Last I read part of their approval porcess dictated that games must be fully translated and feature english voice overs, which would explain why Cross Edge/Disgaea 3 got a disc release and Battle Fantasia and this wont. Though that would not explain Yakuza 3, but I think Sony is making an exception for Sega (like they did for Yakuza 2) due to the high quality of the Yakuza series and the fans requests. Not to mention keeping a good working relationship with Sega.

    • Because the people at Aksys are 360 fanboys, and hate the PS3.

      • masuto

        I thought it was because Sony would only release games in disc if it was dubbed in english.

  • nyoron

    Ahahahaha, awesome.I’ve always wanted one of those boob mousepads and this might be a good excuse.

    • That’s a mousepad? I thought it was just a wrist rest so you didn’t get carpel tunnel from too much wanking.

      • nyoron

        It can be both!

    • Aoshi00

      I tried the demo a long time ago, I’m not sure if I liked this game… but this is some major LE, and I wish to use that as my first booby mousepad as well lol. Physical media FTW, how much more tangible can you get than a pillow case! Nice box art and disc art too, wonder how it compares to the Jpn ver, usually Jpn game discs are really plain and lame..

  • Ereek

    How much is the “standard” PS3 edition?

    • I don’t think pricing for the PSN release has been announced yet. Battle Fantasia was $19.99 right? Probably around there, maybe $29.99 at the most.

  • Kris

    Um, wow.

  • Wow, they actually did the pillow thing.


    They also used the European box art. Nice.

    • Yes they did, and I’m shocked! I wonder if this will be imported by fans in Japan.

    • Vino (Tim N)

      The pillow case isn’t naughty. I’ve seen far more perverted pillow cases then this.

      • Believe me, I know ’cause I have one!
        As for being a bonus item for a game, that’s not a bad pillow case.

  • Dark_Sage

    No question about it. I’m preordering this as soon as possible.

  • Nekobo

    Wow, that’s a lot of um…value…for $59.99.

    That box is freaking hilarious

  • Equus

    It’s entertaining, but I actually like the liked the stuff that came with the EU version more. I’ll probably still buy the US version for one of the consoles, just because I want to support it.

  • As soon as this shows up on Amazon, I am pre-ordering this!Is there a release date for this yet?Also, only T?! If they got a T, then they need to throw in some more ecchi :p

    • It’s like April-ish, late April-ish.

  • leeorv

    Battle Fantasia and record of agarest war both got Blu-Ray retail editions on PS3 as well, but only in Europe. their both PSN only titles in the US.

    and ironically, they both have (or will have) Retail-class trophies based off of the X360 achievements, but these are only available in the US version.

  • I have no interest whatsoever in this game, but that is amazing. A++ Aksys.

  • isijsm

    Wow, that’s some misleading marketing :I understand that this makes sense in order to gather attention from the media, but I wouldn’t like to see the face of the otaku who buy the game expecting an eroge and finds himself playing a 70-hours-long tactical jrpg with a serious plot and a rather limited amount of innuendo and allusive CGs compared to the other parts of the game.Having finished the Pal version I think the game doesn’t deserve to be treated as a silly sausage-fest: it may be a low budget game with an high degree of fanservice, but it sports a nice battle system, a decent setting and plot and some interesting choices, not to mention the generations system.I think Ghostlight’s Ps3 Limited was far more appropriate for the true contents of the game, and I hope Aksys’s script editing doesn’t betray the original, since the Ghostlight translation was rather loyal even with its many errors and quality issues.

  • Wasn’t there some talk about some Limited Edition for the PS3 after the digital release too? I somehow seem to remember something along those lines..

    • Yes, but they still havent announced anything about it, ive been checking everyday and im sure siliconera will update as soon as something is up :P

    • There won’t be a limited edition for PS3 since it’s digital only. We mentioned there might be a limited edition and this is it. Sorry :(

  • A T rating? Didn’t see that coming. So Persona 4 can get rated M, but this gets a T. I’m confused.

    • Ereek

      The game isn’t nearly as bad as it is marketed to be. Sure, there are a few CGs that are rather “naughty,” but overall it’s actually quite tame, just squirming with innuendo. Think Ar tonelico. I thought we had covered this before. A few times, in fact.

      • Seconded, the game is barely about naughty stuff, as i heard it haves a pretty interesting story, but well aksys is using these naughty things as a marketing strategy… and as i can see, is working xD

        • StealthKnight

          That’s nice too know but I have a bad feeling that this game may get media attention just for mild naughtiness. Still the parents expression on their faces when they hear the innuendo’s from the game would be funny to see.

  • Slashlen

    I think I’m gonna cry…

    Best LE ever.

  • no PS3 LE, no sale.

    here’s my money, ghostlight.

    • We may get exclusive digital stuff, dont lose hope!, even if is not the same as all this pretty cool things, the game is what counts at the end (better tanslation), and we still dont know what aksys could do to surprise us ps3 users

      • “exclusive digital stuff”

        dude, I just ate. you want me to throw up all over my keyboard now?

    • Hraesvelgr

      No 360?

  • Haha, this is the best thing ever. Between Blue Dragon and this I’m a happy new 360 owner. It’s still lame there’s no PS3 equivalent, though.

  • cj_iwakura

    Oh my god. It’s really called that.

    Aksys, you silly, lovable lunatics.

  • ok…

    Now I kinda want this Limited edition as well. Even though I have the PAL Limited Edition :p

    I need some new pillow case and my mousepad is starting to get a bit soggy so… why not. It´s a great price after all.

    I just hope my ordinary place has this soon.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I’ll be in Japan when this comes out D: I guess I’ll pre-order it through amazon so it still arrives here.

  • Will this be availible at retailers like Gamestop or is it like NIS’ stuff and online only?

    • At the main site, they updated the article with a link to order from Amazon and a note saying a GameStop link will fallow.

      I’ve seen just about all of the games they’ve released to date at GameStop, so I would assume they would make this available there, too.

  • maxchain

    C-can’t they do all of those things for the PS3 version and slip a download code in the box to replace the disc like PSP games do now and then?


    • Hraesvelgr

      Huh, I’ve never heard of that. What PSP games are like that?

      • maxchain

        Patapon 2 is all I can name off the top of my head; I pretty sure I’m forgetting something. Maybe the Persona 1 remake?

  • Hraesvelgr

    Um… oh… is that all? Well, I guess it’s not like it costs more than a regular game.

  • AllenSmithee

    It’s T?

    Sweet, I can surprise my mother by coming home with all that. T?! Like… okay, whatever. At least I don’t have to deal with the shame of buying that with an adult around having to okay it.

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