Final Fantasy XIII May Be Squeezed Onto Three DVDs For Xbox 360

By Spencer . February 1, 2010 . 10:53pm

imageOnline video game rental service and PR nightmare Gamefly says the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII is “a three disc game.”  While the news is from Gamefly, their storefront has a knack for leaking things ahead of time.


Final Fantasy XIII is about a month away and Square Enix still hasn’t submitted information about the number of discs for the Xbox 360 version has. But, if its three that isn’t bad, is it? Star Ocean: The Last Hope was a three disc game. So was Blue Dragon. If true, Lost Odyssey will retain the record for the most DVDs this generation since Kaim’s story spans four discs.


Update: It’s official. A Square Enix Europe rep confirmed the news.

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  • Erren

    If true I wonder how bad the video and audio quality took a hit.

    • JeremyR

      So bad you can’t tell the male from the female characters…

      Oh wait, it’s supposed to be like that.

      • thebanditking

        ZING! Good one.

    • Hraesvelgr

      So long as the audio doesn’t end up like the voice work in FFXII, where characters sounded like they were talking into cups. They really botched that one, which is a shame, because the English version had great voice acting.

      • SlashZaku

        Although I never finished XII (liked the battle system, hated the License Board and kind of lost interest in the story and characters; would have liked if the characters had set classes but it seems IX spoiled me on that), I hated the way the audio sounded.

  • Kris

    Yikes, early impressions of the 360 version seemed negative, too.
    Oh well, I’m only able to get the PS3 version anyway.

    • Aoshi00

      I heard they say this wouldn’t be a shuddy port unlike Bayonetta on PS3. I have it pre-ordered for PS3 too. But I kind of want to get it on 360 because I imported it on PS3 alrdy. Other than some FMVs taking much space, I don’t see how 3 discs can’t handle the game. Lost Odyssey on 4 had 5 language tracks right, and XIII only has English.. So they never said it was 3 discs, I was always under the impression it would be on 3. Actually forget about the 360 ver., I would hate it if they “stack” the 3 discs on top of each other like the US Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey, instead of each disc in its own tray for the Jpn ver (LO even had a thick VHS sized case), that’s very cheap and lazy, they could’ve at least done it like Mass Effect 2, one disc behind the manual and two discs on the other side.

      I wonder if the 360 ver. would also unlock themes fro specific achievement like the PS3 trophies do.

      • thebanditking

        I dont know, what I have seen of FF13 is more advanced then Lost Odyssey(graphically, story and gameplay remain to be seen). So I really think for this game 3 discs would be quite packed, especially given the length of the cutscenes. Personally I have heard enough about the 360 ver running in that bus tour to know I am glad to be getting the PS3 version. Lower res textures, character models and compressed video? No thanks. Also you bring up another good point what about the packaging? I HATE the way MS packed Blue Dragon (I had to return it 3 times just to get a disc 2 that was not scratched). Then when I bought Lost Odyssey I almost cried when I seen disc 4 in a paper sleeve!

        • Aoshi00

          yea, wasn’t even funny. I couldn’t believe it when I saw LO’s disc 4 being in a paper sleeve, what is it, a driver for a program? There was a slight scratch on one of the discs, but I didn’t bother returning it, I guess I should’ve. I reserved my copy from Best Buy before and they gave me an empty case, so that’s where I stick my disc 4 in.. I don’t know why they would do it this way though, it’s totally ridiculous and inconvenient, the worst is scratching.. come to think of it, was there stacking for Star Ocean The Last Hope too? I don’t remember at all.. The Jpn cases for all of them were so nice.

          • malek86

            My SO4 has all the discs stacked together like pigs. But I heard the LE, aside from the useless bonus stuff, also had a thicker box with separate discs. I guess that would be one reason for getting the LE.I wonder why developers can’t just do like TOV, and release it on one disc. I don’t especially care for snazzy FMVs anyway. Good thing I’ll be getting this on PS3.

          • Aoshi00

            “stacked together like pigs”, lol.. that’s one accurate way to put it, or cramped chicken in a cage :)

            EDIT: BTW, I just checked, US version stacked like pigs, while the Jpn version has one disc behind the manual, and two discs on the other side, but not on top each other, just like most games w/ their bonus soundtrack. I mean they could have cutscenes, this is just some stupid packaging..

    • thebanditking

      Honestly if you have both consoles why would you buy the 360 ver? I think by now everyone knows this is a PS3 game, from where I sit the 360 ver is just an option for those who can’t afford a PS3 right now. The impressions I have heard back from people I know who played it have said it runs fine but the character models, textures and overall display quality is noticably lower then the PS3 version.

      • Strike_Man

        Until a group like Digital Foundry does some side-by-side comparisons, I’ll hold off on judging which version looks “superior”. I would assume, or at least hope, that the in-game graphical qualities will be relatively similar between the two versions, with the PS3 getting the boost from having slightly less compression on the CG cutscenes. The files ripped from the PS3 version in Japan even show that the vast majority of the data on the disc is nothing more than HD video, the actual game assets don’t take up nearly as much space as people seem to think.

        But in my personal case, I am one of the (ever-shrinking) number of HDTV owners who have a set that can display 1080i, but not 720p. Since the PS3 does not include a built-in scaler like the (H)ANA chip on the 360, I will be unable to play the game in any sort of HD resolution on the PS3. So for me, choosing the 360 version over the PS3 one is an easy choise to make.

        • Strike_Man



  • Zanasea

    I have the French pressbook by Square Enix and it says the Xbox 360 spans on three DVDs, so it’s official.

  • ok im not gettign it to 360 but ! its said that it wont have 1080P and the sound will be compresed , i own LO and i cursed MS everyday for its shitty pacages . Im not even sure my 4th disck works poperly T_T ! And LO has alot of audio track wich i absolutly respect , and i wish they had done so for Ps3 T_T!In FF13 case, cause lets be honest there is space :/ …… And i sure hope they dont cramp the Dvds like they do on Bludragon and the rest of the multidisk games. Am so glad i didnt get SO4 XD !And i was gonna get the limited edition!
    I dont really mind disck swaping , what bother me with microsoft is the pacages and the way they makes disck swap «« like in So4 that was dumb «« ! Let bluray come XD

  • Soma

    “… PR nightmare Gamefly”
    Haha! That made me chuckle. =3

    I only ever planned on getting FFXIII for the PS3, so finding out that 360 version is three discs doesn’t really interest me. It may bother my housemate some, though.

  • thebanditking

    Well I guess we wont know until it ships, but the number of discs is not the real issue. Its how will the game run compaired to the PS3. From what I have heard back from people I talk with its not too great, even IGN said it was obvious the 360 ver was not equal to the PS3 version.

    Also according to Kitase in a recent interview in one of the Euro Playstation Mags the 360 ver does not run on the same Crystal Tools engine as the PS3 version, which could explain the lower res graphics. The novelty of playing a Final Fantasy on Xbox is lost on me, it would be like playing Mario or Zelda on a PC.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t know, I find that a little hard to believe, I really don’t think the in-game graphics would be lower res, other than the cutscenes and FMVs maybe, those are what fill the blu-rays. The game doesn’t even have towns for pete’s sake :(… While the number of discs is a very small issue, it is inconvenient for me because I like to go back to watch cutscenes at diff save points later (for LO, it would tell me to put it disc 1 or disc 2 when I want to access a certain movie later). I suggest wanting to get it on 360 because I alrdy have the Jpn ver. on PS3, so I thought I would get it this time on a different platform, so I would have another set of achievement since I alrdy have the trophies. If there’s indeed any compromise in the quality of this port, then I don’t want to take any chances. Not to mention the stupid “stacking”, I want to know just whose bright idea is it anyway…

  • idofgrahf

    I really doesn’t care about how many disk the 360 version have, so long as the PS3 one only have one disk, i’ll get the PS3 one (don’t want to constantly change disks when i back track for sidequests like i did in star ocean or LO) i hope the 360 version have the ability to install the disk so you only need one instead of swaping but somehow i doubt it. But either way, I’ll be getting it on the PS3 say nothing about the differences (number of disks, quality etc), it feels weird playing a FF on my 360.

    • Aoshi00

      You don’t need to switch disc for LO when you’re doing endgame sidequests. You don’t have access to some of the places after a certain point of the game anyway. SO4 is the first ever multi-disc game that needs to swap disc backtracking, as far as I know. Also for XIII’s sidequests, there aren’t that many, basically just mob hunts that doesn’t open up until endgame (and maybe chocobo treasure, I haven’t gotten that far yet), so they’d be all on disc 3 (or whatever the last disc is) and would never require swapping, like the weird SO4 did.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Installing a game on the 360’s HDD doesn’t make it where you can play without the disc, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, everyone would just rent or borrow games, install them to their HDDs and be done with it.

      And how’s it weird to play FF on 360? I’ll never understand why people say things like that. May as well say it’s weird to play FF in HD or with better graphics or on any new console, even if it’s a Sony console. Just sayin’.

      • Strike_Man

        It’s probably worth noting that, just over a decade ago, many gamers felt that it was very “weird” to be playing the new Final Fantasy game on anything but a Nintendo console…

        • Hraesvelgr

          Not gonna deny that, though they did get over it and didn’t make as big of a stink about it. Then again, the internet wasn’t nearly as widely used as it is today, and I’m sure that has a lot to do with it.

          • Strike_Man


      • SlashZaku

        Some people find it weird to play certain franchises on something other than what is considered the ‘norm’ to them. Personally, I wouldn’t play Halo on a PS platform if it were to release on one. Just doesn’t seem ‘right’ to me.

  • Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Heck if SquareEnix would get with the program and use in game cutscenes we wouldn’t even be talking about multiple discs. But I don’t see the problem anyways…

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