Otaku Inventory: Play-Asia Year Of The Tiger Sale

By Ishaan . February 7, 2010 . 4:45pm


Play-Asia actually have a real good sale on for once, so I figured I’d browse through and see if I could spot any interesting deals. Surprisingly, I came across quite a few, all of which I’ve linked to in this post, in case anyone’s interested in grabbing them. Keep in mind a lot of this stuff could be sold out by the time this post goes up, so I apologize in advance for any potential disappointment.


Also, unless otherwise mentioned, all the listings below are for NTSC-U versions of games. Discounted price on the left, original on the right.


Nintendo DS:

Bangai-O Spirits – $14.90 (was $24.90)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – $19.90 (was $39.90)

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword – $19.90 (was $44.90)



Lumines II – $14.90 (was $24.90)

wipEout Pure – $12.90 (was $24.90)



Broken Sword – $17.90 (was $34.90)

Samba de Amigo – $19.90 (was $24.90)

Sonic and the Secret Rings – $19.90 (was $24.90)

Trauma Center: New Blood – $19.90 (was $24.90)

Animal Crossing w/ Wii Speak (JPN) – $34.90 (was $79.90)

Elebits – $21.90 (was $24.90)

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles – $21.90 (was $34.90)

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins – $24.90 (was $34.90)

Tomb Raider Anniversary – $24.90 (was $34.90)

Monster Hunter 3 Limited Edition (JPN) – $89.90 (was $149.90)


Xbox 360:

Too Human (Asia / Eng) – $14.90 (was $49.90)

Bioshock – $21.90 (was $34.90)

Eternal Sonata (JPN, Eng subs) – $21.90 (was $26.90)

Infinite Undiscovery – $24.90 (was $34.90)

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition (Region free) – $69.90 (was $109.90)

Tekken 6 Collector’s Edition (Region free) – $99.90 (was $179.90)

Soul Calibur IV – $24.90 (was $24.90)

Mini Ninjas – $24.90 (was $44.90)


Playstation 3:

Burnout Paradise (Asia / Eng) – $24.90 (was $49.90)

Mirror’s Edge – $19.90 (was $24.90)

MotorStorm – $24.90 (was $34.90)

Katamari Forever (Asia / Eng) – $24.90 (was $49.90)


There are deals for PS2 and Gamecube games, too, but it would’ve taken way too much time to go through those, and I have a test coming up this week. Happy shopping! I’ve got my sights set on wipEout Pure, personally.

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  • You can actually Bangai-O Spirits for the same price at Target and such places. I haven’t tried it myself, though.

    Last Bullet is $39.90. Not much else caught my eye other than Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra going up for preorder.

    • Kunio_kun

      Yeah, I wanna say I got Bangai-O for $9.99 at Best Buy and I know a new copy is $14.99 at Gamestop and Target…

  • Amazon has Ninja Gaiden DS for even less than that, and I’ve seen Samba de Amigo in countless bargain bins for a pittance. Really, this sale only seems to be good for things you actually have to go to Play-Asia to buy, the import stuff.

    • Keep in mind a lot of our readers aren’t in the U.S. or Europe, and Amazon won’t ship NTSC games outside of America. I’d be watching their sales very closely if they did. :P

      • MadMirko

        Sure they will. I ordered DS games from them in the past, and a quick test with a random Wii game worked as well. Their shipping policy says: “Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S”, so I’m not sure how many countries, but I can attest that Germany is one of them.

      • TTTT

        I get all my U.S. games shipped to me in Japan from U.S. Amazon.

        • Kind of stinks that it doesn’t go both ways. Then again, I read that international shipping from Amazon Japan can cost double or more depending on the item you’re purchasing.

  • I was REALLY disappointed with their sale this year. Like Matty and Tako Tacos said, the stuff that’s on sale you can probably find on Amazon or your local store for the came price or cheaper.

    Last year I got 3 games when they had this sale, and the year before I got 2. This year there was nothing good discounted that I wanted.

    (Though I did place an order last week for a discounted Sakura Taisen 3 limited edition Dreamcast game that even came with an awesome memory card. XD)

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Last year they had a terrific sale and another sale where you get $5 off $50 worth of items later on. This time it seems there isn’t too much of the items I’m looking for are in stock, and call me crazy, but I think quite a few items I had in my Wishlist got more expensive. Not to say this is a terrible deal, but I REALLY wished they had put this up when games like No More Heroes 2 and Sky Crawlers came out.

      Even the sale at Toys R Us is a stretch: buy 3 games and get 1 free. Maybe if they timed this earlier or later I might have jumped on this.

    • Kunio_kun

      True, the sale this year isn’t as solid as in previous years… But since I’m writing from the States, I’m speaking entirely about the 50+ Japanese or Asian titles I have in my wishlist. I’ve never purchased an U.S. region NTSC game from PlayAsia because like we’ve discussed already, it’s cheaper to get those from a domestic retailer… But like Ishaan noted, it may be an useful resource for people outside the States. However, in the end, I only got one title from my wishlist as opposed to multiple like in years past (and $49.99 + S&H isn’t that great of a deal for a PSP game). Oh well, PlayAsia still remains my favorite resource for purchasing games from East Asia!!!

  • kupomogli

    I’d rather pick up Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box for 39.99. The DLC plus Burnout Paradise. The disc version is JPN only. Does anyone know if it’s in English if your PS3 is set to US?


    Found there was a PAL version.

    Also, can you play against people who only own Burnout Paradise? Or do they have to have the DLC or Ultimate Box as well? Even though it’s the Japanese/PAL version, can you still play people in the US? Last. If it’s the PAL version. Will it be 50fps or 60fps if you’re in the US?

    • malek86

      I’m pretty sure you can find this game for much cheaper than that. I know the PAL version is being sold for 20€ (about 27$) in many online stores.

  • Kunio_kun

    Ordered the Japanese Growlanser 1 for the PSP on 2/3/10 when the price was still $49. They restocked it and the price has since gone up, so I’m glad I grabbed it when I did because I doubt those tools over at Atlus will ever localize it… Stoked about Metal Slug XX, 3D Dot Game Heroes and a new Shiren but the rest of their 2010 lineup is a B-I-G disappointment to me so far… Persona 3 for a third time? Lame.

    • 2009 was an interesting year for Atlus and, personally, I think it maybe a hard act to fallow, but just give it some time.
      We could very well get Etrian Odyssey III by the end of this year ;)

      • Hraesvelgr

        Hm, I don’t remember much from Atlus in 2009. Sure, there was Raidou 2 and Devil Survivor, but I’d already played the “uncut” version of the original Persona before (still bought the PSP version, mind you). Demon’s Souls, I guess? Didn’t think the game was that great, personally, so I didn’t support the US release of it.

        • Just the top off of my head; The Dark Spire, Kenka Bancho, Class of Heroes, Knights in the Nightmare, Tokyo Beatdown, Trackmania, etc. While they weren’t event titles or any major release of the sort, I thought Atlus was pretty diverse, yet, strung along fans and kept most of their interests with each title.

          Personally, I had a lot of fun with what they came out with, it was a memorable year for me from them. I’m not sure what we can expect this year, hopefully, though, not too many remakes or expansions.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Didn’t like any of those, personally… Actually, I had completely forgotten that they existed until you mentioned them.

      • Kunio_kun

        I don’t doubt there will be another game or two they announce later this year that I’ll pick up, I just think Atlus is losing that small enterprise feel that made them endearing to me in the first place… I think they probably lost some of their better staffers when they left to form Aksys. Now Atlus churns out SMT games one after another because they sell better than most other RPG’s and they don’t have to pay for the licensing rights on games made by the mothership (Atlus of Japan). Then Demon’s Souls broke out for them as a crossover hit and pushed them further into the mainstream…

        I’m not saying Atlus U.S.A. doesn’t still release smaller titles that I’m interested in, nor are they a major publisher like Capcom or SquEnix, but they are no longer just a small-time niche company like they were a few years back. And with their growth they have garnered too large of a following and devoted too few of their resources to customer feedback. Bonus soundtracks are nice, but my personal feeling is that with each passing day they look more like an out of touch corporation and less like the small mom and pop operation they once were…

        • I see what you’re saying. Remember when Disgaea was a “rare” title? The way I see it, they’re evolving and adapting, getting the games they want now, getting the work they’ve always wanted to get done, and even have a spiffy booth at conventions and expos.
          Yeah, I saw this coming, but I think they have been handling it quite well. The Atlus Faithful, blogs and interaction on the forums keeps the connection there for me, at least. It’s great seeing that they gained a huge crowd (well, if their forums are anything to go by, the kids that love the “lulz” at image boards love ’em!) ’cause that means they got what they wanted. That’s how it goes.
          It’s like what kid said in that Patrick Swayze movie, “stay gold, Ponyboy”.

          • Kunio_kun

            The great C. Thomas Howell… Where have you gone to?
            Oh well, we’ll always have ‘Soul Man’…

    • Hraesvelgr

      No interest in Strange Journey? I’m disappointed, son. And yeah, P3 is getting old, but it’s very unsurprising, since that is one of their cash cows.

      • Kunio_kun

        It does look interesting but I’m kind of ‘strange’ myself; hardcore RPG fan but I just never got into the SMT games… Probably because my first exposure to the franchise was that bastardized version of Persona 1 that Atlus crapped out for the American Playstation… Kind of ruined it for me and now I have very little time in my life to devote to video games, so, all the SMT series aren’t my first choice to play. However, I do have the re-release of P1 for the PSP as well as P3 and P4…

  • 311

    Actually i also saw on P-A FF XIII (asian version) like for 50 bucks

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