Metroid: Other M Launches In June

By Spencer . February 24, 2010 . 10:36am

imageJapan and North America will see Metroid: Other M in stores this summer. Nintendo set June 27 as the game’s release date in the States.


Team Ninja, the group behind Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, is co-developing Metroid: Other M with Nintendo. Unlike the Metroid Prime series, this game has a mix of behind the visor 3D scenes and 2D gameplay.

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  • thebanditking

    So June huh? I sure hope they have a marketing blitz lined up. Either way this is one of the games I am most interested in on any platform. If for nothing more then its potential to be great is equal to its potential to be terrible. I am very interested to see what Team Ninja makes of Samus and Metroid as I always felt the Prime series was seriously lacking compaired to the 2D games of old.

  • <3

    (i'll have my frothing-at-mouth fit when the embargo lifts and videos go up)

    • MrMee

      lol I’m with you. The screens kind of remind me of the Gamecube demo video of Metroid way back when.

  • malek86

    “dramatic new direction for a legendary franchise and a bold new blend between cinematics, storytelling and the best in interactive entertainment”

    Hey Nintendo, you know what made the 2D Metroids so good? No story whatsoever.

    Aw, whatever. I don’t even care anymore. They are going to turn it into a trainwreck, just like the Halo games after the first one. I’ll buy if it ends up being good, but still, I’m disappointed. I can see it being just like Metroid Fusion. Why do companies feel the need to do this? It’s a game. Have you ever seen a Mario game with a cinematic story? No, and it doesn’t need it.

    • sasuke222

      You complain a lot if you don’t like it then make your own game.

      • malek86

        Oh man, if only. If I could be Iwata for a day, then I’d go to the team and say: “alright people, you need to make a new Metroid game. Here’s a couple directives for you to follow:

        – 2D only
        – no cutscenes unless they last less than 30 seconds
        – no linearity at all
        – no people speaking
        – no first-person sections
        – no scanning stuff
        – spam-bomb jumping like the old times

        And that’s it. Uh, and if tomorrow some guy looking like me comes and claims to have never said this, they’re just an impostor. Don’t bother with them.”

        • fallen

          Awesome. My Iwata-for-a-Day Zelda:

          -3D only (3D Zelda has way more potential than is realized by the games)
          -fully-skippable cutscenes (xenosaga <3)
          -no linearity at all
          -fully-skippable dialog
          -optional fully-integrated first-person perspective
          -limit the cutesy stuff and make more things mature, detailed, and creepy (Majora <33)
          -smaller, more concentrated areas with secrets in EACH one, like the old times
          and now for the controversial one…
          -Motion-plus mandatory ('mote/sword in left hand, 'chaku/shield in right [this is what the Wii was supposed to be, god damn it! we already got our Gamecube port, now make one from the ground up that uses more than waggle/pointing!!!!!!])

          High hopes for the new Wii Zelda… meaning it will ultimately never be able to live up to my expectations.

    • Aoshi00

      I dunno, Metroid never seemed to be big in Jpn, so maybe this new direction is a good thing? At least the Team Ninja Samus would make better commercials I can imagine.

      Personally I’ve never been a big Metroid fan either, but this has me intrigued. I think only this, Last Story, S&P2, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 would make me turn on my Wii.

      • malek86

        Metroid has never been that big anywhere, technically. Unlike Zelda and Mario. I guess that’s why they are trying to change it… but still, making it more like every other game on the market can’t really be a good thing. Not every game has to be unique, but when a game is unique, we should try and cherish it.

        Having a highly cinematic plot probably means they are going to sacrifice non-linearity. Also, the new Samus really doesn’t look good, and from the transcribed intro, she sounds too much like a generic emo anime protagonist. And what’s with the team combat?

  • Avojavo

    This is a good year to own a Wii. It’d be a great year if I also owned a tv, but alas, I make do.

    • Joanna

      how? lol. As far as I know you need a TV to play on a wii (unless you have it hocked up to your PC?)

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