Amazon Slashes Prices On Blu-Ray Anime Box Sets

By Spencer . March 5, 2010 . 1:36am

image Amazon is having an anime fire sale and cut the price of many box sets, including Gunslinger Girl: Season 1 which isn’t even out yet. There are deals for Devil May Cry, Samurai Champloo, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Season 1.


Here’s a link to a list of items that are 50%+ off and items between 25-50% off. I think I saw Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in the 25% pile.


Thanks for the tip Gina!

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  • Gunslinger Girl was fantastic, well, the first season. Couldn’t get used to the art in the fallowing releases. It’s too bad I don’t have a Blu-ray player, this would have been a great chance for me to finally watch Robotech and FMP!.
    Whoa-ho-ho! Now, here’s a deal!

    On the games side, there are great (temporary?) recent price cuts here, too:
    Tokyo Beat Down – $6.99
    Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament – $26.94
    The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces – $19.99
    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – $40.48
    Onechanbara (Wii) – $10.48
    Help Wanted – $19.99

    The crazy thing about Amazon is that the prices on some items just go up and down so often you just got to catch them on a good day.

    • Aoshi00

      You need to get a PS3 slim man! thanks for the heads-up on those games, I’m gonna grab Tokyo Beat Down, Sky Crawlers, and Onechanbara, yeah Amazon prices are crazy like that.

      When you get a blu-ray player, here’s another good deal you can’t miss! lol

    • Dark_Sage

      Gunslinger Girl? Fantastic?

      You sure you’re right in the head, man?

      • Naw, my heads like a yo-yo; it’s here but it’s really not ;)

        Haven’t read the manga, but the first season is like listening to a Miles Davis or Eric Clapton album, nothing really grabs you at first but it sticks with you later on. One of the few series I go back to now and then. Personally, if it ended there it would have been a more notable series.

        • Dark_Sage

          It must be one of the few series you’ve ever watched, because that show was as bland and boring as they come. ‘course, if you’re listening to Miles Davis, I guess I can understand the fascination.

          • Definitely true on both accounts! I eat up series that have a slow-burn tone to them, like a Western; Patlabor (films), Robot Carnival, Boogiepop, etc. GG kind of throws back to that era, or maybe that’s just me. You can imagine how I could be sold on Azumanga and K-on!, then getting surprised on how popular they got.
            Brian Eno is pretty awesome, too.

  • thats great but are those region locked blurays? «« i have been lucky that the blurays i ordered from japan were region free , im not sure about the american ones «« or else my poor Ps3 cant play them «« !

    do want Tsubasa and Gunslinguer «« and hole bunch of them ««

    • Aoshi00

      Jpn & US blu-rays are the same region:)! That’s why we US gamers can play Jpn PS3 games and movies :)

      • yeah but my PS3 is european … and amazon says the blurays are region locked T___T like the dvds ….

        • Aoshi00

          Sry you’re right, right now there are only 3 regions for blu-ray but Europe and Jpn are different… I just assume you could play FFXIII so you’d be able to watch the movies too, guess it’s like the stupid UMDs..

          • Well i can play any game since they are not locked , and i have japanese bluray version of Adventchildren(with FF13 demo XD) , and 2 blurays of Sound horizon ( a japanese fantasy band).I always have to check it though or else its wasted money «« ! been lucky so far XD !

  • Aoshi00

    Not much I want other than maybe Ghost in the Shell.. Claymore blu-ray set is on Amazon for $39.99 for those who want it.

  • Great, and I just got paid today. There goes that money!

  • Eddie

    How long does this deal last?

  • mach

    FYI guys, I wouldn’t bother with anything that isn’t more than 50% off. You can get much better deals on most of these shows by waiting for a studio sale (e.g., a Funimation sale or a Bandai sale) at That will guarantee you at least 40% off MSRP for every title.

  • fermented

    Hmmm my brother recently just ordered the Samurai Champloo Blu-Ray box set on Amazon and it’s coming in on Tuesday with his FF13 preorder. He bought it for about $50 so even if he could somehow still get it at this 50% off deal he’d only be saving 10 bucks.

    Ghost in the Shell 2.0 looks interesting since it has the original film on it. I’m not sure I’d be interested in watching the 2.0 version of it.

  • TC101

    Most of the prices have been about the same for the last couple months.

    Avoid Devil May Cry. It is pretty bad.

    Also, most of the Funmation blu-rays are upscaled with picture quality widely varying. So read the reviews before puchase. People seem equally divided on the Champloo set.

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