Five Million Units Of Final Fantasy XIII In The Wild

By Spencer . March 10, 2010 . 11:10am

image Square Enix announced 5 million copies of Final Fantasy XIII have shipped worldwide. Broken down, 2 million units are in Japan since the game launched in December and 3 million for the West. Keep in mind these numbers aren’t sales figures, just the number of games sent to retailers.


This brings the Final Fantasy series up to 96 million. With Final Fantasy XIV due out later this year, Square Enix has a good chance of passing the 100 million mark.

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  • malek86

    Considering how many copies of the game I’ve seen in stores, I bet they overshipped a lot.

    • Starmony

      It’s more than likely S:

  • anbu

    I went to walmart today and I see alot of FF13 copies on a special separate display.

  • Who else is waiting for a price drop (or two)?

    • Knowing Square, it might take some time… Not sure if I want to wait.

      • It might not come from Square themselves. FF12 hit bargain bins quite rapidly. The “collector’s edition” is all over the place!

        • Really…? I haven’t seen a single collectors edition since I got mine a few
          years back. I see normal copies frequently, though. So maybe it will come
          (relatively) quickly… Who knows?

          • ElTopo

            The gamestop steel book CE is pretty easy to find used, I picked mine up a couple years ago though.

          • Aoshi00

            I remember GS has so many leftover XII steelbooks they were on sale for like $30 at one point, I mean it was the end of PS2 then. I kind of regret getting it for $60 on day 1 because I hadn’t played much of it even when they did the price drop, thought LE was going to be rare.

            My experience was weird because it was during my time of transitioning to a small HD TV, I went from a 20″ SD to 23″ LCD and it was very small to play FFXII on, also I had the Jpn version first and that didn’t even have widescreen. So I either had to play w/ the black bars on the side, it stretch it w/ characters getting stockier, or blow it up but w/ the top and bottom cut off.. it wasn’t until later I got a big HD TV I gave FFXII a go again…

          • ElTopo

            In response to Aoshi: I think I got mine for like 12$, right around now is the best time to pick up any PS2 titles you missed. GS sales buy 2 get 1 free cropping up, and everyone is trading in now with next gen systems coming out with these huge lineups and better deals.

  • garven

    Wait what? FFXIV is due out later this year? You mean it’s not going to be in development limbo forever like the last two games? They’re meeting a deadline for once…2012 apocalypse, dammit, here we come!

    Does anyone know the breakdown of how many 360 and how many PS3 units there are? And does that include the special US-only 360 FFXIII collector’s bundle?

    • Ereek

      If all goes well, XIV PC most likely will be out this year. They’re starting beta today, actually. Of course, if things go badly in beta it might be delayed a bit, but the fact that beta is even starting shows SE is confident with their product.

      • garven

        XIV on PC? That’s going to make graphics cards and processors cry. (I don’t do PC gaming.)

        But still, Squeenix is eerily on-the-ball if they’re putting XIV out this year.

        • Ereek

          They’ve been developing XIV for years. Remember, it was actually announced around the same time -or earlier- as XIII but under the name “Rapture.”

          • garven

            Sorry, I didn’t know that. Squeenix protracts development so much and has so many projects going on at once it’s hard to keep track.

            Even if they only sell, say, 2 million copies, that still equates to 120,000,000 dollars, a handsome chunk of change. All 5 million sold would be $300,000,000. That’s impressive.

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