Chaos Rings Might Be The iPhone’s Final Fantasy

By Spencer . March 18, 2010 . 3:00am

Yes, we know Square Enix already released classic Final Fantasy games on the iPhone app store. Comparatively, Chaos Rings looks much, much more impressive.


Square Enix unveiled the game today, which is being developed by Wild ARMs studio Media.Vision. Chaos Rings takes place in Ark Arena where male/female teams battle to the death. The trailer shows off the battle system and explains players will be able to play through four scenarios.



While the video is in Japanese, Square Enix’s downloadable games page says an English trailer is coming soon. That pretty much confirms an international release, which we pretty much expected. This is, after all, a digital release.


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  • speedstersonic

    Holy freakin crap! This game is beautiful! It’s like the playstation Final Fantasy games with the prerendered backgrounds and 3D models. I am absolutely excited for this game. I hated all the other Square Enix games on the iphone(except the FF ports, which I have no reason to get since I have the psp ones), but this looks to definitely be worth a buy!

  • Square are so progressive when it comes to their portable games business. This looks really neat.

  • bleach1st

    wow that actually looks quite impressive… makes me want an iPhone/iPod Touch…

  • O__________O im very impressed XD ……. i dont own a iphone maybe when this comes out it will be time to get one XD …………. loved the art work and song and prerendered backgrounds *_* missed that!


    • symytry

      I was thinking the same thing. Playing this on iphone doesn’t sound like fun at all… although they haven’t shown/said anything about how it will control.

  • ElTopo

    Why cant they do this kind of work for a real platform?

    • malek86

      Like it or not, mobile gaming is getting bigger.

      • ElTopo

        Yeah it needs to stop getting bigger, the iphone is a terrible platform. Gotta love a platform that requires you to drop 300$ initial then a 1500$ in subscription fees over the life of your “contract” then suddenly cuts you off from releases once you change service providers. Great direction for gaming.

        Not too mention how touch based phones are absolutely terrible for 90% of gaming (random made up data, but relevant). I have the same problem with people spending a lot of money on these “games” in the app store as I do with DLC. They keep purchasing it, which creates a market, which is encouraging developers to sequester more and more features into the DLC market to make an extra buck off an already overpriced product. Its just bad consuming.

        • Suzuku

          For fuck’s sake, just get an iPod touch if you don’t want to pay for the contract. Besides, everyone needs and has a phone, and in about 5 years or so, everyone will be carrying around smartphones capable of playing full 3D games (i.e. iPhone/Windows Phone 7/your so called “terrible platforms”) eventually, including you. That is the way the world is moving. These companies in the industry see this trend and market opportunity, and they’re getting ready for it.

          As far as touch controls go, ignoring the fact that your claim that they are terrible for 90% of games is complete bullshit, your assertion is moot here because this is a turn-based RPG, meaning you’re simply selecting commands, meaning it’s a perfect fit for the iPhone’s touch controls.

          And get your head out of your ass and face the fact that we live in the digital age, meaning physical media is slowly on it’s way out the door. The emergence of digital markets where people can easily shop for downloadable content in the last several years has just sped up that process.

    • In all fairness, Dissidia, Birth by Sleep, Crisis Core, the FF remakes, Dragon Quest and TWEWY are all very well-made portable games. Come on, let them have their iPhone fun…after all, they did turn Agito XIII and Parasite Eve into PSP games, didn’t they? :)

  • masuto

    Wow, now this gotta port over to the PSP.

  • I want to play this like woah, but I’m not looking forward to it with touch controls. Playing games on my iPod touch is extremely awkward :/

  • I like the art style and overall feel, but… I dunno… It seems like it could be just another traditional turn-based JRPG. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d like to see something unique, especially if they’re choosing a platform like iPhone to develop for. Hey, I’ll just have to wait and see…

  • Justinzero

    Was that the video, or the game that was really choppy?

    Looks neat, and I hope IPT fans enjoy the title.

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