You’ll Love This Love Plus + Limited Edition DSi XL

By Spencer . March 24, 2010 . 9:51pm

imageKonami has the honor of being the first company to produce a limited edition Nintendo DSi XL. This summer Love Plus fans can get a Love Plus + themed handheld.


Collectors get out your wallets because there are three Love Plus + DSi XL bundles: Manaka Deluxe, Nene Deluxe, and Rinko Deluxe. Each one is name after the girls in Konami’s girlfriend sim. Pricing has not been announced.


Love Plus + isn’t a sequel, it’s an expanded version of Love Plus. The Famitsu article says Love Plus + has more events such as mini-vacations and more ways to interact with the girls in Love Plus mode.

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  • JeremyR

    I think this game is going to be a big seller in 3D

    • kylehyde

      Thinking about that, scares me a lot, I swear this thing was created by the same devil or maybe clamp who want to create the proto-persecons. But something is sure more bizarre dates are coming to Japon and more bizarre weddings are coming to unknow countries.

      • thebanditking

        Agreed. The thought of this game in 3D both worries me and creeps me out. Though only because of the way some people treat the software.

        Still thats a nice looking DSi, blue white and silver. I wonder if the others will have different colors?

  • Nene Deluxe, I like the sound of that!
    I was wondering what this was about

    Seeing how people were buying the games by the bucketloads I can see them nabbing several of these DSis as well.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, it was like a secret announcement or something..

      Still have Love Plus sitting in my drawer, haven’t gotten around starting it..

      I would really love to get this, but now that they announced the 3DS, it doesn’t feel right to get a XL anymore at this point.. I do want a bigger screen and bigger Nene though.. just how big is 3DS going to be anyway, same as DSi or XL?

      • I’d have liked to get one of those as well, even tho I’ve never played Love Plus and probably never will, but yeah, with the 3DS announced…..

      • Saturnus

        IIRC, the 3DS is supposed to smaller than the XL.

        You should wait until some screens and info of the 3DS show up.

  • rgathright

    I am glad that Nintendo is releasing a bigger handheld console.

    I am just pissed that no one in North America can pick the Nintendo DSi XL up on March 28, 2010! BestBuy, GameStop and Amazon are all releasing on March 30, 2010. According to my several emails to their customer service centers.

    Here is a little more of what I like about the Nintendo DSi XL.

    • kupomogli

      You’re writing makes it sound like it’s a brand new system. It’s just a larger DSi, which in itself, the DSi, is just a DS with a camera and functions the PSP has had since day one.

      The DS is a great system, but how many revisions does it need to have? They’re not even subtle revisions either. You get one vision and then, oh great, new one comes out a year later that puts yours to shame. Great, just wasted another $200. Atleast there’s still a reason to own the original fat DS. The buttons are far better than those on the DS Lite(not sure about the DSi.)

      • rgathright

        My Sony PSP does not have a camera, nor does it have dual screens.

        Disgaea is so much easier to play on dual screens.

        Complain all you want about the 3DS announcement. Gameboy followers are used to new systems being announced as soon as products hit the shelves.

      • Joanna

        while I agree with what you say. I’m really getting annoyed at everyone pointing fingers at Nintendo. For heaven’s sake, the PSP also has 4 models (1000,2000,3000 and Go). If you’re going to complain, aim it at handheld makers in general.

        Sure I know it can be frustrating if you buy one only to discover a ‘better’ version to in about a year or two, but really no one is forcing you to buy any of the DS (or PSP for that matter) revisions. Again, I don’t mean to point fingers at you, because you’re probably responding more to rgathright, but after speed reading a bunch of siliconera posts/comments (because I’ve been busy these last couple of weeks) hearing the constant whining about the DS with no mention of the same problem plaguing the PSP, it really is jarring.

        • Ereek

          I believe you’ll find this article enjoyable:


          That said, I agree, to an extent. To me more of the problem is that they’re announcing new handhelds before the previous handheld was released worldwide. Sony, on the other hand, generally has their release dates closer together (For example, 2000 released within a week of each other internationally).

          In this case, Nintendo is archaic. North America is no longer the “smaller” market, neither is Europe.

          • Joanna

            thanks Ereek that was enjoyable.

            The scheduling is a royal mess up for Nintendo, but I thought it was good for us because now we know another system is coming next year.

            But I agree, North American and European markets have grown, so Nintendo should stop treating them like an extra addition to the Japanese market.

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