Any Publisher Want To Give Class of Heroes 2 A Scholarship?

By Spencer . March 26, 2010 . 7:14am

image Because developer Acquire is looking for a Western company to sponsor their high school sim meets dungeon crawler. The sequel adds new classes to the previous game such as puppeteers and pop stars.


Acquire’s localization list at GDC included Class of Heroes 2 with its name written in English. Their tiny cubicle area was decorated with a few Japanese promo posters too.


Of course, this news doesn’t mean Class of Heroes 2 and its flying sharks is guaranteed for North America. Acquire is just actively searching for an international publisher. Before you give up hope, know that Atlus was at GDC hunting for games to publish and they released the first Class of Heroes in North America.

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  • There are many other Dungeon Crawlers I’d like to see published in the US before this one. For instance Wizardry PSN.

    • Ereek

      Seconded. I’d love for the PSN Wizardry to get localized.

      Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m a bit biased because I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first Class of Heroes.

  • I don’t think Class of Heroes sold well enough for Atlus or anyone else to bother bringing over the sequel.

    …$40 seems a little too dear for CoH when EO 1 & 2 were $30…and more than likely, far superior games. (Though if that is a misconception on my part, please feel free to reply with details.)
    If it ever hits the bargain bin, I’ll probably give it a shot.

    • Class of heroes was horribly over priced, it’s certainly stopped me from buying it (same with Persona). $29.99 is just about tolerable for new PSN releases, $39.99 is just too much.

      • What’s funny about you mentioning Persona is that right now it’s on sale for $17.27 at Amazon while Class of Heroes is still $39.99! Ridiculous, lol.

      • JeremyR

        Especially when you can see on PSN that it’s only like a 100 megabytes or so. Which means there are likely no voices/cutscenes/etc that would justify a higher expense.

  • masuto

    Honestly, Class of Heroes cannot compete against other dungeon crawlers like Etrian Odyssey. Not only that, the overall presentation of Class of Heroes is pretty low in production with unimpressive character portraits, generic battles, no replay value. It just felt too much like a bargain game. Maybe UFO Interactive might pick it up since they pretty much are open to any games.

  • I wouldnt mind a new dugneon crawler for psp to come :D

  • Extra_Life

    I really enjoyed Class of Heroes, it was the only PSP game I took with me on a work detachment and it kept me occupied for many hours. It wasn’t as good as Etrian Odyssey, but it had a certain charm and atmosphere that kept me coming back to it. Though, thanks to EO, I ended up Pen and Paper-ing some maps for the game in areas without them! I’d certainly like to see the sequel, if Atlus doesn’t pick up the game, then hopefully someone like XSEED or Rising Star will take it.

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