Project Cerberus Charging To PSP

By Spencer . April 14, 2010 . 12:22pm

imageYou may recognize Milestone for their shooting games like Ilvelo and Ultimate Shooting Collection. Did you know they make arcade fighting games too?


No, you say? Then take a look at Project Cerberus. It’s a Naomi based arcade game with transforming heroes (think Super Sentai) that’s coming to PSP.


Milestone opened a teaser site for Project Cerberus, which notes the home version has a story mode. No screenshots, though, so here are videos of the arcade version.



Project Cerberus isn’t Milestone’s only fighting game. They also have Twinkle Queen for Wii, which features girls from various eroge series.

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  • Since I heard of this game I always assumed that would be Wii-bound eventually.

    Now no-one’s saying it won’t be, after all, every one of Milestone’s NAOMI games have been ported to Wii thus far.

    I imagine Cerberus being made for PSP first is due to them wanting to not “cannibalize” sales of Twinkle Queen?

    But I’d be shocked if Cerberus doesn’t end up on the Wii eventually.

    That said, and I’m not saying this due to it now being on PSP, I thought of this before, but the game does seem awfully generic, and if you watch one of the videos of the arcade version with a young girl character, her voice will make you want to rip out your ears. >_<

    • malek86

      It’s not like I’ve actually seen Milestone do a good game yet.

      • I haven’t even played one of their games yet (well, USC is the only Wii game I can try since it’s the only one in NA), but I’ve always been meaning to, but I’ve got a large backlog and I’m waiting for it to drop further to make it an even larger bargain. :P

        • malek86

          Well, I guess you should try out the USC, if anything because you can’t really judge something without trying it. But I’m telling you, those games are, well, not good. Chaos Field is the only one that might be worth something… and even then, it doesn’t hold a candle to pretty much every other shmup I’ve played.

      • Don’t be trollin’

        Their SHMUPS are just fine, unless you’re a stuck-up know-it-all elitist.

        Well, ARE YOU?

        • malek86

          Uhm, a know-it-all elitist. I wish I were.

  • malek86

    Typo alert: it’s “Illvelo”.

    • Ah, thanks for catching that. I used the UFO Interactive name though, Ilvelo.

      • Spencer, I am disappoint. I told you many times the reason behind the Ilvelo name change. :(

  • Doesn’t look as good as GG or BB but this’ll do I guess..

  • wharcraff

    Has a sort of Kamen rider W/double bent to it with the 2 characters forming one cohesive fighter. but does that allow for differing techniques to be used, would be a question I’d be asking. That’d be cool to do the equivalent of a more advanced style change you see in other fighting games.

  • cj_iwakura

    Milestone’s shmups are pretty mediocre.

    Radio Allergy is amusing if nothign else.

  • Code

    hmm looks mediocre at best (also there’s a surprising lack of frames in those animations, I know what there going for, but I think they didn’t quiet get it x__x;) I’ve seen better offerings from indie fighters — Although this brings up a point of how much I hate unconventional shaped characters in fighters, that spider thing looks like a pain in the side, I always struggle to read there movements and where an attack is going to come out of them z_z’

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