Threads Of Fate Destined For Game Archives?

By Spencer . April 15, 2010 . 6:12pm

imageA decent amount of Square Enix’s PsOne catalog is downloadable in Japan. All you need to do is log on to the PlayStation Store and head to the Game Archives section.


Final Fantasy VII is there. So is Vagrant Story and Xenogears. Threads of Fate isn’t, but a tweet from Square Enix’s Twitter account suggests the publisher is looking into it. “Maybe, I’ll consider a download,” someone at Square Enix responded to a comment asking about a Game Archives re-release. The tweeter noted Threads of Fate is very popular.


If you missed it, Threads of Fate is a 2.5D platform RPG with two intersecting storylines. Soft spoken Rue transforms into monsters and the selfish Princess Mint uses magic to attack.

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  • Kris

    Always liked the game’s art style, can’t wait to actually play it :p

    • I’m not sure how well it’s aged IMHO. I tried it again a couple months ago and I couldn’t play more than 30 minutes.

      Although if you never played it then my point is moot.

      • Sadly your point is still valid. I’ve tried to play quite a few old games this gen and a lot of things with 3D environments or character models just look terrible to me. Im usually the type that can stomach graphics but this gen, anything that predates PS2 just does not do it anymore. Back when PS2 was current, PS1 was just fine.

        Example: >.> Final Fantasy 7 did not gracefully at all, no matter which way you look at it. Its just ugly. Somehow though, FFIX doesn’t look that bad at all to me due to the art style.

  • badmoogle

    I’ve always wanted to play it,but because Squaresoft used to hate Europe i just couldn’t.:(

  • It’s a decent game… came out in the Summer of Square, I think. Along with Chrono Cross, SaGa Frontier 2, and… maybe something else… good times.

    • That was an incredible summer, wasn’t it?(…and not just because of Square) I still have all my Soundtracks and other bonus items. This was Dewprism right? Man, I haven’t played that since it came out.

      …and wait–VS is available on PSN? I may pick that up and pull out my memory card. I enjoy not having to dig things out.

      • neo_firenze

        Mmmm…. Square in 2000 (North America), the single best year for any publisher ever, in my book.

        Feb – SaGa Frontier 2
        Mar – Front Mission 3
        May – Vagrant Story
        Jun – Legend of Mana
        Jul – Threads of Fate
        Aug – Chrono Cross
        Sep – Parasite Eve 2
        Nov – Final Fantasy IX

        And if we were to do some revisionist history and ignore that the Square-Enix merger hadn’t yet happened, Enix released Valkyrie Profile in 2000 in the US.

        I sincerely doubt any company will ever again have a lineup in the same calendar year that impresses me that much from top to bottom. Very thankful I had a job in a game store during that time, I took advantage of my 25% employee discount heavily ;)

        • badmoogle

          Yeah that was a great line up,the only problem is that somewhere between May and November 2000 Squaresoft forgot the existence of a whole continent.>:[

        • Totally agree on the thankfulness of a job at the time. Even Dreamcast had some great games that came out. Reminds me of this March that was packed full of games, except it was just the entire year of 2000. It was a good time to finally be in the world of paychecks. Wow, 25%? I’d try and take advantage of a discount like that as much as possible! Lucky ^_^

      • Yes, this is デュープリズム. VS PSN is available in the JP or EU region.

    • dancinbojangles

      Oh, that explains how I missed it. Thought I had a relatively complete collection of worthwhile PS1 RPGs, but I’d barely even heard of this one!

  • Pichi

    Never got a chance to play, but will if its released here. Liked the lead character designs.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I found this game to be a total let down. The original Musashi was fantastic, and this was the pseudo-sequel (given the gameplay, the art style, etc). I remember playing it for about 2 hours and then stopping, though the reason for doing so is long ago forgotten.

    It’s a shame this would be uploaded before Musashi…

  • kupomogli

    It’s a lot more fun to play as Mint than it is to play as Rue. Rue doesn’t have too much of a variety going for him, Mint has a ton of books and spells for each book.

    How they made Rue’s ending I thought you’d be able to play more, but then it just ended. They could have made a sequel based off the ending as well, but didn’t.

    The US might not even get this game. We didn’t get Brave Fencer Musashi and Threads of Fate is mostly similar to that game. Dew Prism might go to the PSN with Threads of Fate never receiving a release. I already own the game, but as usual, probably another game that US and PAL territories don’t receive. The usual stuff, you know?

  • misfit4

    wish they would put some of those titles in the psn store in north america. xenogears ftw

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