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By Spencer . April 26, 2010 . 10:36am

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Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon Cross is two games on one UMD – a full remake of Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, a Game Boy Color game, and another version of Tales of Phantasia. What’s new in Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition?


Namco Bandai is starting to tell us. One addition is a step move. Use this and you can pass through an enemy and surprise them with a back attack. Shortcuts have been revised and the graphics got a boost. Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition still uses sprites, but Namco Bandai says they touched up the sprites and made more battle effects.


Here’s a screenshots from Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition released on PSP in 2006.




And these are more screenshots of Tales of Phantasia: Cross Edition, which comes out this year.


image image

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  • Japan-only, as usual. It’s either IT’S OVER 9000 times busy with Dragonball, or they’ll hand this over to D3.

  • FoliathR

    One more addition (source: Dengeki Online): Battle animations (like the summons) no longer stop time, and you can cast spells when another is mid-way. (This wasn’t possible before in the previous Tales of Phantasia games)

    To reflect that change, the LMBS system in this game is called XAR-LMBS (Cross-Artes Aerial LMBS)

    This applies to Narikiri Dungeon X as well.

    • Yuan

      No, XAR-LMBS only applies to Narikiri Dungeon X.
      The improvement they do for ToPX is: No Spell Pause, 3 kind of Steps (Front, Back, Passing Throuhg), can set 4 shortcuts now (R+face button), can select Manual from beginning. Seems like, only the main characters’ sprite is redone.

      While in Narikiri Dungeon X, is pretty much AR-LMBS in Destiny R and Hearts. You start with 10% of EBG in battle. You can rise the EBG by hitting enemy, blocking their attack or chant a spell arte. The EBG is consumed when using artes. The higher the EBG is (being aggressive), your attack will rised and defense will be lowered, vice versa. If the EBG has reached 100%, you can press L button to activate Overbrave which increased Attack, Defense and Speed for a while.
      The artes can mostly change into another variation which can strike down or rise enemy up for a combo, like Majinken become Majinken-Ten.
      Also mentioning a new system, Chain Partner System which allow you to control 2 characters a the same time (not enough details on this one).

      Rather than the ToPX, the remake of Narikiri Dungeon X is what make me interested more.

  • So many Tales games we’ll never see… If NB don’t announce Tales of Vesperia PS3 or one of the decent DS ones at E3, I’ll be annoyed.

    [email protected] wouldn’t go amiss either. Come on, is it really worse than Sakura Taisen, Persona 3/4 or Ar Tonelico? At least give it to someone who would be willing to put their name on the box.

    • I hope Bamco wouldn’t take the PS2 Symphonia route for Vesperia..

      • Hraesvelgr

        At this point, I think they probably won’t be releasing that. And, as I always say, I’d rather see a Tales game that hasn’t been released already.

      • Masengan

        Yeah I did not want that to happen… Oh well =[

  • kupomogli

    Namco blows

    • thebanditking

      like a cat 5 huricane. They truly have mastered the art of disappointment.

  • MrMee

    Dear Namco-Bandai,

    Why don’t you want my money? I thought that you were a business so I was just wondering.

    A concerned Tales fan,
    Mr. Mee

    • Hraesvelgr

      They’re too busy selling millions of Ben 10 shovelware titles to hear your concerns.

    • MrRobbyM

      Haven’t you heard? Bamco hates money. They just like to laugh at western gamers faces while chanting “No Tales for you~!”

  • malek86

    The sprites look softer… I guess? Can’t see that much of a difference. Oh well. We probably won’t get it over here, so it doesn’t matter.

  • Well see how it works in motion. But as a ToP fan, I’ll just state one obvious thing – DO WANT.

  • epy

    I hope they redo all sprites, at least for human characters, this time around. It felt pretty riduculous having redrawn sprites for all main characters while having human enemies (even Dhaos himself) in their super deformed 90s style. Hell, make new sprites for at least Morrison and Dhaos and I won’t complain.

    Damn Namco Bandai will most likely ignore this one too, but it’s Phantasia so I don’t mind importing it. Vesperia PS3 though…. they better announce that soon.

  • Is it just me or do the sprites actually look worse?
    They look all… muddy.

  • Remina

    I would like to buy this game in Canada. The end.

  • Hours

    Looks awesome, I really hope we get it in English. But Namco Bandai USA loves to leave us out in the cold it seems, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

    How they can have such a thriving series in Japan and treat it so poorly everywhere else is mind boggling.

    • BK0000

      Probably because Japan is the only region where the series is thriving. I believe the sales for Tales of the Abyss in America was only around 30,000.

  • Vanilla

    If they’re going to remake it so many times, they may as well do a proper 3D remake of it–God knows I’m not playing another sprite-based version of this game ever again.

    Also, someone needs to interview some of the peeps at Bamco. I’m sure we’d all like to know if they prefer rock-paper-scissors over flipping coins.

  • Kris

    Yo, Namco-Bandai US!
    Remember when you used to bring these games to the US?
    You sure?
    …oh, okay…

  • Geez, Namco Bandai Games America, if you’re NOT gonna bring Tales, then your parent company might be better off selling the IP to companies that DESERVE it more.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Can anyone actually confirm how many times Tales of Phantasia has now been ported? I’m just astonished really.

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