God Eater Coming To Europe In 2011

By Ishaan . May 12, 2010 . 8:42am


Yesterday, at the LEVEL UP video game event in Barcelona, Namco Bandai confirmed a 2011 release for God Eater, the company’s own take on the Monster Hunter genre. The primary difference between the two, judging by the demo Namco released in Japan, is that God Eater features a more in-depth story and — as one would expect — a generous helping of religious references.


The game released to a relatively warm reception in Japan and has sold in the range of 600,000 units to date, according to Enterbrain’s sales tracker. In North America, God Eater will be localized by D3 Publisher in the third quarter of 2010.


Namco closed out their press release with the following statement: “If you’ve ever wondered what a god tastes like, you won’t have to wait long to find out.”

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  • CrimsonFlamesX

    Poor Europe. I hope it’s worth the wait, for them.

    • It’s always like this… Most of the time anyways…

  • cowcow

    Is Bamco hurting for money? Why the need to use D3 of all publishers to outsource their material overseas? Where are the Tales games? Whats with all these DBZ & Naruto games? *grabs a switchblade and heads over to Bamco headquarters”

    • kupomogli

      Yeah. I’m sure a Tales game would sell much more than a new IP on the PSP. I love my PSP better than my DS but even I know that the game won’t sell very well.

      See. This is what’s stupid for Namco Bandai. The few games localize for the west that are the games they’re not sure will sell a million plus are the ones that they purposefully set themselves up to fail.

      The last real Gundam game we’ve seen in the west has been Gundam Crossfire. Namco deciding to release this Gundam game is like saying to fans of the series. “Here’s the worst Gundam ever made. Enjoy.” Then it sells like crap and they’re like. “Well, looks like Gundam Crossfire didn’t sell well, looks like we’re not releasing another.”

      God Eater for the PSP. It’s a new IP and it’s for the PSP. Why not release Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 or Tales of VS if you want to release a PSP game. Atleast with the fanbase and the larger PSP userbase you’re sure to hit 300,000. Or why not Tales of Vesperia PS3? The user base for the PS3 version is larger than the user base for 360 when it was released. It’s also got more content that 360 Tales fans who own both systems might want to double dip.

      Or hey, I don’t know, how about, you know, maybe, Tales of Phantasia X. Who am I kidding. Like Namco Bandai would be nice enough to their US fanbase to offer two games in one package.

      They keep making the games for Japan only and the games rarely ever get above 500,000, but they won’t atleast localize and release in the US which would make more profit than the amount it takes to create the games and release them as Japanese only. I hate Namco Bandai.

  • yukichan

    Why Europe have to wait soo much for play great games?!?!, I was there and I didn´t like that its coming next year ¬¬

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